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Non-Ablative Damage System

by Rupert Boleyn

Warning: This has not been play tested

This is an attempt to fix something that has bothered many people (including me, from time to time) about TNE's combat system, namely that it's too hard to injure PCs without using ridiculously powerful weapons.

The system works as follows:

1) Use D10s for damage

2) All PC hit points are halved, except for the head. All NPCs have hit points equal to double their base stats (12 for Novice and Experienced NPCs, 14 for Veterans and 16 for Elites).

3) The severity of a wound is determined by comparing the rolled damage to the damaged locations hit points, as normal. However damage is not cumulative - each wound stands on its own. The procedure for NPCs is the same, and damage to the head is not doubled.

4) Wound states are somewhat cumulative. A second slight wound results in -2 initiative, three slight wounds equal one serious wound, but do not disable any part of the body, unless they're all on the same place. Slight wounds do have extra effect beyond the third one, and do not have any extra effect if the character is already seriously or critically wounded. A second serious wound results in a -4 to initiative, and a third one results in the equivalent to a critical wound (the character is unconscious and will die in 10 minutes, etc). Extra serious wounds beyond this have no extra effect.

5) Note the "no extra effect" in 4 above does not mean that no knock- down, panic, etc is caused, just that the character's overall wound severity does not get any worse. That's about it. All normal consequences of wounds still apply (knock- down, stun, etc). The big thing is that body locations aren't ablative, and that there is some consequence to having lots of light wounds scattered over one's body. NPC's wounds are now assessed the same way as PCs, too. This should balance things up somewhat.

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