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Federalist Corporations
by Lewis Roberts

Standard Astrotronics: This is the premier starship construction firm in the RC. It controls the mammoth orbital facility around Aubaine. It has contracts to build most of the RCN and RCES fleet. It has several years of backlog, it has recently started construction of several new slips. It also successfully won a takeover contest with Transstar to take over the civilian shipyard on Aurora.

Competition is rather sparse right now, but that will change. The huge Bourgand Shipyards on Oriflamme are currently unable to manufacture jump capable ships, but the Bourgand family is buying technical expertise to change that. Even with that, the Bourgand Shipyard will still be manufacturing TL-9 ships. Also the Schalli-run shipyard on Aubaine has just gone on line. They will mostly manufacture small streamlined ships, while only Astrotronics will be able to build the giant starships that a growing Coalition will need.

Standard Astrotronics has expressed a desire to remain focused on starship construction and not get involved with other industries. It is also tends to remain out of politics.

KeeEEka Strongwall: During the post collapse era the Schalli of Aubaine, started a wet shipyard to as a way of using their native talents to assist the recovery of their homeworld. The company was established by a rich Schalli, who had made her fortune as a poet/singer. She wanted her people to learn the skills of the humans and also how to deal with the humans and their water less world. She was assisted by several humans who wanted the Schalli to take a bigger role in the affairs of the planet.

During the early stages of the Dawn League, the company decided to expand into starships. It has emerged as the second largest high tech shipyard in the RC. It has pulled numerous strings to get several large RCES contracts. The Shipyard has many friends in and out of government. It is also the single largest employer of Schalli anywhere.

The company takes an active role in Aubaini government, it is also increasingly becoming involved with Schall. Most of this involvement is centered around the Schalli.

Trybec Corporation-Trybec Corp owns and runs the planet Trybec, a founding member of the Dawn League. Trybec Corp was devastated by the collapse as it was cut off from its suppliers and its markets. Trybec is a strong believer in the rebuilding of civilization. It funded the construction of Dawn Base, the RCES's spinward base. It also funded half of the Twelve Dawn League Scouts. When these were lost it was a major blow to the planet and its people.

Shares in Trybec Corp LIC are publicly traded only on Trybec. The company recently issued 20 million new stocks. This has supplied a great deal of capital and is allowing Trybec to equip several new expeditions into the Wilds.

Cynder Data Systems- Cynder Data Systems is one of the five controlling corporations on the planet Enkidu. Cynder DS is the most liberal of the five corps. CDS is a software and hardware development company, it specializes in starship controls. It is very active in politics, some say a little two active in politics. It has made a large number of enemies on both sides of the political spectrum by being a bit to overeager and agressive. One Assemblyman who asked to remain anonymous, remarked "CDS is like an elephant in a china shop, they just don't know how to be subtle."

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