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Auva Subsector

Alpha Crucis Sector

by Eamon Watters

Name Hex UWP BS Trade TPPG AL Stellar
Water 0912 X000000-0
Ba 005 -- M0 V

Hi In As Na 605 So
Perdu 0913 X54976A-A

312 Wi K0 V M6 V
Hi In 712 So
Eden 0916 E558852-9

B100 Wi M1 V M1 V

Ag 600 So
Kranak 0917 D559786-9

204 Wi F3 V M0 V

Ni 804 So
Freiwelt 1018 D657846-9 M B504 Be G7 V M4 V
B657965-E N Hi O:1217 804 So
Werldt 1019 D888658-8
Ag Ni Ri B120 Be K3 V M5 V
Ni Ri Ag O:1217 220 So
Janer 1111 C764457-8
Ni Lo 103 Wi K1 V M2 V

Ni Lo 203 So
Auva 1113 X200000-0
Ba Va 004 -- M3 III

Ni Lo Va 804 So
Abide 1114 X99976E-6

B513 Wi G1 V M7 V
613 So
Zanzumah 1117 X200000-0
Ba Va 000 -- M2 V A7 D

Ni Va 600 So
Blenkinsop 1119 E95A4C7-6
Ni Lo Wa B504 Be M1 V

Ni Lo Wa 704 So
Darukaash Zen 1120 D43468C-7
Ni 705 Be K4 V M5 V

Ni R505 So
Drydock 1211 X332000-0
Ba 014 -- G3 V

Hi Po Na 714 So
Grkaan Loc 1212 X7A1000-0
Ba Fl 014 -- M0 V K4 D

A7A1635-D N Fl Ni 614 So
Alexandria 1216 C674465-A N Lo Ni Mr 804 Be K5 V K5 V
B674200-C N Lo Ni 804 So
Sarmqir 1217 E110000-0
Ba R010 Be G1 V

Hi In Na 211 So
Beltan 1218 B76A8CB-B N Cp Wa Ri 103 Be K4 V M4 V

A76A796-E N Ri Wa 603 So
Verdant 1314 X410000-0
Ba 022 -- M0 V

Na 122 So
Garnadon 1316 X110000-0
Ba 000 -- M3 V G6 D

Na 500 So
Peltier 1319 E8A5000-9
Ba 002 Be M4 V

Ni Lo 502 So
Clerkson 1320 DA994A2-9
Ni Lo B304 Be K8 V

Ni Lo A204 So
Greisine 1416 X34148B-5
Ni Po Lo 604 Wi F1 V M2 V

Ni Po Lo 704 So
Arctech 1417 X327000-0
Ba 000 -- M5 V M7 V

Ni Lo 700 So
Faslane 1418 E524161-9
Cm Mr 614 Be M1 V

B52458C-C N Ni 114 So
Leiby 1419 C656460-9
Ni Lo 604 Be G7 V

B656237-D N Ni Lo 704 So
Miaplacidus 1511 X100000-0
Ba Va 010 -- A2 IV
Ni Va 710 So
Ammamet 1512 X571645-6
Ni B304 Wi G1 V K3 V

Ni 204 So
Karden 1515 X437000-0
Ba 002 -- F5 V

Ni Lo 502 So
Flanders 1517 E742310-8
Ni Po Lo B214 Wi K3 V M0 V

Ni Po Lo 314 So
Altantes 1519 X9AA000-0
Ba Wa 010 -- M1 V M5 V

Ni Wa 410 So
Agryx 1520 X100000-0
Ba 003 -- K1 IV

Hi In Va Na 303 So
Chiang 1615 X110000-0
Ba 002 -- M3 V

Na 802 So
Newton 1616 X326000-0
Ba 010 -- M2 V M2 V

Ni Lo 110 So
Ganer's World 1618 X110000-0
Ba 004 -- M0 V

Ni Lo 604 So
Zarifim 1619 X466568-8
Ag Ni 313 Wi K3 V M6 V
Cp Ag Ni A213 So

Auva Subsector: Auva Subsector has an estimated population in 1202 of approximately 688.35 million, a decline of over 99 percent from its Pre-Collapse population. Its highest population is 562 million, at Freiwelt, and it's highest tech level is 11 at Beltan.

Auva Subsector (historical): Auva Subsector had an estimated population in 1117 of approximately 168.8 billion. Its highest population was 71.05 billion at Gransha (Perdu), and its highest tech level was 14 at Jedda, Beltan and nine other worlds.

Subsector Notes

Auva Subsector is the home of Alpha Leonis' solitary pocket empire, the Beltan Empire. The worlds of the empire are detailed below.

Freiwelt (1018) is not a full member of the Beltan Empire - only the nation of Arcadia. It is currently fighting the Purity Front for planetary dominance - and with the huge influx of aid since it joined the Empire in 1200 it has been slowly but steadily winning the battle.

Nation UWPs are: Arcadia D657746-9 M Pm:8
Purity E6578AF-5 Pm:2

Other minor nations are either in the Purity Front, or the Arcadian League.

The Military base is operated by the Empire, and supports both Arcadia and forward based Naval units. It also has a comprehensive ABM network to protect Arcadia against nuclear attack.

Purity has been forced to look for outside aid, and Kranak had provided some TL-9 equipment in exchange for relic equipment.

Werldt (1019) fell hard in the collapse, but was such a hospitable world that more than 50% of the population were able to survive the devastation. The Empire's forces deposed the TED of Balash, Bakarish Nefud, after a Beltanian Merchant was destroyed by missile fire from his realm in 1185. Nefud escaped to the wilderness of the Untended Zones on the Continent of Pavanne. Here, amongst the ruins of 'Grain King' harvesters and wild crops he plots his revenge. Minor states have been allowed their independence - as long as they recognise Beltan's position as their protector. The infusion of Beltan's expertise has raised the tech level of Balash by five points, and a starport has been constructed on Balash's western coast. Balash is now operated as a Feudal Technocracy by Nefud's former 'Technical Guard' Commanders. Exploitation of Werldt's mineral resources has begun, as has the mining of the system's two asteroid belts. Arcadia has laid claim to Werldt as a former colony, but the Beltan System Governor has told them the question will be deferred until Freiwelt has a unified government.

Blenkinsop (1119) is another world under the aegis of Beltan. The state of Yellain provides support for Beltanian traffic through the system, and Beltan provides security. The other state on Blenkinsop is the Gostners - sea gypsies who trade fish and edible kelp with Yellain in return for maintenance. Yellain is trying to incorporate them into their government - but has met with only hostility. The starport is minor, all the planet produces of worth is pharmaceutical and chemical extracts. It was incorporated into the Empire in 1182.

Darukaash Zen (1120) planet is inhabited by the Peikderzoon, a minor race. They survive in the low pressure atmosphere by storing oxygen in a body fat-like molecule. They charge up this substance with oxygen when they sleep, and use it to supplement the oxygen they breathe while active during the day. The Solomani never found any trace of their fossils on the planet, and hypothesise that the world was colonised, the Peikderzoon being altered to fit the environment. They have recently started to use compressors to allow them to extend their active period. Talking to a 'Zoon can be a trying experience - they do not have to stop for breath as often as a Human would. Beltanians call them 'Rabbiters' as they tend to 'rabbit on'. Beltan has built a minor Starport here, but their Solomani mistrust of other races has held up development of the world. This world was incorporated into the Empire as an 'Isolated Territory' in 1189. With the death of the Empire's dictator in 1200 it was granted full membership. The Navy has started using the Peikderzoon as spacehands - they can stay outside a ship on maintenance for four times as long as a human given the same standard of Vacc Suit. The Navy plans to use a force consisting of largely of 'Rabbiters' to recover Jump Drive manufacturing equipment from Drydock (1211). If they prove successful it should prove a boon for both the Empire and race relations. Darukaash Zen is run by a very efficient Bureaucracy, the high law level reflects more on the measures needed to survive on such a harsh world.

Alexandria (1216)

Sarmqir (1217) was an important industrial world before the Collapse, all its inhabitants perished when their life support shut off. It's defences will fire at any ship approaching the mainworld, which ironically means that it defends Beltan from attack from that direction. Beaconed fuel dumps on the edge of the inner system allow movement out of the system.

Beltan (1218) The only Empire presence in Peltier (1319) is a minor starport and listening post on the inner moon of the outermost Gas Giant.

Clerkson's (1320) balkanisation is due to the fact that it's two major industries were Starport support and Hunting. Solomani Party member would vacation there to hunt the fast and vicious beasts of it's one continent. The Island Starport was there mainly to facilitate this. With the collapse the Starport was damaged, but not destroyed. Two 'nations' sprung up - the 'RealMen' and the 'Porters'. Interaction was amicable enough - Realmen traded food and furs for the Porter's manufactured goods. With entry into the Empire the port was upgraded. The increasing liberalisation of Beltan has also led to more immigration - mainly to the Realmen. Trade through the port has increased exponentially in the last two years. Most traders prefer to trade with Assinibola through Clerkson and Mafeking, rather than jumping through Agryx and Leiby. It will only be a matter of time before the starport is upgraded to 'C' class. Mineralogical studies are underway to locate the rare ores known to exist here.

Faslane (1418) has a small Navy garrison conducting recovery missions in the old Naval Base. They also man the monitoring station there.

Leiby (1419), a former Transstar Depot, supporting it's activities in the area, it now serves the trade to anti-spinward and to the rim. It has been losing trade recently to Clerkson, but the Navy intends to build a Military Base there which will also upgrade the starport back up to 'B' class. Combined with it's attractive climate should ensure it grows and prospers.

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