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Zaldus Corporation

by TravelrTNE

HQ: Brusman, Aubaine
Offices: Aurora, Trybec
CEO: Enrico Zaldus III, Founder

The Zaldus family has long been established on Vras. They gained vast amounts of prosperous undersea mining territory from the Archduke of Sol after the Solomani Rim War. Consequently, they grew enormously wealthy and wisely hoarded much. Due to the percieved threat of the Solomani Confederation, as well as "Trade War" concerns and SolSec infiltration, the Zaldus Family hoarded stockpiles of high technology in various hidden warehouses, most aquatic.

The Zaldus family was instrumental in the arrest and suppression of Dr Sarah Covington and her theories on the "Schalli." To his credit, The chief Zaldus at the time, Eric, helped a large scale movement away from his mining territories and attempted various measure that would lessen impact on Schalli society and lifestyle.

With the Final War, large numbers of refugees appeared and then came the collapse. Technology failed and the Zaldus mining concerns helped alleviate much of the impact. Most of the cached technology was kept hidden for fear of the safety of the aquatic storehouses and a lashback of public opinion, as well as a mob rush or govt seizure.

Due to Schalli concerns, well over half of the Zaldus family mines were closed or diverted to Schalli ownership. Eris Zaldus decided he would not oppose it, though he was deeply resentful. He (wisely, as posterity would judge) decided he would hold his stockpile of High Tech goods in their storehouses (the surviving ones being submerged in the vaults of the Zaldus family island mansion), unknown to all outside the inner circle of the Family.

When the Hivers came in 1192 and established the Hiver Technical Academy, he still kept silent. This time, he was calculating. He knew now there would be an imminent renessaince, but not how it would play out exactly and was unwilling to play his wild card. On his deathbed in 1197, he told his son to wait until "the time was right."

1197 brought the Dawn League and Enrico Zaldus was eager with the enthusiasm sweeping the League. He heeded the advice of his late father and decided not to reveal the caches of technology that the Zaldus family held.

He instead scalped much of his families remaining assets. He felt he had to help somehow, but his father's death was too recent. He sold almost all of the remaining sea mines to the new KeeEEka Strongwall Schalli shipyard. He used the proceeds to help fund the DLS Aurora.

Following the loss of the 12 Traders and the Auroras confimed destruction at Vezina, he despaired. He vowed he'd never be hled captive by unrealistic optimism and false hope. He could only trust the credit and knew economics and mourned the loss of much of his family's ancestral mining territory and property.

The rage that came reformed the Dawn League into the Reformation Coalition and the need for high technology that would back the economy of the expansionist confederation convinced Enrico that the time was right for a partial release of some high technology. He revealed the existance of two of the high technology vaults to the public knowledge. The vaults were promptly seized by the Assembly, but he was given the standard 50% auction fee. He timed the release (and the contents of the two vaults) with great demand, primarily from Baldur (there was a good amount of TL11 power grid equipment). This amounted to a fortune which put the Zaldus family back on the power scene.

The proceeds enabled Enrico to expand his holdings and created the Zaldus Corporation in 1201. His interests are focussed on high technology and interstellar concerns. Shipping, mail, freight & cargo have been seized and the Zaldus Corporation is growing a mercantile star fleet to expand their services to encompass the entirety of Coalition Space. He has invested heavily in banking and has three heavy high tech industries companies that serve as subcontractors to the Reformation Coalition Exploration Service, the Reformation Coalition Navy, and to Standard Astrotronics Shipyard (Aubaine). There is a deal under discussion with KeeEEka Strongwall.

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