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Galloway Subsector

Alpha Crucis Sector

by Chris Griffen

Name Hex UWP BS Trade TPPG AL Stellar
Telgar 2531 X541210-1
Lo Ni Po 221 Wi G0 V M4 V

B541344-B X Lo Ni Po 121 So
Garmine 2532 X556687-8
Ag Ni 610 Wi K2 V

Ag Ni 610 So
Druze 2535 X9B2000-0
Fl Ba 002 -- M0 V

A9B2144-E X Fl Lo Ni 802 So
Cletus 2539 X544000-0
Ba 002 -- M8 III

Lo Ni 402 So
Galloway 2540 X9A4000-0
Fl 024 -- G4 V K0 V

Fl A924 So
Hymnet 2631 X6597A8-8
Ni B100 Wi K0 IV

Ni 700 So
Smilek 2635 X110000-0
Ba 000 -- G0 IV

Lo Ni 900 So
Troygreene 2639 X8B2000-0
Fl 000 -- M0 V

Fl A500 So
Domingo 2735 E64A69B-7
Ni Wa B311 Wi M1 V M6 V F9 D

Ni Wa A711 So
Ekrit 2738 X6A0000-0
Ba 001 -- M3 V

B6A0651-C X Ni De 201 So
Shockley 2740 X100000-0
Va Ba 005 -- M2 V

B10056A-E X Ni Va 905 So
Basil 2831 E645699-7
Ag Ni 105 Wi K4 V M3 V

Ag Ni 605 So
Westen 2834 X100000-0
Va Ba 013 -- K2 V

Va Na 413 So
Bella Vista 2836 X567200-0
Lo Ni 104 -- G4 V

Lo Ni 704 So
Inchon 2931 X347000-0
Ba 000 -- M0 V M1 V

Ni 200 So
Fate 2932 X100000-0
Va Ba 000 -- F7 V

Va Na 200 So
Eden 3032 X669321-6
Lo Ni 303 Wi F6 V

Lo Ni A703 So
Marchant 3034 X566775-3
Ri Ag 100 Wi K8 V M9 V

Ri Ag 200 So
Billowight 3036 X323000-0
Ba 002 -- M2 V M5 V

Lo Ni Po A402 So
Hadj 3038 E569788-4
Ri B103 Wi K2 V M0 V

Ri 303 So
Gadgick 3133 X6848BA-6

B822 Wi G2 V M0 V

B6848BB-A X
722 So
New Jakarta 3135 XA8A633-3
Ni Wa 103 Wi K4 V M1 V M4 V

BA8A633-E X Ni Wa 403 So
Puertovalez 3137 X65156B-2
Lo Ni 203 Wi K2 V

A561500-E X Ni 903 So
Bismalia 3140 X100000-0
Va Ba 002 -- M1 V

Va Na 402 So
Tirane 3235 X400000-0
Va Ba 011 -- M0 V M2 V M5 V

Va Na 311 So
Ramadan 3240 D5778BA-9

203 Na K1 V M7 V

Hi In A303 So

Ramadan Subsector: The Phaet Subsector has an estimated population in 1202 of approximately 1.158 billion, a decline of 93 percent from its Pre-Collapse population. Its highest population is 866 million at Gadgick, and its highest tech level is 9 at Ramadan.

Ramadan Subsector (historical): The Phaet Subsector had an estimated population in 1117 of approximately 39.22 billion. Its highest population was 36.2 billion at Ramadan, and its highest tech level was 14 at New Jakarta and six other worlds.

Subsector Notes

Phaet subsector was predominantly settled by colonists from the Asia Minor region of Terra. Overcrowding in many of the regionıs cities spurred those with the means or the will to transplant themselves to this stellar region so far away from home. Part of the original intent for these people was to escape from the political and religious strife of their home nations. Most of the settlers of Phaet, Hadj and Ramadan were of Arabic descent. Concentrations of other Terran ethnicities were less noticeable on the other worlds of the subsector.

The survivors of the Collapse on Ramadan (3240) actually claim to have experienced an enhancement in their quality of life. Prior to the coming of Virus, this system was governed by a cruel theocrat named Mojo Saud. Saud was a ruthless and paranoid dictator, infamous for having many members of his cabinet and officer corps executed if he perceived even the slightest hint of treasonous thought from them. Attempted coups were frequent, owing to the oppressiveness of the regime. Oftentimes 'evidence' of treasonous thought consisted of a facial expression Saud did not like or even just an expressed need for 'new blood' in his military and political junta.

The fury of Virus caused the deaths of some 25 billion Ramadani. Unprotected exposure to the planetıs carbon monoxide atmospheric taint and civil war caused the deaths of another six billion. The remaining inhabitants, some 262 million people, are now governed by a significantly less draconian dictator, but the Ramadani, three generations removed from the corrupt Saud government, are not likely to forget the lessons of their history.

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