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by Peter Scarrot

When your players return from a dicey mission in the Wilds with a huge lucrative cargo of relics do they get ignored or are they interviewed by the Coalition networks. IMTU I use Fame as a die roll to be recognized, the roll is modified by the PC's and the NPC's career etc as below. However if the players have recently returned from a major mission they are often greeted by Trid crews and their pictures may very soon be spread all across the planet.

Some RCES and Marine personnel are household names already and although press intrusion is uncommon they are easily recognized on most worlds, the same goes for the players. This can have positive and negative benefits.


5 Categories affect the fame of a PC or NPC. Social Standing, Ethics, Success, Media and Politics. Other than Social Standing all scores may be negative

Social Standing: Divide the SOC level of the character by 2. Conduct : Award a rating based on their known conduct. A negative rating reflects behaviour such as unnecessary violence, killing prisoners etc. A positive rating suggests they follow Coalition codes of conduct. Drops by 1 point per month to a minimum of half the maximum total or 10 whichever is lower.

Success How successful the group has been, both in terms of mission objectives and how they have dealt with unforeseen problems. Drops by 1 point per week to a minimum of half total or 10 whichever is lower. Media : How much media attention they have got and in what light they have been portrayed. Drops by 1 point per week not appearing in the media, never drops below half its maximum score or 10 whichever is lower. (This can include publishing books etc. A bestseller would raise media by 10-15 pts and the score would not decrease until the book dropped out of the top 10 books list.)

Politics: What are the view of the person on the Federalist/Centrist politics, score positive for Federalist and negative for Centrist. People from Centrist planets automatically have a base score of -2, conversely persons from a federalist planet start from a base of +2. For people from the Wilds make a judgement based on their government.

Total the magnitude of all these scores (i.e... ignore the positive or negative sign) This is the Renown score, divide this by 10 (round up) for their Fame Rating.

The following table gives the base difficulty for people to recognise the name on am outstanding success they are recognised on sight.

Fame Score Difficulty (base asset is 5)
1-2 Impossible
3-4 Formidable
5-6 Difficult
7-8 Average
9-10 Routine
11+ Easy

Modifiers to Difficulty
Location: Homeworld -1, Coalition World 0 Allied World +1 Wilds +3 Enemy World (non Wilds) +2

Occupation: Same Occupation/Service -2, Similar Occupation/Service -1, Completely unrelated Occupation +1, Area of interest/Hobby -1

Other Modifiers as decided by the GM

I don't use these rules every time the PC's walk down the street, but they can be useful. The PC/NPC is likely to be known for whichever area his fame is greatest.


David Anvil Brannon

SOC: +5 (Half Social Standing of A)

Conduct: +4 (Mostly follows Coalition Rules of Engagement)

Success: +24
(An outstanding engineer (+2) before Baldur was recontacted, Anvil was one of the first graduates of the Hiver Tech Academy (+2), and shipped as Chief Engineer on the Aube (+2). After his rescue he has served with the RCES on 4 missions, the first trip to Suudo was unsuccessful (-4) primarily due to faulty intelligence. He survived a disastrous misjump and successfully managed to travel back to Coalition Space with Jump-4 blueprints and some anagethics (+5). However his presence on the next mission, where the surviving members of the Original Twelve (Presumed Destroyed) were rescued raised his reputation tremendously (+15). A mostly quiet mission supplying rebels on Suudo was next and carried out most competently (+2).

Media: +38
Despite hating the limelight and preferring his own company Anvil is one of the best known faces in the Coalition. As one of the few surviving crewman from the Aube (+10) and a minor character in Gabrella's articles on the rescue (+2) his name is known to many people. However his presence on the mission Presumed Destroyed has meant that his face was been shown on every News programme for a week (+20).

Politics: -2
His politics are unknown and beyond being a Balduri he has never commented on politics in his life.

Renown Total: 73

Fame Score: 8 (Average Difficulty)
The man on the street will recognise Anvil (either by sight or by name) approximately half the time, he is one of the more famous people in the Coalition. On his homeworld (-1 Diff) his is a household name and he has a following amongst the general population.

All RCES Starship crew (-2 Diff) know of him. All in all a very famous man, and this can make it hard on him as he is a private man tormented by the memories of his suffering on Nicosia. He may also suffer from professional jealousy and the fact that any mistake could be blown out of all proportion due to his high media profile.

Josiah Hodges Grainger

SOC: 4 (Half SOC of 8)

Conduct: +2 (Unremarkable, but correct)

Success: +4
Involved in first contact with the Hivers and Ithklur on Baldur (+2 was higher several years ago), successful member of crew during completion of resupply of guerrillas on Suudo.

Media: +2
A known team member of Anvil's with no bad press)

Politics: -2
His politics are unknown and beyond being a Balduri he has never commented on politics in his life.

Renown Total:14

Fame Score: 2 (Base impossible task) A virtual unknown, he may be recognised occasionally, but unless by someone in the RCES or from Baldur it will be along the lines of, that face looks familiar.

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