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Unarmed Martial Arts

by Franklin W. Cain

1.0 New/Revised Skills and Cascades

Armed Martial Arts (STR) -- Melee: This cascade skill now has the additional new cascade Other.

Unarmed Martial Arts (STR) -- Melee: This skill is now a cascade skill. The cascades are Block, Strike, and Throw.

2.0 New Combat Maneuvers

Disarm: This is a Formidable test of Armed Martial Arts; if the target character is using a two-handed weapon, the Disarm attempt becomes Impossible.

Feint: This is a Difficult test of both Acting and (Armed/Unarmed) Martial Arts ("Armed M. A." if melee combat; "Unarmed M. A. if HTH combat).

Shield Block: This is an Average test of the Other cascade of Armed Martial Arts (exception: a character who chose to specify "Shield" as a specific non-standard weapon may use that special cascade instead). The character must be using a medium-sized shield (about a meter wide); smaller shields ("bucklers") must instead be used as melee weapons performing the standard maneuver Block. Unlike other maneuvers in melee combat, Shield Block is a *free* maneuver (i.e., it doesn't count against the character's Initiative-based limits on actions).