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Subsector A of Old Expanses Sector

New Era data, as of 001-1202 / Imperial era data, as of 001-1120

Subsector Map

Name Hex UWP BS Trade TPPG AL Stellar
Croesus 0108 X230000-0
Ba De Po 004 -- M4 V M9 D

C230675-9 S De Na Ni Po A804 Im
Datarkt 0109 X433000-0
Ba Po 004 -- M4 D M8 D

Hi Na Po R404 Im
Elyan 0201 X75286B-3 Po B302 Wi K4 V

B752855-B A Po A402 Im
Thubria 0204 X112000-0
Ba Ic 000 -- K0 V

C112234-B S Ic Lo Ni 500 Im
Larmix 0209 D7878BE-4

B604 Wi M3 V

C787878-5 S Ri 404 Im
Bincia 0302 C598659-6 S Ag Ni D:4 315 Wi M0 V

B598652-9 A Ag Ni A315 Im
Kri 0304 X646469-5
Lo Ni 302 Wi M9 III M7 D

Ni A902 Im
Diacy 0306 X667978-8
Hi D:1 B802 Wi G2 V M7 D

Hi 702 Im
Styge 0310 E655673-4
Ag Ni C:5 B913 Wi G0 V

Ag Ni 613 Im
Dethenes 0403 XA89A6B-A
Hi B730 Wi G0 V

Hi A730 Im
Larspri 0408 X1B1000-0
Ba Fl 000 -- M0 V M9 D

Ba Fl Lo Ni 400 Im
Preodis 0508 X341598-2
Ni Po 104 Wi K1 V

Po 204 Im
Eupry 0603 D44469B-6
Ag Ni 614 Wi K8 IV M1 D


414 Im
Linourice 0606 X521000-0
Ba Po 001 -- G0 IV

C521321-9 S Lo Ni Po R901 Im
Inthra 0607 X422000-0
Ba Po 024 -- K3 V M1 D

C422AD9-9 A Hi In Na Po R524 Im

Subsector Notes

The Dethenes Subsector was originally colonized during the Great Solomani Expansion period, early in the Rule of Man. From -2150 til 1130 the subsector was home to the Dethenes Technical Alliance. The alliance seeks to keep its technological secrets (TL 16) from travelling outside its borders. The worlds of Dethenes, Elyan, Bincia, and Kri are also members of the alliance.

Dethenes subsector has a New Era population of just over 78.9 billion, a decline of over 123 billion from its pre-Collapse population. Its highest population is 70 billion, at Dethenes, and its highest tech level is 10(A), also at Dethenes. Only two worlds have actually experienced a population increase over their pre-Collapse levels: Larmix and Styge. After a series of Vampire wars on Larspri, one Virus strain came to dominate, and has built a robotic society from the surviving robots.

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