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Special Psionic Talents

by Hailey Yerence

I did these about a year ago, and I put some notations I must have believed I could translate later. Here is how the system works to the best of my memory. These were meant as special talents, but I gave most of them a relation to existing talents. A player who received the Arcana talent could pick one, then role 1D10. If they rolled above the number they could take that talent, if their psi score was at least the number listed. If they had the related talent(s) (labeled "p" for primary relation, or "s" for secondary relation, a more distantly related talent)they could take the talent if their psi score was high enough, without needing to roll. If they had both the primary and secondary (which always needs a higher psi score to be chosen then a primary relation) they only needed a psi score high enough to take it as a primary relation.

Some talents have a psi listing above 10, meaning that that talent could only be taken if they had a related talent. A few have the "a" notation, which means that it is an alternative form of an existing talent and can not be taken if the character has the talent. The "c" notation means a talent is complementary to an existing talent, and can only be taken if the character has that talent. Being that Arcana is a rather rare talent I didn't refine any of the talents much, so I don't have any data on costs to use or range costs. Anyway, here's that list:

All page numbers refer to the main TNE rulebook.

Lure (p. telepath 6) a psi call to someone or some group, which causes them to come to you

Force (p. telepath 11) cause someone to do something to do what you ask. Difficulty is based on how the subject feels about the action.

Increase other's str (p. awareness 6) as increase str, but on other people

Increase other's con (p. awareness 7) as increase con, but on other people. On a simple test against psi (ave) can be taken in addition to increase other's str.

Heal others (p. awareness 10) as heal self. On a simple test against psi (diff) can be taken in addition to increase other's str and increase other's con.

Projective sleep (p. awareness or telepath 2) as the awareness talent sleep. Subject must be willing. On a simple test against psi (ave if character has one primary talent, easy if they have both), can be taken in addition to increase other's str.

Teleport object (p. teleportation 5) move inanimate object using the teleportation rules.

Teleport others (p. teleportation 7) as teleport self, only with other living objects.

Jumping (p. telephysics 8, s. awareness 9) ability to make long/high leaps and land safely.

Flying (p. telephysics 10, s. awareness 11) allows character to fly for a short time (several minutes, depending on level of success). On a simple test of psi (dif), may be taken in addition to jump.

Enhance speed (p. awareness 7) adds +1 to in. for every level of success for the purpose of determoning action order only. If it pushes in. above 6 the character can take extra actions, as in the normal rules.

Decrease range (p. awareness 4) this talent is automatic. all range costs decrease by 1 level.

Sense heat (p. clairvoyance 6) sense heat sources. Works similar to IR goggles.

Farsense (p. clairvoyance 11) clairvoyance of all senses.

Advanced telekinisis (a. telephysics 1) a longer term version of telekinisis, allowing the psion to hold an object suspended for several minutes. Can not lift as much as regular telekinisis.

Paralyze (p. telepath 8) Hold a person still for turns equal to level of success.

Attract attention (p. telepath 3) cause 1D6 people per level of success to look at psion. On a simple test against psi (easy), can be taken in addition to lure or force.

Join (c. teleportation 5) teleport to close range of a well known person, even if their location is unknown.

Project image (p. arcana 10) project a 2 or 3D image, clarity dependent on success and distence.

Open lock (p. telephysics 4/8) unlock a simple mechanical/ complex mechanical lock.

Generate charge (p. telephysics 2) generate a few volts of electrical charge for several minutes. The charge is not enough to injure someone, but can run electrical devices.

Generate lightning (p. telephysics 9) generate a large electrical charge for less then a second, enough to stun someone for rounds equal to the level of success. Can be taken with generate charge on a simple roll against psi (ave).

Luminecence (p. telephysics 4) soft to intense illumination, brightness dependent on success.

Learn language (p. telepath 8) requires contact with an individual or group speaking the language. Effects last 1D6 hours after contact is broken, after which the knowledge quickly fades.

Dampen sound (p. arcana 6) aside from whatever fun uses players can dream up to spoil the ref's plans, adds to stealth, but can not substitute for it (unskilled penelties still apply)

Sense psion (p. telepath 5) find a person trained in psionics, or sense a psionic event in progress.

Regulate body heat (p. awareness 3, a. telephysics) negate limited effects of hot or cold climates.

Enhance senses (p. awareness 7) gives character bonuses to perception rolls.

Susperience (p. telepath 5) psion can enter other people's dreams while asleep. Very difficult to control, but in the game I'm currently running it allows that character to comunicate with people sectors away from her (although she doesn't know it yet).

Keep in mind that most of these have never been tested, so I don't know how well they will play.

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