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The Invasion of Alpha Crucis

by Lewis Roberts

Lazzerton Subsector-Admiral Natasha Greensdale commanded the Imperial 80th fleet. When she heard the news of the Emperor's death she realized that the Solomani Confederation would take advantage of this weakness. She did not expect a full scale invasion, but something along the order of a major border raid and an attempt to grab a few of the more prized worlds along the border. She issued orders for the fleet to gather at Merel. Unknown to her, her Aide-de-camp was an SolSec agent and he managed to corrupt and delay her orders so that most of the fleet never arrived at Merel. She managed to assemble two Batrons and a Cruron before the Solomani Fleets attacked Merel. When her forward scouts reported that she was facing an enemy fleet which outnumbered her seven to one, she issued the order to retreat. From here she fought here way to Nicosia Subsector in the Old Expanses. (For more details on Admiral Greensdale see the history of the Rebellion in Nicosia Subsector.) There she joined up with the 108th fleet under the command of Admiral Zklakla. The Reserve Fleet stationed at Marathon was captured totally intact, and would later be reactivated by the Solomani Confederation. A handful of escort destroyers were able to escape and provide some warning to the fleets in the Old Expanses.

McKenzie Subsector-McKenzie Subsector was defended by the Imperial 313th. When Admiral Sir Minwan Jones heard the news of the Emperor's death, he assumed that nothing much would change. He did not think the Solomani would make any agressive moves, but just in case he sent his squadrons to different border worlds as a show of force and to provide a defense against any border raids. He hoped that this would discourage the Solomani from agression and if it did not then there would be enough firepower to defeat any raiding parties. This would have mostly likely worked if the Solomani were launching a simple border raid, but instead the Solomani attacked with multiple battle fleets. The individual squadrons of ships were no match for the massed fleets and almost the entire fleet was either destroyed or captured.

The only capital ship to escape was the Planet-Class Heavy Cruiser the the Uris Belt (a world in Vland). It managed to escape into Diaspora Sector, where it joined up with Lucan's forces. Here it fought with distinction against both Solomani and Margret's forces. It managed to survive the war and during the Hard Times helped provide a small butress against the tides of chaos.

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