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Veracruz Subsector

Alpha Crucis Sector

by Harold Hale

Name Hex UWP BS Trade TPPG AL Stellar
Dennison 0921 X656355-3
Lo Ni B302 Wi F7 V

Lo Ni 702 So
Gifford 0925 X210000-0
Ba 004 -- M1 V M7 V

Lo Ni 904 So
Dodge 0926 X222000-0
Ba 004 -- K3 V

Na Po A904 So
Chartes 0930 X310000-0
Ba 023 -- M2 V

Na 123 So
Minot 1023 X100000-0
Ba Va 000 -- M3 V M7 V

Va Na 400 So
Olympia 1024 X766995-5
Hi B103 Wi G1 V M8 V


703 So
Montserrat 1029 D5586AC-7
Ag Ni 600 Wi K6 V M9 V

Ag Ni 400 So
Cluny 1030 X410000-0
Ba 010 -- K1 V

Lo Ni 310 So
Livonia 1121 E2467BD-7
Ag Ni 105 Cs M0 V M1 V

Ag Ni 805 So
Cologne 1129 X585443-3
Lo Ni B510 Wi K4 V

Ag Ni 310 So
Burgos 1130 X679333-6
Lo Ni 104 Wi K8 V

Lo Ni 304 So
Selkirk 1221 X433000-0
Ba Po 004 -- M2 V

Ni Po 604 So
Vogar 1223 X85A420-0
Lo Ni Wa B502 Wi G1 V M9 V

Ni Wa 302 So
Santa Maria 1228 X34656D-0
Ag Ni B204 Wi K2 V K5 V

Ag Ni 604 So
Iona 1229 X322000-0
Ba Po 023 -- M3 V

Na Po 623 So
Ashern 1322 X9B4000-0
Ba Fl 012 -- M0 V

Fl 912 So
Boissevain 1325 X100000-0
Ba Va 020 -- M4 V K9 D

Ni Va 820 So
Tuxpan 1327 X100000-0
Ba Va 024 -- M5 V M6 V

A100120-E X Lo Ni Va 424 So
Mafeking 1421 D555242-8
Lo Ni 100 Wi F7 V

Lo Ni 200 So
Veracruz 1422 X999878-7

B220 Wi G9 IV M9 V

Cp 320 So
Bissett 1427 X110000-0
Ba 023 -- M1 V

B110235-E X Ni 123 So
Zbaraz 1429 X400000-0
Ba Va 005 -- K0 V

B400300-E X Lo Ni Va 705 So
Meleb 1524 X100000-0
Ba Va 005 -- M1 V M1 V

Ni Va 205 So
Minitonas 1527 X45656B-6
Ag Ni 405 Wi G1 V

Ag Ni 805 So
Eagan 1529 X477467-4
Lo Ni 304 Wi M2 V

Lo Ni 704 So
Velscur 1530 X100000-0
Ba Va 004 -- M1 V

Hi In Na Va 604 So
Assiniboia 1621 C755794-9 X Ag 105 Na G0 V M3 V

B755766-C X Ag 105 So
Truax 1624 X68766A-3
Ag Ni B202 Wi M0 V M7 V

Ag Ni Ri 302 So
Garrick 1625 X100000-0
Ba Va 010 -- K3 D M0 V

Ni Va 710 So
Selkirk 1626 X78A589-5
Ni Wa 523 Wi F2 V M3 V

Ni Ri Wa 123 So
Ebano 1629 X100000-0
Ba Va 003 -- M2 V

B100110-E X Lo Ni Va 203 So
Tajio 1630 X110000-0
Ba 021 -- M0 V

Ni 821 So

Veracruz Subsector: The Veracruz Subsector has an estimated population in 1202 of approximately 1.89 billion, a decline of 76 percent from its Pre-Collapse population. Its highest population is 1.64 billion at Olympia, and its highest tech level is 9 at Assiniboia.

Veracruz Subsector (historical): The Veracruz Subsector had an estimated population in 1117 of approximately 7.93 billion. Its highest population was 6.35 billion at Velscur, and its highest tech level was 14 at Dodge and 11 other worlds.

Subsector Notes

Livonia (1121)

Colonist from North America, predominately Canada and Mexico settled this subsector during the Rule of Man. Relatively sparsely populated, the subsector was a haven for pirates causing interstellar trade to suffer in this region until the Solomani Navy established a strong presence here in the early 1100s. With the Solomani invasion of the Imperium in 1117, the Navy left, and the pirates returned. By 1130, naval vessels returning from the war attempted to restore order, using Assiniboia as a base of operations. The Collapse occurred before any serious campaign of pirate suppression could be mounted.

Today Assiniboia (1621) is the site of an interstellar revival. An agricultural world, its starport and naval base managed through a combination of fate and blind luck to survive the initial Virus waves relatively unscathed. Assiniboia scout ships and naval vessels have explored the coreward portions of the subsector, along with the jump-1 main that makes up the heart of the sector. To date, they have found no other interstellar states, a few wandering free traders, and only a handful of Vampire ships that were quickly exterminated in a series of three battles (Veracruz, Selkirk, and Livonia). The government of Assiniboia has decided to dedicate a large portion of its budget toward funding expeditions to recover relic technology from surrounding worlds with the eventual goal of increasing the world's tech level so that new starships can be constructed. As Assiniboia doesn't have much in the way of an Army or Marine forces (total planetary population is about 15.6 million in 1202), these expeditions are likely to be uninhabited worlds, where there is no problem with local forces resisting salvaging operations.

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