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Comet Singh

by Franklin Cain

CIN/Phoebus, 4/VII/1202:

A cometary body has been found in deep-space at astrographical coordinate 0636/Aubaine, and a fueling station will be established there by Singh, Singh, and Co., a recently formed corporation registered here in Phoebus. The comet was discovered by James (Jimmy) Singh, a belter originally from Aurora.

The rights to this comet were supposedly leased to the RC Navy at Aurora just a few weeks ago for an undislosed sum of money, but apparently there was a loophole written into the contract by his sister, Lilith (Lily) Singh. The contract forbid Mr. Singh from reselling these rights "to any party not mentioned in this contract." As Ms. Singh was listed in the contract as her brother's agent, he was legally able to sell mining rights to her even after leasing these rights to the RCN.

The fueling station being built by Singh, Singh, and Co. will supposedly be open to the general starfaring public and will have refined fuel available for the standard price.

There has been no offical comment by the Public Affairs Office of the RCN on this matter. An anonymous source is quoted as saying "I'm angrier at the [bureaucrat] who signed the contract than I am at [Ms. Singh]. [Laywers] can't help they way they are. It's genetic or something, like being a microbe."

CIN/Aurora, 27/VII/1202:

An official spokesman from the Public Affairs Office of the RC Navy issued a press statement today announcing that unlicensed, unregulated mining by the general starfaring public will be permitted at the deep-soace cometary body located at astrographical coordinate 0636/Aubaine. Thus, the crew of a ship jumping to this coordinate in deep-space will be able to refuel their ship at no cost (other than time). This is obviously in response to the action initiated by Singh, Singh, and Co. reported by CIN/Phoebus on 4/VII/1202.

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