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McKenzie Subsector

Alpha Crucis Sector

by Robert Beck

Name Hex UWP BS Trade TPPG AL Stellar
Endyf 0903 X7A7000-0
Ba 003 -- K2 V M2 V

Hi Fl 603 Im
Ychanon 1002 X100000-0
Ba 010 -- M1 V M2 V

Hi In Va Na 310 Im
Leeds 1004 X322000-0
Ba 005 -- M3 V M5 V

Ni Po 705 Im
Phaedrus 1006 X89A352-3
Lo Ni Wa B420 Wi K0 V K6 D

B89A410-E A Ni Wa 820 Im
Patrent 1101 X8A0000-0
Ba 011 -- M1 V M9 V

B8A0ABB-F A Hi De 311 Im
Winona 1104 X9A7000-0
Ba 024 -- M3 V

Ni 124 Im
Chapman 1109 X000000-0
As Ba 002 -- K4 IV

Ni As 802 Im
Pickwick 1205 X310000-0
Ba 004 -- M4 V M7 V

Ni 304 Im
Dixie 1208 D54A212-9
Lo Ni Wa 303 Wi F5 IV

Ni Wa 703 Im
Sevastopol 1209 X569110-5
Lo Ni 514 Wi K3 V

Ni 214 Im
Wabash 1210 E556734-6
Ag 804 Wi K4 V

Ag 404 Im
Fairday 1303 X100000-0
Ba 023 -- G3 V

Hi In Va Na 823 Im
Seward 1304 E445698-7
Ag 204 Wi M2 V

Ag 104 Im
New Paris 1305 X785734-6
Ri Ag B200 Wi M3 V

Ni Ri Ag 800 Im
Chaptoye 1401 X110000-0
Ba 005 -- G8 V K6 V

Ni 805 Im
Marguerite 1402 X100000-0
Ba 004 -- K3 V M7 V

B100344-E N Ni Va 504 Im
Grady 1406 X000000-0
Ba As 000 -- K4 V

Ni As 300 Im
Shade 1408 X300000-0
Ba 002 -- M2 V M7 V

Ni Va 402 Im
Hastings 1409 X997434-8
Lo Ni 212 Wi G3 V

Ni 512 Im
Ruskin 1505 X200000-0
Ba 000 -- K2 V A1 D

Va Na 200 Im
Port Royal 1506 X210000-0
Ba 003 -- G3 V M7 V

A210545-F N Ni 303 Im
Savah 1508 X666223-7
Lo Ni 300 Wi G7 V

Ni 700 Im
Eby 1602 X110000-0
Ba 012 -- K3 V K4 V

Ni Na 512 Im
Hartford 1603 X67676B-5
Ag B200 Wi M2 V

Ag Ni 900 Im
Colfax 1605 E654200-8 S Lo Ni 411 Wi G2 V

D654104-A S Ni 711 Im
Surrey 1606 X300000-0
Ba 012 -- M1 V M3 V

B300303-F N Ni Va 212 Im
Morningside 1608 X792000-0
Ba 013 -- F3 V K5 V F1 D

Ni 713 Im

McKenzie Subsector: McKenzie Subsector has an estimated population in 1202 of approximately 122 million, a decline of over 99 percent from its Pre-Collapse population. Its highest population is 80 million at Wabash, and its highest tech level is 9 at Dixie.

McKenzie Subsector (historical): McKenzie Subsector had an estimated population in 1117 of approximately 119.2 billion. Its highest population was 80 billion at Fairday, and its highest tech level was 15 at Ychanon, Patrent, Grady, Port Royal and Surrey.

World Descriptions

Dixie (1208) has a small population clustered around the Class C starport. Most of the population caters to the Free Trader network. The facility is barely Class C but is the closest place outside the Coalition where a starship can be readily serviced.

Wabash (1210)

With a former population of 80 billion and a TL of 14, it is assured that Fairday (1303) has a substantial number of relic artifacts that could be salvaged. However, it is also highly probable that a strong Virus presence resides in system, maybe in the form of non-jump capable ships and vehicles.

The population of Colfax (1605) is made up of the descendants of the survivors of the Imperial Scout base and the descendants of the survivors of a Solomani cruiser that crashed here in 1135. The population has worked together for years to maintain the scout base, and they offer some support to Free Traders passing through. They see this as their vigil guarding a fragment of a lost civilization. How they will respond to finding that flame rekindled in the Old Expanses is anybody's guess.

Morningside (1608) lost its last two inhabitants when they were evacuated on a Free Trader in 1180. Despite being somewhat water poor, it had no significant population before the Collapse and no die off, making it an excellent choice for colonization.

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