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Low Passege Rules

by Franklin W. Cain

Transportation while in cryogenic sleep (suspended animation) is possible at relatively low cost to the passenger. The passenger is placed in a low passage berth before the ship takes off and travels the entire journey in a state of suspended animation. He does not age, and requires very little life support. Unfortunately, the low passage system involves some intrinsic dangers to the passenger, and he runs some risk of not surviving the voyage. Reviving a low passage passenger is a Difficult task performed by the attending health-care specialist at the time of deberthing, using Medical (Diagnosis) skill.

Failure results in one of several possible injuries. Have the passenger make an Average test of Constitution and consult the following table. If the Medical (Diagnosis) task resulted in Catastrophic Failure, the passenger's test of Constitution becomes Impossible.

  • Outstanding Success: The passenger suffers 1D6 points of damage to the chest, but healing does not begin for 1D6 days, after which healing is normal; skin loses some of its tone and color for 1D6 weeks, having a wrinkled, grey appearance.

  • Success: The passenger suffers 2D6 points of damage to the chest, but healing does not begin for 1D6 days, after which healing is normal; the passenger experiences motor function problems for 1D6 weeks with a corresponding loss of 2 points of Agility during that time, in addition to the change in skin appearance, above.

  • Failure: The passenger suffers 3D6 points of damage to the chest, which does not heal at all without surgery; the passenger's internal organs are damaged, and the passenger must undergo medical diagnosis and treatment to restore full health.

  • Catastrophic Failure: The passenger has died.

    Commercial starship lines offering low berth passage typically guarantee that deberthing will be conducted by a physician of at least skill level 3 (or asset 9). The purchase of a low passage ticket routinely involves the signing of a waiver that the starship's crew and owners are not liable for any mishap suffered by the passenger resulting from the low passage.

    (This replaces the section "Low Passage" in TNE, pg. 219, for my campaign.)

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