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Jeb's Firearms

by Lewis Roberts

Jeb Richof is a small machinist on Phoebus, who turns out some of the finest black powder weapons this side of the Delphi Rift. He and his small crew of 10, can turn out standard muskets, but they specialize in special orders. These special orders are works of art, with precious metal inlays, carved stocks made from imported hard woods, carvings from durga ivory and other artful enhancements. There is a slight waiting list for special orders, an order placed today, will take 2-3 months to complete.

The Phoeban Lord Regent recently presented a pair of pistols made by Jeb to the Secretary General, when the Secretary made a short stop over on Phoebus on his way to Aubaine. The Secretary was pleased with the gift and praised the weapon's beauty.

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