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The Rebellion in Old Expanses

by Lewis Roberts

The references style is the first letter of the books title and the page number, so R:13 would be page 13 of the Rebellion Sourcebook. A few relevant TNS articles from Survival Margin

Hindahl/Old Expanses 224/1117
Sector naval HQ today announced the transfer of the Old Expanses fleet to Zarushagar for operations against Dulinor. The announcement indicated that all of the first line fleets would be transfered within 60 days.

"The defense of the sector lies in the capable hands of our reserve squadrons," Sector Admiral Hinchliffe said today.

Hindahl/Old Expanses 350/1117
In the face of continued Solomani fleet actiins, a rise in Solomani political activity in the sector and a lack of defenses for the region, a coalition of dukes within the Old Expanses announced the voluntary incorporation of the sector into the Solomani Confederation.

A spokesman hinted that the Confederation had made certain guarentees to the region, and that no immediate changes in local governmetn were contemplated.

Anaxias Delphi 101/1119
With the bulk of her reserve fleets holding off Lucan, Margret has mustered enough strength to mount an attack against the Solomani in Old Expanses.

Concentrating the realtively fresh forces of her 145th, 137th and 67th fleets, Margaret has penetrated 10pcs behind forward Solomani fleets, disrupting ther lines of communication and supply, and spread out to cut off their retreat. Additional forces attacking out of Delphi are squeezin pockets of Solomani Ships out of the area, forcing many of them to disband into small even single ship squadrons to atttempt a breakout to rimward.

Gerdane/Hinterworlds 133/1119
Three asteroid mining vessels tangled with a lone Solomani destroyer in the Gerdane. Speculation is that Margarets thrust into Old Expanses are forcing Solomani vessels to break out in whatever direction they can.

Vaward/Old Expanses 244 1121
An undisclosed task force has intercepted the approaching Solomani thrust from the Twenty One Worlds subsector and defeated it. Reports confirmed that the Solomani task force said to include on Batron and two Cruons was ambushed by a numerically superior force of Imperial craft.

Solomani losses were said to be heavy, whereas friendly forces were said to have suffered only light damage.

Undisclosed sources within Margaret's military organization suggested that the task force was not a reserve or secret unit. The same source also admitted that the mystery fleet might not be so friendly next time.

(The fleet was the 22nd Imperial Fleet, most of the 93rd Imperial fleet and elements of the 1092nd and 1101st Reserve fleets, which are controlled by IRIS)

In 076/1117 the Solomani Invade the Old Expanes (R:19)

224/1117 Lucan, unaware of the Solomani Invasion, orders the Sector fleet to Zarushagar. (SM:13)

284/1117 All first line Imperial ships have left the sector. The only Imperial forces remaining are obselecent Reserve fleets.

200 365 The Solomani make major advances, first taking all of Alpha Crucis in short order, then the rimward subsectors of the Old Expanses.

350/1117 The Sector Duke surrender and "voluntarily" incorporates the Old Expanses into the Solomani Confederation (SM:19).

365/1117 The Solomani control all former Imperial territory in Subsectors P, O, N, L, K and H. Large portions of subsectors G, J, M and portions of F and I subsectors. (R:72)

The only major resistance to the Solomani is in subsector M, where elements of the Diasporan fleets strike back against the Solomani. They manage to wrest control of a quarter of the worlds back from the Solomani.

At the time of the Sector duke's surrender, the surviving reserve fleets are ordered to surrender. About 1/3 of them do so, these are mostly those in areas controlled by the Solomani. Those fleets in the spinward area of the Sector flee to Diaspora. These come to about 1/4 of the total reserve ships. The fleets in the coreward four subsectors, who have been assured that the Imperial fleets in Delphi and Massilia will support them, ignore the order.

The 1138th Reserve Fleet, whose base of operation was subsector L, fled into the Hinterworlds, where they found a home in Khi/Nullia. A small world with no formal government, which was "persuaded" to allow the fleet to establish a base of operations. From their base they launched commerce raids against Solomani targets in the Hinterworlds, Old Expanses and even in Alpha Crucis. They proved to be an annoyence to the Solomani, yet their actions were never of great import. The Solomani never pursued them vigourously. They didn't want send a battle fleet into the Hinterworlds, which might disrupt many of the diplomatic negotiations underway.The fleet suffered major losses in 1120 when elements of it jumped into Zi/Sitah/Old Expanses and encountered a Solomani fleet travelling from Neworld Sector to Diaspora. After that the fleet gave up most offensive action, and degenerated into a mercenary unit for worlds around Nullia Subsector. Though weak by Imperial standards, it was impressive in the backwater Hinterworlds. Several elements of the fleet eventually joined up with the Nullian League, and helped expand the League before the Collapse.

It should be noted that the Solomani are fighting against Lucan's forces along the Diaspora/Old Expanses border, and against Margret's forces along the Coreward portion of Old Expanses. The two forces were as likely to fight each other, as the Solomani. They never attempted any coordinated effort against the Solomani.

1118 the Solomani pushed out all Imperial forces from Subsector M and pushed into subsector P of Diaspora. The Imperials managed to stall the offensive and for the rest of the war, the Solomani would advance no farther into Diaspora, though at a terrible cost to both fleets and to the worlds between them. By the end of the year the Solomani had managed to take the rest of F G and J subsectors, and large portions of I and E. Major battles were fought in A and B E, though not quite as heavy as the previous year in M. The reserve fleets in the coreward four subsectors were reinforced by fleets from Delphi.

1119 Margret launched a major offensive against the Solomani and was able to push them back slightly in subsector F. There was intense fighting across this entire subsector, with heavy damage to all involved. This is also the site of the Imperial depot, which the Solomani captured largely intact after the surrender of the sector. Margaret's Admirals made its recapture a priority, and they succeded, though the Solomani left the depot much the worse for their occupation. The few remaining capital ships were either sabotaged or booby trapped. The Solomani had managed to reactivate most of the capital ships, so there were only a few dozen left at the time the depot was retaken. The major repair asteroids were heavily damaged by nuclear weapons from the retreating Solomani.

The Solomani totaly controlled the rimward 8 subsectors of the Old Expanses and were busy consolidating their holdings. To help consolidate the holdings Transstar, the Solomani's sole megacorporation, which was also an arm of the Solomani Party was brought in. It established holdings on many worlds helping to rebuild them, so that they could better serve the Confederation. Holdings of the former Imperial Megacorporations are nationalized and put under control of Transstar. This creates some disruption as employees with Imperial loyalties destroy paperwork and records. The Solomani leave non-megacorporations alone, as only the Megacorporations have large portions of their stock controlled by the Imperial family.

1120 The fighting along the Magaret/Solomani Border slowed, but did not stop, Major battles still took place in Subsectors E and F. By the end of the year the Solomani had lost ground on in E, F and G and H. Margret firmly controlled most of A and half of B and C, as opposed to previous years, when much of this territory was in dispute. Imperial forces managed to force back the Solomani in Subsector L and P of Diaspora. Deep strike forces made several attacks into Subsector M of Old Expanses trying to disrupt supply lines into Diaspora. They attacked Buhle's starport heavily damaging it. Imperial covert forces are able to land on several worlds and begin guerilla campaigns. They also encourage the local populace to rebel and to strike back. This activity is a major disruption to the consolidation of Solomani's power.

1121 The IRIS fleets helps Margret defeat the Solomani's last offensive against Vaward (HT:16). After this the Solomani and Margret trade deep strikes against each other, but no major offensives are launched. Little territory changes hands.

1122 The battles of the last few years have made it hard for the Solomani to control the territory they won in E, F G and H subsectors of the Old Expanses. The destruction also makes makes the territory barely desirable. In 1122, the Solomani barely even make an attempt to claim the territory, as most worlds are left to their own. A few still make some claim to belong to the Confederation or Margret's Domain, but in truth they are a wasteland.

1123 The economic damage of the war makes itself felt, as the Solomani lose control of Subsector I and much of J and M to the Outlands. The Outlands even extend into subsector N (Sarid), which prior to the economic impact, had not been effected by the war.

The Solomani's gains in Diaspora, over which so much blood was shed, evaporate to a bare handful of worlds in P subsector.

1124 The Solomani actually make a limited comeback this year, as they reassert control over M and N, and portions of J. They even reclaim a world or two in F and G. The reformist branch of the Solomani party receives a cease fire delagation from Margret, which causes a great deal of political unrest in the Confederation. This unrest stops the Solomani from mounting anymore offensives during the war. (HT:18)

1125 The Solomani are able to reassert themselves over a few more worlds in P of Diaspora, but lose the ground they won in 1124 in F and G. They also lose ground in J and K.

Throughout Hard Times Lucan attacks the Solomani, mostly along the Solomani Rim front, but also along the Diaspora/Old Expanses Front. His forces make occasional Black War strikes against Naval bases, surviving A starports on Industrial/High Pop worlds and High Pop worlds themselves.

1130 The Solomani, and Margret are both signatories of the Treaty of Altair which ends the war across the rimward half of the Imperium. (TTC #11)

References: Rebellion Soucebook, Hard Times, Traveller Chronicle #11 & Survial Margin

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