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Operation Turncoat

by Lewis Roberts

The Kingdom of Limgur, a small nation of 100,000 people on the planet of Tiniyd is recruiting off-world mercenaries, in preparation for an invasion against the Droyne nation of Yoyomayess. The Queen of Limgur, Queen Bonita needs the off-world mercenaries to train her troops, and to provide a high-tech backbone to the attack. The Coalition recently contacted the leaders of Yoyomayess. Relations are still strained, but if the Coalition can defuse the situation in Limgur, it would go a long way towards cementing the relationship. The RC does not want to provide arms and direct support to Yoyomayess. If the other human nations on the planet, saw a militarily strong Droyne nation attack and defeat a human nation, it could easily start a race war. The RC doesn't have the resources to launch a full scale decapitation raid against the Kingdom.

So the RC has chosen a more subtle approach. RC intelligence operatives in the Free Trader network have learned that the Free Trader the Masticating Monk will drop off a group of mercenaries on Limgur in several months. The ship was met on Xezor by Coalition operatives attached to the Thunderchild. They learned of the plans, and reported to Captain Ritter. He came up with a plan to defuse the situation on Tiniyd and immediately jumped for the RCES base on Eos. After a rapid set of meetings on Eos, he was given the go ahead for Operation Turncoat.

The players can either be Freelancers or RCES operatives. If they are Freelancers, they will be approached about a high level operation, with a corresponding high level of pay. They will be invited to a meeting to discuss the job. If they are RCES operatives, they will be ordered to a meeting with Captain Ritter.

At the meeting there will also be the crew of the RC Hornet, a Far Trader rebuilt by the Hiver Technical Academy. Captain Ritter will brief both groups on the situation on Tiniyd and the RC's policy goals. He will then sketch out his plan. The Hornet will be attached to the Thunderchild in a specially modified docking port. The Thunderchild will jump to Shenk and intercept the Masticating Monk. The players will then board the Hornet, which for the purpose of this mission will be reflagged as the Free Trader Flaming Eagle. The Hornet will then depart for Tiniyd. The Monk and its crew will be released after the decapitation raid has been launched. They will be told that they were mistaken for a pirate ship that has been raiding settlements along the Shenk main. The RC will apologize for the inconvience and will provide them with a cargo of TL-10 goods which should sell quite well. The RC will also release the mercenaries, with a small amount of trade goods to cover the contract that they lost.

If the players are Freelancers and have a ship, the RC will hold it storage at the RCES base on Eos, or if the players prefer, the RCES will rent it for the four months the mission will last, and use it to move cargo between RC worlds. It will not be in any danger. If the players are RCES individuals, their ship will be reassigned. There should be around 10 people in the mercenary group the players are replacing, if there are not enough players the group will be rounded out with several NPCs.

When the Hornet arrives on Tiniyd, it will ask for landing permission on Limgur. Once there, the players will pose as the requested mercenaries. Captain d'Esprit will explain that the Monk was attacked by Guild pirates on Shenk, and suffered heavy damage. They contacted the Flaming Eagle and subcontracted out the transport of the mercenaries. After the players have been accepted as the requested mercenaries, the Hornet will depart. Two months after this time, the RC will launch a decapitation strike against the Kingdom. The players will be contacted by undercover operatives prior to the attack and will be given the exact time and plans for the attack. It is the player's responsibility to make sure that decapitation strike succeeds. Any and all means are authorized to accomplish this goal. The prime goals of the mission are the capture/elimination of the Queen and the Ecclesiastic Council of the Church. Secondary goals are the capture/elimination of the heads of the military. The Thunderchild will be unavailable for this mission as it is needed elsewhere. The Bellerophon Victrix will take its place. The Bellerophon does not have enough firepower to pull of this mission without large amounts of aid from the player characters. If they are unable to neutralize enough enemy troops the mission will fail. After the strike is complete, the players will rendezvous with the Victrix's crew and will leave the planet.

The Kingdom

The Queen is a petty warlord, who is only concerned about spreading the power and prestige of the Sun Church, the official state religion. The Church preaches hate and racism, not just against the local Droyne, but also against anyone not of the Limgur ethnic line. The Church regularly holds crusades/pogroms against unbelievers, aliens, and foreigners. Believers who die on this holy crusade are sent to paradise, all other believers are reincarnated until they too reach paradise. Unbelievers are sent to the Void, an endless nothing, where the souls of the dead wander for ever.

The players will be put in charge of training the Elite Queen's Dragoons, a battalion of 500 light infantry. They are armed with the best TL-6 weapons, but the Queen expects them to be trained with the TL-8 weapons that the Monk was bringing. The Dragoons are fairly well trained, but they lack combat experience, and are totally unfamiliar with the imported TL-8 weapons. The GM should make up names/stats for a few of the more prominent members of the unit. The members are not totally evil men and women, they are all true believers in the Church of the Sun and its teaching. Some of the members will try to convert the players. Some will do some in a righteous manner, others will be generally concerned about the future of the player's souls. All are fiercely loyal to their queen.

Time Table
Day 1 RC operatives learn of the Monk mission.
Day 2 The Monk departs for Meadsk
Day 3 The Thunderchild departs for Nike Nimbus
Day 9 The Monk arrives on Meadsk.
Day 10 The Thunderchild arrives 0n Nike Nimbus.
Day 11 The Thunderchild departs for Eos.
Day 14 The Monk departs for Xezor.
Day 18 The Thunderchild arrives on Eos.
Day 21 The Monk arrives on Xezor.
Day 21 Captain Ritter briefs the players and the crew of the Hornet
Day 25 The Thunderchild departs for Xezor.
Day 25 The Monk departs for Reagan.
Day 32 The Thunderchild arrives on Xezor, refuels and leaves for Shenk.
Day 32 The Monk arrives on Reagan, refuels and departs for Shenk.
Day 39 The Thunderchild arrives in Shenk system.
Day 40 The Monk arrives on Shenk.
Day 102 The Bellerophon Victrix launches its decapitation strike.

The RC is unaware of the Monk's exact timetable. They know the route it will take, but not when it will be at any point. They will make all due haste to get Shenk. The RC doesn't know if they will get to Shenk before or after the Monk, but either way they will attempt to capture the ship.

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