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Lewis Roberts

Apollo E8C5300-8 Aubaine A78A884-C
Aurora B576646-B Baldur CAAA756-9
Enkidu E510415-9 Eos C674656-B
Fija D553754-A Helios E648243-4
Kruyter B000312-B Lucifer D474784-8
Nike Nimbus C447789-9 Oriflamme B846857-9
Phoebus D267337-3 Ra E68659A-6
Rohit E110335-9 Schall E47A655-7
Shenandoah C585423-6 Spencer D89A568-7
Spires E894789-2 Trybec B443610-A
Vezina D344687-7 Zloga E430225-9

Apollo: E8C5300-8

Size: Large (D=12,800km) Atmosphere: Insidious
Hydrographics: 50% Population: 4000
Government: None Law Level: None
Tech Level: 8 (1990's) Starport: Frontier

The entire native population died off during the Final War. Now freelance prospectors search the ruins for technological treasures. Most of the pre-war civilization was located below ground, in a huge sprawling tunnel complex.

The McDermont family from Aurora has set up a minimal starport at the site of a pre-war airport. They offer unrefined fuel, berthing sites, and operate a small general store which sells just about everything. They buy relics from the prospectors and resell them to the crew of the Free Trader Anarchist which makes regular stops at the starport.

Aubaine: A78A884-C

Size: Large : D=11,000km Atmosphere: Dense
Hydrographics: 100% Population: 150 million Humans
650 milion Schalli
Government: Civil Service Bureaucracy Law Level: Moderate
Tech Level: 12 (Avg Stellar) Starport: Excellent

Aubaine is a water world, with most human civilization located on the many small islands that dot the ocean. Aubaine is the true home of the Schalli, who are known by that name due to political wrangling in the Last Imperium, which denied that the Schalli were truly intelligent. Anyone who has seen the Schalli at work, knows that is a lie. Aubaine is the seat of the Coalition government, the Assembly of Worlds is located on the largest island group. Here represenitives from each Coalition world gather to decided issues effecting the future.

The Aubaine is also site of the Hiver Technical Accademy, and the Aubani are very close to the Hivers. The Aubani have a vision for the future, that has the Coalition expanding across the wreckage of the Imperium. Other Coalition members feel that the Aubani are arrogant, but the Aubani deny this saying that only they can see how the Coalition is a small island of sanity in the vast oceans of space, and that it could easily be swept away by the rising tide of chaos. Aubaine is the center of the Federalist movement.

Aubiane was orignally ruled by a monarchy, but in the last few centuries, it has been replaced by a civil service bureacracy. The monarchy still exists, but has no power beyond ceremonial. The nobility has is still rather powerful socially, and a noble title helps opens doors. In recent years it has become quite fashionable to buy noble titles from destitute noble families.

Aurora: B576646-B

Size: Medium : D=8000km Atmosphere: Standard tainted
Hydrographics: 60% Population: 7 million
Government: Representative Democracy Law Level: Moderate
Tech Level: 11 (Avg Stellar) Starport: Good

The headquarters of the Reformation Coalition Navy is located on Aurora. This along with their high tech shipyards will make Aurora a center for shipbuilding, once the shipyards get upgraded. Before the Final War Aurora was a colony of Macis, which is now called Apollo. The Collapse severed ties between the two worlds. Resenting the fact that their planet was formerly owned by the Macins, Aurora became a democracy, and to this day they resent strong governmental controls.

The effects of the Collapse were severe, but the Aurorans banded togethor and by making a concerted effort were able to rebuild. By 1170 Aurora had regained her old Tech Level, and had begun to advance past it. It didn't have the capacity to build jump drives, so it was forced to remain isolated. In 1192, the Hivers made contact, and Aurora was able to purchase jump drives. It was a charter member of the Dawn Leage, and an early proponent of the Reformation Coalition.

Aurora has become a staunch supporter of the Federalists, feeling that a strong extraplanetary government would take away the freedoms that individual worlds now possess.

Baldur: CAAA756-9

Size: Large : D=16,000km Atmosphere: Exotic
Hydrographics: 100% Population: 30 million
Government: Feudal Technocracy Law Level: Moderate
Tech Level: 9 (circa 2010) Starport: Routine

Baldur is a primordial world, with little free oxygen in the atmosphere and vast chains of volcanoes that spew ash and poisonous gases into the air. It is only through human ingeniuity that life is sustained. The Baduri lived in vast underwater cities, on man made islands, and above it all in orbital habitats.

The Collapse threatend all of these. The Virus crashed the orbital habitats into the sea, threatened to open the airlocks on the subsurface cities, and tried to capsize the floating islands. It was only through relentless effort, and great technical skill, that all life on the planet was saved from destruction. The Balduri know that life hangs by a thread, and the only thing between the RC and screaming chaos is the will to survive.

Enkidu: E510415-9

Size: Medium : D=8000 Atmosphere: Trace
Hydrographics: None Population: 50 thousand
Government: Corporate Law Level: Moderate
Tech Level: 9 (circa 2010) Starport: Frontier

Before the Collapse Enkidu was named Dono. It was owned by a council of five corporations. These weren't megacorporations, just small planetary companies. They were Westlake Industries, Mogon Technologies, Cynder Data Systems, United Power Systems, and Blenkindo Enterprises. Each corporation had its own territory, and used it to produce products for export throughout the subsector. The corporations were formed by residents of L'Streich, and it and its related worlds formed a large proporation of Dono's market.

During fighting between the Solomani Confederation and Lucan's Imperium, the planet's infrastructure was damaged beyond repair. The five corporations banded togethor to evacuate the planet. Unfortunately five million people is beyond the scope of anyone to evacuate, the corporations managed to get a mere thirty thousand to saftey, before the planet died.

The survivors fled to Hite (now known as Nike Nimbus), where they kept alive the dream of someday returning to their homes. The first generation of refugees died without fufilling their dream. Today their grandchildren are finally able to return home. The five corporations were able to stay intact on Hite, and on the founding of the Dawn League, began making plans to return home.

On 17-IV-1199 the first expatriarts returned home. They renamed the planet Enkidu, to symbolize the hope they felt for the future. Right now life is difficult; its not easy rebuilding a world, but by working together the residents will build a new future.

Eos: C674656-B

Size: Large : D=9600 Atmosphere: Standard Tainted
Hydrographics: 50% Population: 5 million
Government: Feudal Technocracy Law Level: Moderate
Tech Level: B (Avg Stellar) Starport: Routine

Eos is ruled by the Grand Council. The Council is made up of the rich landholders and the corporate executives who overthrew the tyranical Governor Francine Dubar who attempted to seize total control during the Collapse. The Landholders each rule over a Domain, some are huge plantations used primarily for agriculture, others are island retreats. The Corporates also control vast areas of Eos - mainly less arable land earmarked for resource exploitation, though some Corporate landholdings are used for agriculture. Most high tech industry on the planet is controlled by the Corps, low tech industry by the Landholders.

Eos is a moderate Centralist planet. The Grand Council tends to ignore extraplanetary affairs, they are more interested in expanding the planet's industrial base.

Fija D553754-A

Size: Large : D=8000km Atmosphere: Thin
Hydrographics: 30% Population: 70 million
Government: Feudal Technocracy Law Level: Moderate
Tech Level: Early Stellar Starport: Poor

The people of Fija crave order. They are uncomfortable with things which do not follow detailed plans. This enabled them to survive the Collapse without the patterns of mass riotings, martial law, and mass executions which many worlds suffered under. The people simply refused to fall under the sway of such chaos. Fija was an original member of the Dawn League and the earliest proponent for creating the Reformation Coalition.

Most residents feel that the RC has not gone far enough, too much is still left to chance. Without careful planning, many efforts will be wasted and lives will be thrown away for little gain. If the Coalition would restructure itself, it could apply precious resources for maximum gain.

The governing of Fija is divided up into small bureaus each charged with a specific task. Each bureau is run by a different group of technocrats. The bureaus come under review each ten years. At this time any group can bid for control of the bureau. The selection is decided by an impartial group of judges. A great deal of political intrigue surrounds the selection process.

Helios E648243-4

Size: D=9600km Atmosphere: Thin Tainted
Hydrographics: 80% Population: 700
Government: Representative Democracy Law Level: Low
Tech Level: 4 (Circa 1900 Starport: Frontier

Oriflamme originally claimed this world as its own. The Oriflamme technarchs dispatched a ship, to assess the natural resources and the remnants of its technology. The survey was going well, and the planet showed considerable untapped potential, when the crew discovered a small village on one of the southern islands. The technarchs debated whether they could get away with destroying the village and claiming the planet as unihabited, but the news was leaked to CIN, before a decision could be made.

The RCES quickly contacted the village. The village welcomed the visitors from the stars and after a few short months, asked to be admitted to the Coalition. Since then the residents of Helios have become a fervent supporter of the Federalists in the Assembly. They have also tried to be a burr in the side of the Oriflamme technarchs. Often voting against a bill, simply because Oriflamme supports it.

The people of Helios are very simple folk. They have achieved a low level of technology, but are happy with it. Most other worlds in the Coalition are trying to raise their Tech Level as high as possible as fast as possible. Thr residents of Helios would rather go out into the Wilds and help uplift the people who are suffering under the heels of TEDs and religious dictatorships.

Kruyter: B000312-B

Size: Asteroid Belt Atmosphere: None
Hydrographics: None Population: 3000
Government: Corporate Law Level: Low
Tech Level: B (Avg Stellar) Starport: Good

Kruyter was a minor crossroad in the pre-war era, not even important enough to attack. It emerged from the Final War unscathed, but Virus changed that. Virus scoured all life from the system. The system was left untouched by human hands for seventy years. In 1200, Kruytercorp was formed to bring life to the system. The corporation was privately funded, one of the first corporations with a stock offering on the new RC wide stock exchange. The RC is the major stockholder, other stockholders include Transstar, and Glanow Trust on Oriflamme, and Meldarr Holding on Eos.

Kruytercorp has rebuilt the starport and it is a a major stopover for ships travelling from Aubaine subsector to Oriflamme subsector. It also has many prospectors searching the asteroid belt for valuable minerals and for relic technology. So far the search has gone badly. Kruytercorp has spent a great deal of capital on rebuilding the starport, so far this has not shown a profit, and the prospecting division is hemoraging red ink badly.

The prospectors are a very eclectic group of individuals. They were drawn from every Coalition world, and possess a vast array of beliefs, values and ideas on how the future should unfold. There has been some talk of what to do if Kruytercorp goes under, but so far the prospectors are undecided.

Lucifer: D474784-8

Size: Small : D=6400km Atmosphere: Standard Tainted
Hydrographics: 40% Population: 30 million
Government: Civil Service Bureaucracy Law Level: Moderate
Tech Level: 8 (Circa 1990) Starport: Poor

Before the Final War Luhtala, as it was then called, was home to millions of anarchists and mystics. During the collapse, the Luhtalans were forced to create a minimal amount of government to deal with the destruction of the interstellar infrastructure. Many of the anarchists were upset about this, but they were persuaded before the argument became violent. Many did not pay much attention to the government after it was formed, and let it go about its business in peace. It keeps society running, and doesn't interfere with the day to day life of most residents. After being contacted by the emerging Dawn League, Luhtala petitioned to join, and changed its name to Lucifer.

The residents of Lucifer, who are still called Luhtalans, have a wild streak. They are still reluctant to follow orders from governments or anyone for that matter. There are still thousands of cults and mystic religons active on the planet. Now that interstellare travel has been restarted many of these have started to recruit members across the Coalition and beyond.

Nike Nimbus: C447789-9

Size: Small D=6400km Atmosphere: Thin Tainted
Hydrographics: 70% Population: 70 million
Government: Civil Service Bureaucracy Law Level: High
Tech Level: 9 (Early Stellar) Starport: Routine

In antebellum times, the world of Hite, was ruled by a dictator by the name of Crystal DeAmberville. Hite was hit hard by the Final War, and then even worse by Virus. As the ruins of the capital lay burning, a mob broke into the presidental palace and tore DeAmberville to pieces. Many things can be said of DeAmberville, but one thing is for sure, she created a massive high quality bureaucracy to carry out her orders. After her death, the bureaucracy continued to function. As it was one of the few remaining institutions on the planet, it was able to organize food shipments and begin to rebuild the planet.

In 1195 Hivers came to the planet and found a planet still struggling with the rebuilding effort. The planet became a member of the new Dawn League and after a planet wide contest changed its name to Nike Nimbus, after an ancient Terran goddess of victory.

The Nimbians feel strongly that the most important thing about the Coalition is that it is rebuilding civilization. The petty political arguments of the Assembly of Worlds don't help anyone. Even though their planet is still trying to rebuild, the Nimbians have formed several corporations to go out into the Wilds and help rebuild civilization.

Oriflamme: B846857-9

Size: D=12,800km Atmosphere: Thin Tainted
Hydrographics: 60% Population: 800 million
Government: Feudal Technocracy Law Level: Moderate
Tech Level: 9 (Circa 2010) Starport: Good

Before the Collapse over seven billion people lived on Oriflamme. A vast network of robotic farms fed the masses. When Virus struck, it possessed thousands of these farms, and turned the robotic workers into roving death machines. Hundreds of millions died by the hands of these robotic killing machines. Even more died of starvation, in the next few years, as people struggled to produce food, with primitive non-mechanical means. It wasn't just people who died, the basic trust in your fellow man died; compassion, charity and kindness all died. When it was a choice between feeding your child, or a stranger, the stranger went hungry.

The situation on Oriflamme began to turn around, in late 1165, when the first of the Technarchs emerged. They promised to feed those who would swear alliegence to them. They than began to secure other basic industries, until they controlled the entire planet.

The scars of the collapse are still on the psyche of the residents of Oriflamme. Life is cheap on Oriflamme, and only those who are strong survive. Oriflamme is very interested in expanding the Coalition, but under Oriflamme control.

Phoebus: D267337-3

Size: D=2400km Atmosphere: Standard
Hydrographics: 70% Population: 8000
Government: Oligarchy Law Level: Low
Tech Level: 3 (Circa 1800) Starport: Poor

Fuetz, like many low population worlds in the Imperium was dependent on the outside for most goods. When interstellar trade stopped the economy on Fuetz collapsed. Most of the high tech machinery on the planet was dependent on spare parts produced on other worlds. Without the support of a interstellar high tech infrastructure, the supportable tech level plummeted. Sustainable technology went from Average Stellar to the early Industrial Age. Transportation went from grav cars to animal drawn carts. Since being recontacted by the Dawn League, several bootstrap missions have been launched to help raise the sustainable tech level, but it is slow going.

Upon being admitted to the RC, Fuetz like many other worlds, changed its name to symbolize the hope that the RC brings. The planet is ruled by the Council of Citizens. The Council is elected from all citizens, but only 10% of the population are citizens. Citizenship is given to children of Citizens, but both parents must be citizens. The Council can also nominate indiviudals for citizenship, but this is rarely done. Usually only for those noncitizens who do the Council a great service. Most non-citizens don't mind this setup, life is difficult, and they don't have time to bother with politics. Also the Council doesn't actually do that much.

Ra: E68659A-6

Size: Medium D=9600km Atmosphere: Dense
Hydrographics: 60% Population: 200,000
Government: Impersonal Bureaucracy Law Level: High
Tech Level: 6 (Circa 1950) Starport: Frontier

Before the Final War Ra was the home to only 60 people, all members of the Stonglia family. During the later parts of the war, the world was swamped with refugees from doomed and failing worlds. Many were from L'Steich, unfortunate refugees who weren't able to make the full journey to Balder. The refugees threatened to overwhelm the Stonglia family. The Stonglias hired a mercenary force to act as a police force and hired a company from Keipes to manage the refugees. After the Virus cut off the planet from the outside universe, the Stonglias allowed the stranded company to tax the refugees enough to pay for the government. The company has slowly evolved into a true government, but one that is almost totally unresponsive to the will of the people.

Since the refugees were from so many different worlds, they brought different customs, religions and tastes to their adopted world. This heritage is still present on Ra. Ra has dozens of different holidays, festivals and other ceremonies, that a fraction of the population follows. The blending of culture has given Ra a very exotic air, as dozens of cultures merge into something unique.

Rohit: E110335-9

Size: Small : D=1600kmm Atmosphere: Trace
Hydrographics: None Population: 2000
Government: Oligarchy Law Level: Moderate
Tech Level: 9 (Circa 2010) Starport: Frontier

The original population of Rohit died off sometime during the Collapse. It has been resettled by the Children of Tomorrow, a religious group from Lucifer. The Children follow a strict doctrine, that expouses self denial and believes that physical labor is the way to achieve spiritual purity. They felt the lifestyle on Lucifer was incompatiable with their goals and decided to emmigrate. They secured permission to colonize the planet from the Dawn League and began to rebuild the planet's life support system. They have rebuilt a city that is located in an underground cavern system. They welcome visitors, but most outsiders find the planet too austere. The Assembly of Worlds allows them to send a non-voting represenitive to the Assembly. The Children are pressuring to be admitted as a full member world.

Schall: E47A655-7

Size: Small : D=6400km Atmosphere: Standard Tainted
Hydrographics: 100% Population: 5.4 million Humans
600,000 Schalli
Government: Feudal Technocracy Law Level: Moderate
Tech Level: 7 (Circa 1970) Starport: Frontier

Thousands of Schalli were brought to Schall in Imperial times, to study them away from their native home on Vras (Aubaine). During the Collapse the native humans learned that the Schalli were truly intelligent. The Schalli helped the humans survive, but were not interested in getting more involved with human society. The Schalli on Aubani are very interested in going to the stars, while those on Schall tend to be very conservative and traditional. Not many Schalli from Schall have joined interstellar society. Many Coalition residents, especially those from Lucifer come to Schalli to experience the Schalli culture in its pure unspoiled state.

The government is the only Feudal Technocracy in the Federalist camp. The people like their government, but don't believe that it is would be best for everyone. Every world is different and should come up with a system that works for that world.

Shenandoah: C585423-6

Size: Medium : D=8000km Atmosphere: Dense
Hydrographics: 50% Population: 80,000
Government: Participating Democracy Law Level: Low
Tech Level: 6 (Circa 1950) Starport: Routine

Shenadoah weathered the Collapse rather well. It didn't suffer a major population die off, the economy was the only thing that was heavily damaged. The sustainable technology level fell to 5, but recent work has raised it to 6. The citizens are very friendly and take a great deal of pride in being a member of the Coalition. Many young people have joined the RCES and the RCN. Almost all residents try to be involved in their community, many spend their free time reading up on planetary and RC politics and policies. One of the most popular activities is arguing about politics.

Spencer: D89A568-7

Size: Large : D=12,800km Atmosphere: Dense Tainted
Hydrographics: 100% Population: 400,000
Government: Captive Government Law Level: High
Tech Level: 7 (Circa 1970) Starport: Poor

Spencer is only the second world to be forcibly integrated into the Coalition. Oriflamme signed a mutual security agreement with a small nation in the Southern chain of islands in 1198. Over the last three years Oriflamme built up its strenth. In late 1201 they launched a suprise attack against the other nations on the planet. Within three months they had defeated all large military units on the planet. Since then they have been conducting mop up operations. Casulaties have been heavy, a suprisingly strong resistance movement has sprung up. They are well equipped and willing to die for their cause. Many on Oriflamme suspect that the rebels are getting off planet help.

Spires: E894789-2

Size: Large : D=12,800km Atmosphere: Dense Tainted
Hydrographics: 40% Population: 40 million
Government: Civil Service Bureaucracy Law Level: High
Tech Level: 2 (Circa 1600) Starport: Frontier

During the Third Imperium this was a primitive world placed under Imperial interdict as an anthropological laboratory for observation of, and controlled experiments on, social development. Lacking fossil fuels or significant surface deposits of useful metals, technological development stalled fairly early, but philosophy and the arts flourished. Since contact by the Dawn League, a bootstrap campaign has been under way to raise the worlds's tech level using solar power and imported metal or synthetic materials. Spires' citizens interested in starfaring are encouraged to attend off world academies, and have done so in large numbers, but Spires iteself still remains a simple and largely pastoral world.

Trybec: B443610-A

Size: Small : D=4000km Atmosphere: Thin Tainted
Hydrographics: 30% Population: 7 million
Government: Corporate Law Level: None
Tech Level: A (Early Stellar) Starport: Good

Trybecorp LIC has owned Trybec since 503, when Trybecorp bought the planet from a destitute noble family, and then renamed the planet after itself. Trybecorp was a minor corporation in the Imperium, never near megacorporation status, its influence extended over most of Diaspora and the Old Expanses. Trybecorp's major products include computer hardware, grav vehicles, farm equipment and heavy factory machinery. The company used Trybec as a manufacturing center and as a profit making enterprise in its own right.

The Collapse crippled Trybecorp, cutting it off from its suppliers and markets. Also large elements of the corporation were destroyed in the Final War and during the collapse. Since the founding of the Dawn League, Trybecorp has been very interested in expanding civilization. It funded the construction of Dawn Base, funded half of the Dawn League Scouts and urged the creation and expansion of the RCES. When the Twelve were lost, it was a terrible blow to the citizens of Trybec, but they have resolved to struggle on.

Vezina: D344687-7

Size: Small : D=4800km Atmosphere: Thin Tainted
Hydrographics: 40% Population: 2 million
Government: Civil Service Bureaucracy Law Level: Moderate
Tech Level: 7 (Circa 1970) Starport: Poor

Vezina was the first world to be conqured by the Coalition. The actual conquest was quite by accident. The largest TED on the planet seized the Aurora, one of the Twelve. In 1199 the Lirgishkhunan and the Ashtabula launched a rescue raid which inadverently toppled the government. After this the other TEDs on the planet surrendered.

The RC has placed a group of RCSA officials in charge of the planet Several bootstrap missions are in place, and a great deal of relic technology is being recovered. The people of Vezina are generally happy with the conquest, the TEDs were not popular, and the RC is improving living conditions immensly. A few primitive neo-tribal societies are resisting the Coalition, they are proving more a nuisance, than a threat.

Zloga: E430225-9

Size: Small : D=6400km Atmosphere: Very Thin
Hydrographics: None Population: 700
Government: Participating Democracy Law Level: Moderate
Tech Level: 9 (Circa 2010) Star port: Frontier

Zloga is yet another boneyard world, the Final War destroyed its life support systems. Zloga was actually named Saloga before the Collapse, but tech prospectors returning to the world misread the original name, and it has since been known as Zloga. There is a small community of tech prospectors on the planet. They have a small habitat, from which they make forays into the dead cities. Any issues effecting the community is decided by a vote of all residents over the age 14.

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