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The Invasion of Nicosia/Old Expanses

by Lewis Roberts

In the Rebellion period Solomani designated large scale groupings of fleets as colored fleets, examples include the Brown Fleet, the Crimson Fleet, the Yellow Fleet etc. These were not official organizations, but simply something to call the combined fleets.

019/1117 Official news of the Emperor's Death hits Lazzerton subsector in Alpha Crucis.

035/1117 The Solomani fleets cross the border in Alpha Crucis and the Second Solomani Rim War has started.

055/1117 Nicosia subsector was protected by the 108th fleet, "the Scarlet Guardsmen", commanded by Admiral Zklakla. The first signs of the Solomani invasion were the retreating ships of the 80th Imperial fleet commanded by Admiral Greensdale. Admiral Zklakla took roughly a third of the 108 and waited for the Solomani advance at Nicosia. He ordered Admiral Greensdale to wait at Buhle with the remains of the 80th and two Cruons from the 108th. She would protect Buhle from the invaders and act as a reserve force. The remaining units of the 108th were scattered across the subsector. Admiral Zklakla's plan was to stall the Solomani long enough for forces from coreward to gather and push the Solomani out. He did not know of the wide spread rebellion that was brewing in the Imperium's heart.

076/1117 The Solomani fleets have conquored the Imperial strongholds in Alpha Crucis and have started their invasion of the Old Expanses.

083/1117 Nicosia was indeed a prime target of the Solomani and the Red Fleet consisting of the 14th and 15th Solomani Confederation Fleets along with support ships from the Protectorate of Cthonia attacked. After two days of heavy fighting the Imperial forces were defeated. Admiral Zklakla and his flagship were an early casualty of the fighting. By the end of the battle the Imperial command structure had been wiped out. The remaining ships retreated in small groups, with no central coordination. Many ships fell back to Buhle, while others fled to nearby worlds where they encountered small groups of Solomani vessels.

084/1117 The Solomani Purple fleet consisting of the 3rd, 101st,150th and 211th fleets attacked Lancer and destroyed the Scout base there. After refueling it jumped to Rohit.

090/1117 At the same time as the Confederation Purple and Red fleets were hammering the large concentrations of Imperial military power, squadrons of ships from the individual worlds of the Confederation were swarming over the subsector. They were charged with destroying Colonial fleets and system defense forces, disrupting civilian trade and hit and run missions against the larger targets. A few of the worlds even launched invasions of Imperial worlds. In the first few months of the campaign, Conner, Zloff and Adrian were invasion targets of individual Confederation political groups. The Conner and Adrian invasions went well, but Zloff was invaded by a disorganized informal group of worlds from Addison Subsector in Alpha Crucis. That invasion bogged down and became a war of attrition, with neither side gaining an upper hand, until the Confederation Army grew tired of the incompetance of the Addison forces and took over the war. They landed several crack divisions and managed to secure the world in 5 days.

095/1117 After the destruction of the Nicosia fleets and the Naval base, the Red Fleet jumped to Savjanni. In a short battle they defeated the combination of several Imperial light cruisers and the Savjanni system defense forces. Though the carriers of the 15th took heavy casualties in both pilots and ships. Savjanni was currently undergoing a social upheaval, as a student protest movement that had been building for months broke into widespread riots. The students wanted the planet to declare its independence from the dictator of Keipes. With the government collapsing and a Solomani fleet in orbit demanding the planet's surrender, a military junta seized power and agreed to join the Confederation in exchange for the Confederation agreeing to recognize the Junta's claim to power. The Solomani quickly agreed.

96/1117 At Rohit the Purple fleet destroyed the Rohit SDBs protecting the second gas giant and refueled.

109/1117 After refueling and rearming, the Solomani Red fleet departs Savjanni for Arvid. They left behind a few escort destroyers to police the system and to assure the stability of the new government on Savjanni.

110/1117 Both at Lancer and Rohit, the Purple Fleet ignored the main worlds, simply using the systems as stepping stones towards its objective of Buhle. Buhle was the subsector capital and the site of a major Naval base. It was also had a large percentage of the population of the subsector. The attacking Solomani Fleet consisted of the 3rd, 101st,150th and 211th fleets with support craft from several of the individual worlds in Alpha Crucis. Admiral Greensdale managed to put up a stiff resistance, supported by the Buhle colonial squadrons, but she was outgunned. After suffering high casulaties she realized that the fight was hopeless. She ordered her remaining ships to disperse across the subsector. They would then begin hit and run raids against the invaders.

116/1117 The Solomani Purple Fleet began the invasion of Buhle. This was carried out by elements of the 3rd fleet with the support of an Assault Fleet from the Turin Consolidation. This fleet was now known as the Aqua Fleet. The Turin forces featured large numbers of the Knights of St. George. The invasion took four weeks, but at the end the planet was firmly in Solomani hands.

117/1117 The Purple fleet minus the 3rd fleet jumped to Keipes.

116/1117 The Red Fleet fleet arrived at Arvid and pounced on the Arvid forces. After a lead elements of the Arvid forces were destroyed or captured, the Arvid defense forces retreated to the ocean floor, and took up positions to start a guerilla campaign. The Solomani Fleet took up orbit around Arvid and demanded the surrender of the planet. The planetary governor refused the offer and threatened to fight to the last man. The Solomani could not bombard the planet's surface, because any attack strong enough to destroy a military target would undoubtably breach the seals protecting the civilian populace against the planet's insidious atmosphere. Instead the Solomani tried a few small raids against important targets. They managed to heavily damage the planet's starport, but suffered heavy casualties. Their other raids against military targets were also repulsed. The Solomani had sufficient manpower and firepower to invade the world, but those troops were slated for the invasion of several worlds in Thoezzent Subsector.

122/1117 After several days of postering and the destruction of a few of the Arvid SDBs, the Solomani Red fleet jumped to Darainne in Thoezzent to rendevous with the 101st,150th and 211th fleets.

124/1117 The Purple Fleet arrived in the Keipes system. The Imperial forces consisted of a squadron of destroyers. They quickly realized that they were outmatched and after a short engagement with the leading elements of the Solomani fleet, they retreated to Lote in Thoezennt subsector. The Solomani softened up the Imperial Naval base located on the outermost of Arvid's moons with a light bombardment. Confederation Marines then landed and after a 18 hour firefight the base was in Solomani hands. While the base took damage, the repair yards were captured mostly intact. At the same time negotiations were started with the Lord of Keipes. He was not willing to immedietly join the Confedertion, but was unwilling to say no also. Eventually a compromise was reached. The Lord would declare his planet neutral in the conflict, and would continue negotiations about joining. In exchange the Solomani would station several destroyers and a heavy cruiser in the system. They would make sure Keipes remained neutral and did not provide any support to Imperial forces. They would also see to the former Imperial Naval Base and run it for the Confederation.

129/1117 After a few days to repair several capital ships of battle damage, the Purple fleet jumped to Darainne to rendevous with Red fleet.

130/1117 The remains of the 80th and 108th Imperial fleets break up into several small squadrons and begin hit and run actions against any and all Solomani targets.

158/1117 Major elements of the Solomani 3rd Fleet jump into Arvid and begin a seige of the planet. They land troops and manage to take over several of the surface habitats after several days of heavy fighting. The local troops manage to hold off the rest of the Solomani but with heavy casualties. The Governor's promise to fight the last man is reissued.

170/1117 Imperial forces from Diaspora sector, the 103rd and 299th Fleets with elements from the 1038th Reserve Fleets counterattack. The 103rd jumps to Arvid and engages the elements of the Solomani 3rd fleet. After both sides take heavy damage the Solomani are forced to withdraw leaving behind their troops on the surface. Imperial marines land on the planet and begin the process of digging out the Solomani. It is a fairly bloody process, but the isolated Solomani are no match for the Imperial marines and eventually surrender, though the surface habitats are heavily damaged and several thousand civilians are killed in the crossfire.

172/1117 Several Batrons from the 299th jump to Savjanni. They destroy the Solomani ships orbiting Savjanni and land troops on the planet. The Savjanni forces fight back, but are overwhelmed in a few weeks. The leaders of the military junta which seized power are captured and executed for treason. The Imperial Marines put the planet under martial law and attempt to hold the planet while the Solomani are pushed out of the Sector. A small but effective guerilla campaign begins and harrasses the Imperial marines. The planet's infrastucture is heavily damaged in the fighting. The Imperials hold onto the planet until 1118 when the Solomani retake the world. The Solomani install the leaders of the guerilla campaign as a military dictatorship backed up with a battalion of troops.

175/1117 The remains of the Imperial 299th and the elements of the 1038th Reserve fleet jump to Atrase. Atrase is still in Imperial hands and the fleets land several battalions of marines to help with the defense of the planet. They also deploy several portable meson guns in the world's oceans.

190/1117 The 299th Imperial fleet with elements of the 1038th Reserve fleet launch an attack against Buhle. After two days of fighting they are forced to withdraw with heavy losses, but they managed to effectively destroy two Batrons of the Solomani fleet. A heavily damaged Imperial battleship attempts to land on Buhle, but the contra-grav unit gives out and the ship crashes into the city of Torentz. Over 250,000 civilians are killed as the atmosphere rushes into the city.

221/1117 An Imperial assaultron is able to get to Hite and land several divisions of Imperial Army troops. Two Cruons from the 1038th Reserve Fleet are stationed in the system. The Imperials plan on using the world as a staging ground to attack the Solomani controlled worlds. Additional assets will be deployed to the system to make the world a fortress.

224/1117 Emperor Lucan's orders the Old Expanses fleet to transfer to Core Sector to fight the ursurper Dulinor.

254/1117 News of Emperor Lucan's order gets to Admiral Greensdale. Lucan's order does not mention the Alpha Crucis fleet, only the Old Expanses fleet. As such Admiral Greensdale does not follow the order. Though she orders several of the ships that had attached themselves to her to obey the order. They proceed to Core through Diaspora.

290/1117 The Sector Fleet has transfered command to the Reserve fleets and departed for Core Sector.

354/1117 The Sector Duke signs the Treaty of Czerniak and "voluntarily" joins the Old Expanses with the Confederation. Various worlds, especially the coreward worlds near the Duchess Margaret, regard this order as illegal and refuse to join the confederation. The Duke orders all Imperial and Colonial forces to surrender to the Confederation.

258/1117 An Imperial Assaultron escorted by two Batrons heading for Hite jumps into Adrian for refueling. A Solomani taskforce of four Cruons and one Batron from the 101st fleet returning from Thorell subsector is doing the same. Imperial forces have just arrived in system and do not have sufficient fuel to jump to Hite. A few of the Solomani ships have managed to refuel but the majority of the fleet is very low on fuel. Adrian has no gas giants and no other sources of fuel other than the main world. A furious battle erupts. A few ships on both sides are able to refuel in the world's oceans, but ships deep in a gravity well are vulnerable to attack and for most it proves to be a fatal trip. The troop transports of the Imperial fleet are ravaged by the Solomani and tens of thousands of marines die in the vacuum of space. After several days the Imperials can claim to have won, but it is a pyric victory. The Assaultron is almost entirely destroyed, and only a handful of the Battle Tenders survive. A few of the Solomani battleships manage to refuel and jump to safety. Effectively both sides have been rendered eliminated. Imperial hopes of creating a fortress on Hite behind the Solomani lines are dashed and Hite eventually falls in mid-1118.

365/1117 The Imperials control the Coreward/Spinward corner of the subsector, while the Solomani control the rest of the subsector except for a few hold out worlds. The Solomani 3rd fleet has taken heavy casualties and has been reduced to half strength. The Solomani recall the 105th and 201st fleet from Thoezzent subsector and in 1118 manage to push out the Imperial forces and even take some territory in Diaspora sector. The conquest of Thoezzent subsector is slowed by these actions and it takes until 1119 for that subsector to be entirely in Solomani hands. Over the next few years the Solomani consolidate their holdings in Nicosia subsector.

001/1118 Holiday breaks over the war torn Old Expanses. Admiral Greensdale hears of the annexation of the Old Expanses from a captured packet ship.

012/1118 After interogating several Free Traders orbiting Fuetz, Admiral Greensdale has verified the Duke's orders to surrender. Admiral Greensdale hated the order, but could not bring herself to disobey a direct order. On the other hand she would not let her remaining ships to be used against the the Imperium which she had sworn an oath to. So she ordered her commanders to scuttle their ships and send their crews to the planet below. She then resigned her commision and hired one of the Free Traders to take her to Macis, where she spent the rest of the war under an assumed name, trying to avoid being discoverd by SolSec agents, which she assumed wanted her dead. Her eventual fate is unknown.

Hard Times stats for Nicosia Subsector

 PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al  
Arvid         0131 A9C7866 E    Fl                 425 Li
                   X9C7566 1                       925 Wi  X(7) D Biosphere Damage
Keipes        0132 A6778BC B  N                    311 Li
                   B6778BC 5                           Wi  X(1) 
Atrase        0134 A68A357 C    Lo Ni Wa           315 Li
                   X68A357 7                           Wi  X(3) 
Savjanni      0135 A330764 E  S De Na Po           103 Li
                   C330764 A                           Wi
Svarla        0137 B200765 D  S Na Va              201 So
                   C200765 8                           Fr  X(7) 
Nicosia       0138 A56667A C  N Ag Ni Ri           411 So
                   C56667A 9	                       Fr
Thorell       0231 X510276 0    Lo Ni           R  720 So
                   X510276 0                           Fr
Kresek        0236 C8C7675 A    Fl Ni              302 So
                   C8C7675 8                           Fr
Peirsma       0240 A000646 D    As Na Ni           210 So
                   X000646 7	                       Fr  X(4)I
Buhle         0334 A51099B F  A Hi In Na           404 Li
                   C51099B A	                       Wi  X(1)
Trybec        0336 B443610 E  S Ni Po              603 So
                   B443610 9  S	                       Fr
Rohit         0337 C110543 C    Ni                 222 So
                   C110543 6                           Fr  F
Adrian        0432 A42667A E    Ni                 103 Li
                   D42667A 8                           Wi
Fija          0434 C553754 D  S Po                 605 Li
                   D553754 7                           Wi  X(1) 
Macis         0436 A8C5856 B  N Fl                 824 So
                   A8C5856 B  N                        Fr
Vezina        0437 B344778 F  W Ag              A  804 So
                   D344778 C                           Fr  X(1)
Lancer        0439 C55A657 A  S Ni Wa              914 So
                   E55A657 7                           Fr  X(1)
Galos         0535 C576664 9  S Ag Ni              504 So
                   C576664 7  S                        Fr
Zloff         0632 C674666 8    Ag Ni              302 So
                   E674666 5                           Fr
Schall        0638 X47A113 5    Lo Ni Wa        R  534 So
                   X47A113 3                           Fr  F
Seliga        0640 A532747 F  A Na Po              801 So
                   D532747 B	                       Fr
Hite          0732 B4478A9 F  N                    913 So
                   B4478A9 B  N                        Fr
Kruyter       0735 A000475 B    As Ni              203 So
                   D000475 6	                       Fr  X(2) F   
Fuetz         0737 A267437 C    Ni                 304 So
                   C267437 7                           Fr
Vras          0738 A78A773 F    Wa Ri              704 So
                   A78A773 C                           Fr
Conner        0840 A31058A A  S Ni                 303 So 
                   D31058A 7                           Fr


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