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Solomani Strategy

by Harold Hale

I estimated that the Solomani launched a three prong invasion. The first prong was supposed to sweep around the spinward flank through Daibei and hence into the Diaspora, where it was to link up with another prong that advanced through the Old Expanses and into Daibei from the trailing side. The central prong would seize Terra and pin down the bulk of the Imperial Rim Fleet. The concept of operation was that with Imperial forces in the Solomani Rim having been effectively cut off from the rest empire, the Solomani forces could then reduce them at their leisure while the main thrust would continue on toward Massilia.

This plan failed in two key areas. First, the Old Expanses sector fell so rapidly, forces that were supposed dedicated toward the trailing prong instead fanned out coreward occupying the sector. These forces soon found themselves engaged by Margaret's forces and effective pinned down. Meanwhile, the spinward prong ran into determined resistance both from Daibei forces and the Imperial Rim Fleet. Resistance was much heavier than expected because of the lack of support spinward. Only the central prong was able to achieve its primary objective, however, it failed to take and hold several key worlds and was never able to completely secure the areas it did occupy from Imperial guerilla forces.

In the final analysis, the blame for the Solomani's failure to achieve victory can be placed squarely on the shoulders of the High Command and the Solomani government, who allowed distractions to keep them from carrying out their original concept of operation. Had the original plan been executed, it is very likely that the Solomani could have won the war.

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