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by Eamon Watters

Before the collapse Eos was Nike Nimbus' Breadbasket, and a retreat world for the upper classes of Nike Nimbus. Ruled by a Govenor appointed by the Nimban dictator, it was a quiet world. Nimban corporations controlled vast swathes of the planet, Plantations, usually used for agriculture, though some were used for retreats and resource exploration. Most areas of natural beauty on the planet were the siting of Domains - each a home for the super wealthy of Nike Nimbus, called Landholders. The atmospheric taint is pollen, released by Eosian plants. Whilst the introduction of Terran plants for agriculture has decreased the pollen level significantly, it is very irritating. Due to the small axial tilt of Eos, seasons are almost unnoticable, and pollen is present all year round. Only the Repos islands, whose plants have all been replaced by Terran varieties by their Landholders, are remote enough from land to not suffer from the pollen at all.

The coming of the rebellion brought great change to Eos, the Nimban Military established a base on planet, and upgraded the starport to B class. The planetary tech base was increased to TL-12 to provide better support to the military forces. Nimban corporations diversified, many investing in Eos, for products and resources that were now imposible to import from elsewhere.

The Virus didn't hit Eos unawares, there was sufficient warning for it to 'harden' it's high tech equipment, as the majority of its tech base was still TL-8 this was accomplished quickly.

Once it was certain that interstellar civilization had fallen, the Govenor of Eos, Francine Dubar, declared herself Empress. Using the Marine garrison of the capital, Port Albert, she attempted to enforce her rule accross the whole planet. The ordinary population may have been willing to kowtow to her - the Landholders and the Corporates were not. Using their well equiped security forces they launched a bloody campaign that ended with a lightning strike on the capital that killed the Empress and forced the Marines to surrender.

Once order was restored the victors set up the Grand Council. Here representatives of the Corps - who owned most of the surviving high tech industry, and the Landholders - who owned most of the lower tech industry, met to run the planet. The Council continues to run the planet to the present day. The only events of note up to the formation of the Dawn League was the First Fall Revolt of 1171. This ended in 1173, with the Lords of First Fall being given seats on the Council. First Fall is a continent peopled almost exculsively with Eos' original Rule of Man colonists. By 1190 the planetary TL was 10. Contact with the Hivers and the subsequent formation of the Dawn League led to the Starport being reactivated as a C class facility, and by 1198 the Tech level stood at 11.

The Council takes a mild Centrist stance in the Coalition's affairs, and has cordial relations with all of the Centrist bloc. Relations are cool with Nike Nimbus, their former master - as it is associated with the last Govenor, and her imperial ambitions. The Nimbans may not have helped matters by insiting Eos resume her position as a Nimban colony on recontact in 1192. The most recent source of friction between the two planets was a diplomatic offensive by the Nimbans to recover two Vixtrix Sloops of the old Nimban Navy, grounded at the Port Albert Starport. This was only solved when the Eosians donated the ships to the Dawn League, who refurbished them.

The goverment takes a back seat in most Coalition affairs, most of its energies are devoted to expanding its high tech production facilities, which still are small compared to the lower tech facilites which are the norm on the planet. The goverment, and the Landholders sponsor SAG missions to former TL 10-12 planets to get the equipment they need. First Fall Lords also sponsor covert missions to obtain modern weapons to secure thier positions.

Eosians weathered the collapse well. They see the Coalition's rise to be irisistable - and their place will be at its heart.

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