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Planetoid Hulls

by Rupert Boleyn

These rules are primarily transfered from High Guard, though the rock's density is a guess based on my science data book giving marble a density of 2600 kg/m^3.

Given that rock has a toughness of 0.2, and a density of 2500 kg/m^3 a Planetiod hull will have an AV of 15, and a Buffered Planetoid an AV of 30 (assuming they're roughly sphereoid).

The internal structure of either type of Planetoid hull gives enough bracing for 5G, more than enough even allowing for some of the rock to be walls, etc and not really structural.

High Guard gives a tunnelling cost of MCr0.001 per DT, compared to FFS's MCr0.001 per 36 m^3 for meson deep site shafts. I'm using the HG costs, as IMO mining an asteriod so that it can be used as a ship is probably trickier than drilling deep meson sites. There is also a cost of MCr0.0001 per DT to move and set up the planetoid.

Thus we have:

Hull Form MVM Usl Sl AF LM AV MaxG
Planetoid 1 MCr0.0009/DT N/A N/A 1 15 1 (structure for 5)
Buffered Planetoid 1 MCr0.00075/DT N/A N/A 1 30 3 (structure for 5)

It would also seem reasonable that Planetoid hulls can't mount spinal weapons, however paralell mounts should be OK.

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