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Transstar Corporation

by Lewis Roberts


Transstar Ship Registry & Routes
Transstar Board of Directors


Transstar was the largest and only Solomani Megacorporation. It was a subsidiary of the Solomani party, and served as a source of income for the party. Founded in 875, it was originally established as a means to foster trade and commerce between worlds of the Solomani Confederation. Throughout most of its history it derived most of its profit from interstellar trade, but it did branch out, primarily into finance and insurance.

After the Solomani Confederation conqured the Old Expanses during the early parts of the Second War for Solomani Liberation, they sent in fleets to adminstrate the territory, they also sent in Transstar to shape the economy of the new territory. As it was owned by the Party, Transstar ships were also used as Naval Auxilury ships, and were pressed into service carrying troops and supplies. Transstar bought up and otherwise aquired dozens of former Imperial Corporations. The thought was that if you controlled a person's livelihood, you controlled the person. Also, why let profits go to Imperial Corporations and Imperial sympathizers when the profits could go to the Party.

By 1130 Transstar had established itself as an integral part of the Old Expanses economy. When the Virus hit the Old Expanses in 1130 it wiped out most of Transstar along with the rest of Civilization. Fija weathered the Virus better than most worlds. It lost technological levels, but remained rather calm. From a base on Fija Transstar continued to operate throughout the Short Night. Transstar maintained several starships during the Short Night. The starport on Fija was unable to repair jumpdrives, so after a decade Transstar was unable to keep the ships jumpworthy. They mothballed several but kept two in service. They were the 2000-ton Pride of Terra and the 400-ton Hokka. In 1177 the Hokka was exploring the outer Fijan system and suffered a catastrophic drive failure and the entire crew slowly starved to death. The crew kept up a live video feed throughout the entire disaster. Millions watched the tragedy on live trivid. After this Transstar kept the Pride of Terra close to Fija. Transstar took great pride in that they had the largest function spacecraft on Fija, and they let people know about it in their advertisments. When the Hivers contacted Fija in 1192, they sold Transstar parts to repair the Pride of Terra. The first mission of the revitilized Pride was the recovery of the Hokka. Transstar broadcast the recovery and turned it into a public relations bonanza. When they returned to Fija, the dead crewpeople of the Hokka were given a heroes funeral.

Transstar slowly began to restart interstellar trade between Fija and the other members of the Dawn League. By 1201 they run ships between all the worlds of the Reformation Coalition. They have about a dozen relic ships, and have several new ones on order from Standard Astronics shipyard on Aubaine. They are also pursuing negotiations with several Free Traders to purchase their ships and to hire the crews on as permament employees. The Pride of Terra is still the flagship of the fleet, and was recently completly refitted at Dawn Construction's Shipyard on Trybec.


Transportation continues to be the number one industry for Transstar, but they are diversifing. The leadership has instituted a major expansion. They relize that best time to expand is while the Coalition is still in its infancy, this way they can gain an early lead, and be in a posistion to squish future competition. Their insurance firm on Fija insures 30% of the Coalition civilian starships. They have a minority intrest in KruyterCorp. They recently bought the leading manufacturer of machine tools on Baldur. Recently they launched a hostile takeover of Standard Astronics, the owner of the shipyards on Aurora, which will soon be the second most important shipyard in the Coalition. As only it and Aubaine will be able to produce jump-2 vessels. The leadership wants Transstar to be a Megacorporation once again.

Transstar does not condone illegal operations by its executives, like so many Imperial Megacorporations seemed to. Its corporate environment was much more used to being the Law, as it was part of the government. Outside of the of the Reformation Coalition, its respect for local law is a bit less, but still rather high for a Megacorporatioin.

Technically Transstar is still owned by the Solomani Party, but as no one knows if it even exists anymore, Transstar operates independently, it reinvests most of its profits, setting aside a small fraction in case the Solomani Party makes a reappearence. Since it does not have to pay dividends to shareholders, it has a small advantage over traditionally owned corporations. It has been putting this advantage to good use, buying up and forcing opponents out of business, when ever possible. This has caused a bit of a public relations problem as Transstar moves into small markets, displacing local business. For the largest part Transstar has dealt with this by offering lower prices and better services. It figures it can operate on a smaller profit margin in the short run to insure long term profitablity.

Transstar has a very good relationship with its employees. Transstar pays very well and has a excellent benifits package. In its entire history Transstar has never laid off an employee, even through the Hard Times, and the Short Night. Transstar will spare no effort to avenge or rescue employees that are captured by terrorists, rebels or others. In exchange for these benifits, Transstar demands excellence, and 110% effort. Transstar also believes in advanced training for its employees, and pays for them to get advanced college degrees.

Transstar is a fervant supporter of the Reformation Coalition; you can't have trade without civilization. Transstar supports the Centralist position, they would prefer to build up the Coalition, rather than admitting dozens of low tech worlds that would drain resources from the core worlds. They do want new members, but at a slower pace. They would also rather expand rimward, towards Terra. But the Federalists seem to want to go towards the Imperial Core. Transstar donates money to Centralist politicians and offers them other favors, such as free trips on Transstar shipping.

There are persistant rumors that Transstar's leadership still subscribes to the Solomani Cause, and that they give money to various right wing groups such as the League of the Imperial Way. The leadership denies these, but the rumors still persist.


The current incarnation of Transstar is headquartered on Fija. It has a large complex located in the capital. The Transportation Division and the Finance Division are located here. The Transportation Division has local headquarters on each world in the Coalition, and on several worlds in the Wilds including Lancer/Aubaine, Kal/Oriflamme and Teldora/Oriflamme. These headquarters are charged with securing cargos for the ships, arranging passengers and other business.

The corporation is headed up by a President who is selected from 20 members of a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors select a President by ballot. New members to the Board are selected by current members of the Board. Members serve until they retire. The membership is not responsable to anyone but themselves. The Board meets monthly on Fija. Board members travel throughout the Coalition making deals and furthering the corporation.

Transstar doesn't have a large security apparatus. It has a few security consultants, who design security systems for the various corporate facilites. It does employ security guards to protect factories and plants that require protection. It doesn't have a private army, or intelligence service. If a need arises, Transstar often hires reliable Freelancers. It has enough contacts inside the RCES to know who is reliable and who isn't.


A member of the Board of Directors has been kidnapped by Guild/terrorist/or other criminal group. They threaten to kill the member if not paid a ransom. Transstar needs a reliable group of Freelancers to rescue her.

A Transstar ship exploring new trade opportunities in the Wilds is overdue and persumed lost. Transstar requires a Freelancer group to find out why the ship dissapered, and if possible punish those responsible. It could be the standard Virus/TED/Guild villian or the ship may have simply broken down and needs the players to get spare parts for it. Or it may have misjumped and no trace of it will ever be found.

A dedicated reporter believes that the Transstar Board of Directors is providing funding for Human Supremist terrorists that have been attacking Schalli. She wants the players to help her break into the corporate headquarters on Fija, find evidence supporting her claim, and expose Transstar.

Terra or Bust
Transstar wants to know the fate of Sol, and is mounting an expedition. Several Transstar executives are heading up the expedition. Transstar is sending several armed ships. Togethor they stand a better chance of survival in the Wilds. They are hiring Freelancers to act as scouts and security. It is possible that someone on board doesn't want the expedition to succeed, and will attempt to sabatage the expedition.

Executive Action
A member of the Board of Directors disagrees with current corporate strategy, and wants to replace the current President with himself. He is hiring disreputable characters to assasinate the President and several other Directors. The Directors are vacationing at an island resort on Aubaine. The players could be the assasins or catch wind of the attempt and try to stop it.

Annoying Passanger
A member of the Board of Directors needs reliable transportation to a nearby planet, to close a deal. The next Transstar ship won't leave for another week, and that isn't soon enough. The Director would annoy the crew with his questions about everything. But if the crew deals with the Director politely and they manage to impress him/her they might walk away with an subcontract to carry freight for Transstar, which could lead to all sorts of other adventures.

Corporate Rival
A rival corporation has been resisting Transstar attempts to take over its territory. A new corporate executive dealt with this by hiring thugs to kill the head of the rival corporation. This worked fairly well, in fact so well that the local authorities investigated. The executive fled the area, but the local media has gotten a hold of the story and Transstar's name has been besmirched, the Board of Directors wants the executive found and brought to justice. This will show that Transstar doesn't support his actions.

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