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Fate of the Twelve

by Lewis Roberts

The Dawn League sent twelve ships full of brave men and women into the darkness of the wilds. None ever returned. A few have been found or rescued the fate of the others is a mystery to the citizens of the Coalition.

Rescued Ships
Apollo: Crew and ship seized on Montezuma. Crew rescued by Ashtabula
Aube: Crew and ship seized by Nicosia. Crew rescued by Ashtabula
Aurora: Crew and ship destroyed on Veznina. Rescue attempt by Ashtabula and Lirgishkhunan.
Balder: Crew and ship seized on Shenk. Crew rescued by Angkor Wat. Vessel destroyed in rescue mission.

Ships still MIA
Brilliant: Ship misjumped and was destroyed.
Dammerlicht: Ship captured by Guild. Crew and ship at Jump.
Dawn: Ship seized on Clallum. Ship was turned over to Guild, and crew sent to labor camps.
Eos: Ship and crew seized on Keipes. Trigger attempted a rescue mission, but rescue party was captured, and Trigger damaged by meson gun fire.
Helios:Attacked by Vampire fleet at Mitchell. Crew killed, and Helios is now a heavily damaged vampire.
Horus: Covertly jumped to Meadsk, and was captured by TED. Horus is now part of TED's fleet.
Ra: Ship attacked by Guild pirates. Ship was disabled, but crew and cargo was sent to Jump.
Reine Soleil: She was captured in a Vampire sweep of the Arvid system. She was then infected with a "carrier pigeon" virus and sent coreward.

Other Missing/Destroyed Ships
Lady Elise: Captured by Vampires, used as carrier pigeon. Crew is dead.
Ashtabula: Missing Fate Unknown (Lost 1201)
Taylor the Bruce: Attacked and destroyed by a vampire fleet. Only Vega Norn and the hiver M. Gerald escaped with their lives. Vega Norn believes that Gerald manipulated the captain into the conflict with the Vampires, in an effort to destroy the Coalition.
Mississinewa: Missing Fate Unknown
Kukulkan Victrix: Missing Fate Unknown (Lost 1200)
Mirabilis Victrix: Missing Fate Unknown
Muan Gwi Victrix: Missing Fate Unknown
Ember Victrix: Missing Fate Unknown (Lost 1201)
Valeria Victrix: Missing Fate Unknown

Possible Fates
  • A TED has captured the ship.
  • Virus got the ship, either infected it, or a Vampire Ship blew it up.
  • The Guild captured or Blew up the ship. Also been done before.
  • The Hivers got the Ship. But why would the Hivers want the ship, they are supposed to be our friends. Someone who doesn't not like the Hivers may spread rumors that the Ashtabula has been captured by the Hivers, and that is at one of the Hiver Staging Grounds. The players try investigate, and get warned away. Of course the Hivers don't have the ship, but someone wants friction to form between the RC and the Hivers.
  • Ship just broke down,and needs repairs, it sits on a distant planet, trying to build a new jump drive out of a few cocoanuts and chewing gum. Kind of dull, but might work for one of the Victrixs
  • Ship misjumped and is in another sector, it heroically tries to fight its way back to the RC, on the way discovering strange new civilizations. Well, this is ST:Voyager, would make an interesting campaign, but doesn't bring around an adventure for the players, again it might make sense for one of the Victrixs.
  • The Crew turned traitor and stole the ship, and is now working for a TED/Solee/Guild or independent pirates. This is kind of neat, but I don't think it works for the Ashtubula, it was the Flagship of the fleet, doesn't seem like they would station anyone but the best on board. Again maybe one of the other shps.
  • The ship isn't actually missing, it was sent on a secret mission to do something or other, so the RC said it was lost.
  • The Crew found a mission that was more important than the RC, I don't know, fighting against an ancient enemy from beyond the stars or something. Guess I have been watching too much Babylon 5.
  • The Crew found out a dirty little secret of the RC, or a high ranking official, and the official sent them off on a suicide mission, but some members are still alive. Or the official arranged for the ship to be captured, and killed.
  • The Guild captured or Blew up the ship. Also been done before.
  • The Ashtabula might have cottened on to something and decided what ever it was, was far more important than losing the scent. So technically they're awol with a purpose.
  • The Hiver observer on the Ashtabula was really an agent for one of the Shadow Nests, and he either sabatoged the ship, to destroy RC morale, or prevent them from finding out about the Shadow Nests, or maybe they captured the Ashtabula, so they could go around pretending to be the RC, and ruin its good name, by conducting all sorts of black ops, assasinations, kidnapping, pilliaging. You know the normal Smash and Grab operations, but this time against nice people, instead of evil TEDs. Maybe the crew is now being experimented on by Hivers.
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