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Isnardrin and DZ21Q

Micheal Koehne

The following patron encounters asume a group with a far trader and a large bank loan in the RC. Their ship is under chapter 11 and they have either to find money or the ship will belong to the bank within a month. One of the player character should have a criminal or Oriflame rebel contact. This contact offers a solution for the monetary problem. The group should not have more than 4 players.

Sergant Isnardrin Wolska - male 49 The player character recognizes (or becomes recognised) the Sergant in a dark starport bar in Fija. Isnardrin is wearing a self sealing jump suite, probately not of RC origin and is looking much younger than expected. Everybody can notice a barcode over his left eyebrowns. When questioned about it, he will muddle about 3 years in Promise and an escape from a vampire where he was hidden as a stowaway. " But lets talk about you " he'll start and tell the players straight that he knows about their problem, and that he would be able to buy out the bank loan, if the players will enable him to do bussiness in Atrase.

1 - Everything is ok - he found a major quantity of TL:C relicts in the ruins of Atrase, and wants to recover them. In orbit the ship will become attacked by a patrol cruiser and forced to surrender. The patrol cruiser is from Keipes, and the PC's ship seized. The group will be grounded on the planet. And will meet DZ21Q when asking the natives.

2 - Like 1, but the depot is a hidden trade exchange point run by DZ21Q who's working for the Merchantile Guild in Iselu.

3 - When orbiting Atrase a PC forces the players ship to surrender. Isnardrin is working for Keipes, and tells the group that the ship is now his, as he legaly buyed out the bank loan. The group is left on Atrase and natives tell, that there is a starship in the ruins.

4- Like 3, but the Keipes officer will ask Isnardrin to sign some paper, and trigger his shotgun with the words "thank, we'll no longer need you" when he has signed.

DZ21Q - Holographical linked - Parent strain - 37

DZ21Q is an egg shaped, graph moving robot about 80cm height, he does'nt have hands but manipulators are normaly behind his armor.

The player group will either meet him in Isnardrin depot (as in 2) or when asking the natives (as in 1,3,4). DZ21Q is running a trade exchange point for the Merchantile Guild in Iselu. As currently only 2 traders are dealing there and he is interested in increasing trade, he'll offer to steal the ship back, if the group is working for him and the Guild. The items he has for sale are between TL:A and TL:F, but any computerised is TL:C or below. Highlights are certainly TL:F space suits and anagathics.

He has a GZ-12-20-Stichling. This ship could be a culture shock for the group, as its only 20dt but able to jump 3. The ship itself is not infected because of inferior computer systems (parents want the best for their childs) Unfortunately the life support is only intended for 2 people (in extreme narrow conditions) and 4 low berth. The ship is used for stealth, the signature is compareable to a missile, and even lower when using decoys.

He'll tell that he watched the two ships with his planetary sensors and, that the patrol cruiser was probately infected as it was sending a transponder signal.

1 - He'll transpher the group to Keipes and land far outside civilised areas. The group has to sneak into the starport and steal the ship back as in "Knight Fall". He has to go back to Atrase to continue his trade and he'll await the group in there to fullfill their part of the deal.

2 - As 1, but he'll send a "puppetier transponders egg" when in orbit around Keipes, to cause chaos in Keipes space fleet.

3- His main interest is the patrol cruiser, this would be a nice child (TL:F-holographic linked). Unlike told it's not jet infected, but he plans to do so and will join the group when sneaking into the starport.

4 - His main interest is the players characters trader. Once the group has is back on Atrase, he'll offer to exchange the trader against a brand new one, with conditions like in "Guilded Lilly". He'll give the group an adress on Ebekhar.

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