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Solo Jumping

by TravelrTNE

This is the checklist and procedures for Solo Jump IMTU, for situations when the particulars of a jump are needed (IMO). This is coupled with the Jump Coefficient generation i've already posted. Feedback is appreciated and desired. I'm not sure exactly on how many "anomolies" to introduce. Seems like the number can get pretty high (especially field variations). Might divide by 10 with a minimum of 1. Any advice? They really make it necessary for *someone* to be watching the drive, though, even if it is an easy task to correct.


1) Jump Preparation

2) Penetration 3) Jump Space 4) Precipitation 5) Post Jump

* denotes warning light event. Uncertain task if skipped, possible consequences.

1) Jump Preparation

Navigator- Calculate Jump Trajectory [Average Astrogation] Past annual maintenance or lacking minimum PM to the jump computers and/or jump drive,[Uncertain]

Time required is 2D6 * JCf * Time Incr (below; TL of jump computer)

TL Time Incr Avg Min BL/BR Turns
9 6 min 84 2-3
10 4 min 56 1-2
11 2 min 28 1
12 1 min 14 0-1
13 30 sec 7 0
14 15 sec 4 0
15 7 sec 2 0
16 4 sec 1 0

* Engineer- Cross checks jump drive, main computer and peripheral jump systems makes task [Easy Astrogation], but doubles time.

2) Penetration

Engineer - Engage Jump Drive [Average Ship's Engineering]

Final Jump Factor (FJF) = parsecs jumped * JCf * JTM * TRM (astrogation) * TRM (ships engineering)

Round any fractions up

If FJF > 10, minor jump relativity error (see JUMP MISHAPS, below)
If FJF > 20, major jump relativity error
If FJF > 30, severe jump relativity error

Safe Jump: 100 diameters from nearest gravity well. Dangerous Jump: Within 100 diameters of gravity well. Desperate Jump: Within 10 diameters of gravity well ex. The navigator of the AS Ore Reaper (5/10) (who also happens to be the Captain), rolls a basic failure when attempting to jump out at 100 diamters from Mitchell (3034/Khulam/Diaspora) with refined fuel. The engineer rolls basic success. The FJF is 10, [5*2*1] and the jump succeeds. There will be a maximum of 10 anamolous events in the coolant flow to the jump drive maintaing the jump fields' integrity. ex. After being attacked and damaged by 3 Solee ships, the Captain orders the RCS Kelley Victrix to jump away from Kmak at 61 diameters. The Kelley Victrix has taken 3H to the jump drive, which is 33.33% of its total hit capacity, which reduces its jump factor by 3 to 1 and adding +2 Diff Mods. Her new jump coefficient, until repaired, is 2*3*9/5/4 = 3 = (3/6). The navigator rolls an outstanding success. The engineer rolls regular success. The FJF is 15 [3*10*(1/2)*1], which causes a minor jump relativity error (misjump). If the engineer had rolled outstanding success, the result would be 8, which be a successful jump, despite the damage to her jump drive. --- 3) Jump Space *a) Engineer - Monitor coolant flow to jump drive [Easy Ship's Engineering] Computer notification in event of anomoly. Task is to correct coolant flow and prevent variation in jump field. FJF - 1 anomolies per jump Oustanding Success: Anomoly corrected and all further anomolies prevented. Success: Anomoly corrected. Failure: Anomoly with slight variation in jump field (FJF variations) Catastrophic Failure: Anomoly with wild variations in jump field (FJF * D6 variations) *b) Engineer - Monitor integrity of N-space field [Easy Ship's Engineering] Variations affect a random ship internal location. All variations increase wear value on equipment in affected area by 1. Oustanding Success: Field integrity and coolant flow reconfigured and optimized. All variations corrected without effect on crew (optionally: slight nausea to all crew in random internal location) or equipment. Success: Field integrity reconfigured, coolant flow uncorrected. Variation inflicts jump sickness on all crew in affected area (slight wound to head and chest). Failure: Field intregity uncorrected. Variation inflicts severe jump sickness on all crew in affected area (serious wound to head and chest). Catastrophic Failure: Field intregity variation inflicts critical jump sickness on all crew in affected area (critical wound to head and chest). Duration: d6 Result 1 6 days 2-5 7 days 6 8 days or: 126+ (2D x 6) Hours 4) Precipitation a) Navigator - Position exit vector [Difficult Astrogation] Outstanding Success- Vector positioned exactly. No course correction required Success- Course correction equal to 10% of current velocity required Failure- Course correction equal to 50% of current velocity required Catastrophic Failure- Course correction equal to 150% of current velocity 2d6 Exit Mishap 10- Smooth -- 11 Uneven 1D (crew) 12 Rough 1D (hull) 13 Violent 2D (system) 14 Violent 2D (crew) 15+Violent 3D (system) +FJF + 3 if warning light event +3 Catastrophic Failure +1 failure -3 Outstanding success -1 Success Crew = number of crew affected by severe jump sickness (Serious wound to chest) Hull = damage to random surface location System = damage to random internal location Precipitation Point: (FJF before rounding) FJF < 1 Precipitation point is near exactly plotted position (within 3,000km) FJF = 1 Precipitation point is in plotted hex. FJF > 1 FJF * D6 = 30,000 km BL/BR hexes in D6 direction (clockwise from 12 o'clock) from plotted hex. 5) Post Jump a) Navigator - Calculate location [Average Astrogation] b) Navigator- Conduct course correction [Easy Astrogation] --- --------------------------------------------------------------------- To unsubscribe, e-mail: For additional commands, e-mail: