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Solomani Boobytraps

by Derek Stanley

What destroyed the Relentless was part of the mystery. She'd been ripped appart by 4 kinetic energy impacts. Practically snapped the neck off, ripped the starboard wing in half, tore through engineering and the upper deck. The Relentless had fallen victim to a Solomani booby trap. In Daibei, Solomani raiders dropped off HK satillites in to orbit about Gas Giants. These satilites has primitive manouvering thrusters and a very small size, slightly larger than 0.5 dp, they were also dirt cheap. They sat in orbit a rmed with a 30mm mass driver firing at maximum velocity, and a single x-ray det. They had 30,000 rounds of ammo and would fire a 3000 round burst at ships. They worked at ranges of less than one hex. An because they were solar and battery powered they were virtually invisable. A solomani raider could transmit a code and reload the trap at anytime or refuel, everything else was a viable target.

They had 2 hex passives but because eight were required to orbit the giant they could link their passives so they could watch ships for a while and lay down their barage with a fair amount of accuracy.

If they were about to be picked up or out of ammo they'd use the x-ray det as a last defence.

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