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Tryton Arms, Ltd.

by Scott Quigg

HQ: Levarr, Baldur
CEO: Lord Keith Winthrup
Ownership Privately Held Company
Annual Gross Revenue 1,743 MCr

Tryton Arms, Ltd. is the RC primary producer of the K-11 7mm ACR. Annual production is estimated at almost 100,000 rifles per year!!!

Tryton Arms, Ltd. is proud to announce the addition of its first non-Balduri based production line on Nike Nimbus.

"This marks a great day for we here at Tryton. Nike Nimbus' cooperation in the development and production of the K-11 is a testament to that weapon's versatility and popularity. The new production line should be able to handle over 150,000 rifles per annum by itself!!!" Lord Winthrup at the ground- breaking ceremony of the Nimban factory

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