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New Holland Subsector

Alpha Crucis Sector

by Nicolas Lejeune

Name Hex UWP BS Trade TPPG AL Stellar
Ameland 1732 X200000-0
Va Ba 000 -- M7 V M9 V

Ni Va 804 So
Hoorn 1733 X556104-7
Lo Ni 303 Wi G6 V

Ni 603 So
Tilburg 1737 C674797-7
Ag B402 Wi F1 V

Ag 302 So
Neubund 1738 X69387A-4

B203 Wi K3 V M1 V

Hi 203 So
Ijsselmeer 1832 X85A565-3
Ni Wa B410 Wi K0 V M3 V

Ni Wa 110 So
Waal 1834 X100000-0
Va Ba 000 -- M8 V M8 V

Va Na 200 So
Terschelling 1836 X100000-0
Va Ba 003 -- M0 V M3 V

B100436-E X Ni Va 803 So
Nijmegen 1934 X532000-0
Ba 033 -- M0 V

Ni Po 933 So
Maas 1935 X732000-0
Ba 014 -- K6 V

Hi Po Na 114 So
Zealand 2034 E6786A9-8
Ag Ni 204 Wi M1 V K9 D

Ag Ni 204 So
Abelard 2037 X454466-7
Ni Lo 400 Wi K7 V

Ni 800 So
Cyclades 2039 X799245-1
Ni Lo 500 Wi M5 III M1 V

Ni 200 So
Keine 2132 X100000-0
Va Ba 024 -- M5 D K0 D K5 D

Ni Va Ba 624 So
Thales 2138 X200000-0
Va Ba 002 -- M1 V M1 V

Ni Va 402 So
Lough Ree 2139 X97A566-7
Ni Wa B404 Wi K4 V

Ni Wa 904 So
Burton 2234 X210000-0
Ba 023 -- M7 V

A210303-E X Ni 323 So
Narnia 2236 E559984-7
Hi B800 Wi F3 V

Hi R200 So
Melos 2237 E646669-7
Ag Ni B603 Wi K0 V

Ag Ni 303 So
Eldritch 2239 E848753-8
Ag 202 Wi K3 V

Ag Ni A902 So
Dawkins 2333 X110000-0
Ba 020 -- M3 V M5 V

Ni Na 820 So
Kalahari 2334 X461365-5
Ni Lo 204 Wi G6 V

Ni 804 So
Caldron 2335 X000000-0
As Ba 003 -- M2 V M4 V

Hi In As Na 403 So
Elton 2339 X445000-0
Ba 000 -- F6 IV M7 V

Ni Ba 300 So
Luigi 2431 X335000-0
Ba 010 -- M3 V M8 V

Ni 310 So
Onega 2433 X67A769-2
Wa 104 Wi K3 V M0 V

Ni Wa 804 So
Brookwall 2435 X100000-0
Va Ba 003 -- M2 V M8 V

Hi In Va Na 403 So
Osmond 2437 X466340-6
Ni Lo 412 Wi M1 V

A466465-E X Ni 112 So
Connemara 2439 X410000-0
Ba 023 -- M0 V M9 V

Na 123 So
Shannon 2440 X754452-6
Ni Lo 503 Wi K8 V

Ag Ni 103 So

New Holland Subsector: The New Holland Subsector has an estimated population in 1202 of approximately 8.49 billion, a decline of 40 percent from its Pre-Collapse population. Its highest human population is 217 million at Neubund, and its highest tech level is 8, at Zealand and Eldritch.

The New Holland Subsector had an estimated population in 1117 of approximately 14.26 billion. Its highest population was 4.42 billion at Brookwall, and its highest tech level was 14 at Waal and seven other worlds.

Subsector Notes

The vast majority of the surviving population in New Holland Subsector are members of non-human minor race on Narnia. The best starport is the C-class facility at Tilburg.

The trailing part of the subsector was settled during the Rule of Man by people of Dutch extraction, and prior to the Collapse formed a loose union of worlds known as the Waal Confederation (after it's economic powerhouse and capital). The inhabitants of these worlds still speak a derivitave of Dutch, with a bit of Anglic thrown in.

Neubund (1738) has the highest (human) population in the subsector; during the Collapse the church that ruled it splintered into several competing factions, which now struggle for ideological domination of the inhabitants.

Narnia (2236) was interdicted by the Solomani confederation owing to it's being the home of a non-human minor race; it was thus untouched by the Collapse. Since then both the population and tech-level have increased, the former to dangerous levels. The Narnians have also begun a space program, and have discovered the surveillance satellites left in orbit by the Solomani.

Eldritch (2239) was formerly an agricultural colony of Connemara (2439), and had been fighting to free itself for some time. The Connemaran occupation forces surrendered soon after the Collapse, and the planet is now ruled by an oligarchic "revolutionary council". The descendents of the Connemaran garrison have recently begun pushing for permission to resettle their now-barren homeworld.

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