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Denebola Subsector

Alpha Crucis Sector

by Harold Hale

Name Hex UWP BS Trade TPPG AL Stellar
Leisz 0121 X000000-0
As Ba 004 -- M4 V

As Ni Lo 604 Im
Panunzio 0123 X000000-0
As Ba 004 -- M5 V M5 V

As Na 604 Im
Lundvall 0124 X9A4000-0
Fl Ba 015 -- M1 V

Fl Ni 415 Im
Beta Pictoris 0125 X200000-0
Va Ba 021 -- A5 V
Ni Va Lo 921 Im
Sturken 0128 D645642-8
Ag Ni 402 Wi K1 V

Ag Ni 302 Im
Denebola 0129 X83A000-0
Wa Ba 012 -- A3 V

Ni Wa 812 Im
Arreguin 0130 X333000-0
Ba 004 -- K4 V M6 V

Po Na 804 Im
Phoenix 0221 X2659BA-8
Hi 114 Wi G4 V

Hi 814 Im
Koz 0230 E78679A-7
Ag 823 Wi F3 V F0 D

Ri Ag A423 Im
Ayling 0326 E5738CB-6

B802 Wi K3 V

D5738BD-7 A
402 So
Piltch 0327 X200000-0
Va Ba 003 -- M3 V K0 D

Ni Va 803 So
Herbig 0421 X100000-0
Va Ba 024 -- M6 V M7 V

Ni Va 824 So
Muhoberac 0424 XA99000-0
Ba 013 -- K1 V

Lo Ni 413 So
Tennen 0425 X52A000-0
Wa Ba 014 -- M0 V M1 V

Ni Wa 314 So
Salcedo 0427 X100000-0
Va Ba 013 -- M4 V

Ni Va 613 So
Haimrl 0430 X89A310-0
Lo Wa B500 Wi K9 V M8 V

Ni Lo Wa 200 So
Bali 0524 B98876C-8
Ri Ag 510 Na G8 V

Ri Ag 210 So
Geetus 0526 X535000-0
Ba 023 -- M2 V M2 V M8 V

D:0 Ni Lo A523 So
Baughba 0527 X334000-0
Ba 025 -- M1 V

Ni Lo 525 So
Sikken 0528 X554200-3
Ni Lo 302 Wi K0 V M1 V M1 V

Ni Lo 802 So
Dassano 0529 X633000-0
Ba 020 -- K3 V M2 V

Ni Po 820 So
Keith 0626 X796875-6

B504 Wi F3 V

Hi In 104 So
Turin 0630 X623000-0
Ba 012 Wi K3 V

A623A99-E X Cp Hi In Po Na 412 So
Lifson 0723 X662412-1
Lo B514 Wi G1 V

Ag Ni 314 So
Arsenal 0725 X424000-0
Ba 001 -- G4 V

Hi In 301 So
Gersh 0727 X335000-0
Ba 000 -- M3 V


300 So
Lourdes 0730 X676756-8
Ag 114 Wi K3 V

Ag Ni 514 So
Piersa 0821 X100000-0
Va Ba 004 -- M3 V M9 V

Va Na 604 So
Kottke 0822 X44336A-2
Ni Po Lo 902 Wi M2 V

B443420-E X Ni Po Lo 202 So
Assisi 0830 X743655-4
Ni Po 203 Wi K1 V

Ni Po Lo 703 So

Denebola Subsector: The Denebola Subsector has an estimated population in 1202 of approximately 2.94 billion, a decline of 98 percent from its Pre-Collapse population. Its highest population is 1.35 billion at Phoenix, and its highest tech level is 8 at Sturken, Phoenix, Bali, and Silagyi.

Denebola Subsector (historical): The Denebola Subsector had an estimated population in 1117 of approximately 133.73 billion. Its highest population was 82.14 billion at Phoenix, and its highest tech level was 15 at Leisz, Baytapik, Denebola, and Phoenix.

Subsector Notes

This subsector is named for the bright star, Denebola, which is visible with the naked eye from Terra. Another bright star, Beta Pictoris, is also located in this subsector. Beta Pictoris has two vast planetoid belts that are separated by the orbit of the star's only gas giant. Both belts are rich in a variety of resources ranging from ices, to rare metals, to lanthanum.

Turin (0630) was the capital of the Turin Consolidation. The Consolidation was a major member state of the Solomani Confederation. The Consolidation began with a group of religious emigres who fled Terra during the Interstellar Wars. Bearing many relics and cultural icons with them, the Turin settlers never wavered in their piety. The Consolidation was the home of the Brotherhood of SenWenclus, an ancient religious order, and the elite fighting force called the Knights of St. George.

The Brotherhood and the Knights worked hand in hand in spreading their faith across human space. The Brotherhood's priests often called on the Knights to help "convert" worlds unresponsive to the message. During the First Solomani Rim War, the Knights stood among the Solomani's fiercest fighters. Absolutely committed to their cause, the Knights underwent at least five years of rigorous religious and military schooling.

With the Collapse, Turin became uninhabitable. Many of the Knights of St. George gave their lives in an effort to relocate the inhabitants of Turin to other more habitable worlds in the subsector. While many billions still died, many millions were saved due to their sacrifice.

Today, the descendents of the surviving Knights have reconstituted the Order with their headquarters on Bali (0524). Still adhering to rigorous religious schooling of the past, their role as warriors has been diminished (though not completely eliminated) in favor of one that includes training the inhabitants of the subsector in the ways of relic technology, and assisting wherever possible with the subsector's recovery. The Knights operate a number of small starships which they use to travel through out the surrounding region.

In addition to being the location of the headquarters of the Knights of St. George, Bali is also a regional trading center, frequented by free traders, and recently, merchants from the Lamarck and Jorjor systems in the Solomani Rim sector.

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