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by Unknown

The players are trying to survey a planet that got depopulated during the Collapse. They find a map hidden in the ruins of a government office (say hidden behind a false panel in a file cabinet). It's in bad shape, but they can still read it. It's a map of one of the more remote areas of the planet, a definite wilderness area. But there are some cryptic markings on it, indicating that *somethhing* is there, but the markings don't say what it is. But it's ovbvious, both from the way the map was hidden, and the fact that the notes are *so* cryptic, that whatever it is, it was supposed to be *very* secret.

If they check out the area, they will find traces that indicate that someone did some *major* construction here, then went to a lot of trouble to make it look "normal" again.

Depending on what sort of sensors they have, they'll get various indications. There are neutrino readings from some areas for instance. And using "sounding charges" like geologists use will reveal that there is some sort of *large* complex buried there. It appears to be built to withstand a major war, and the areas where the tunnels led to the surface seem to have been sealed *very* thouroghly.

I'll give you pretty good odds that your average player comes up with one of the following explanations:

  • Planetary defence center
  • Archives
  • Treasure repository
  • The mother of all fallout shelters, with important people in cold sleep until "after the war"
  • Doomsday weapon installation.
  • Ancient installation that the goverment hid from the people (shades of "Area 51" :-)

    Or many other variations on these themes.

    But having read my comments about Love Canal, I bet you've figured it out already. It's where the goverment buried all the really toxic waste. The neutrinos are from the decay of nuclear waste. It's secret because they didn't want the environmentalists after them.

    I expect that typical players will either contaminate the hell out of themselves, or manage to set set off some of the explosive/flammable stuff leaking out of corroding drums. :-)

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