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Jayna Subsector

Old Expanses Sector

New Era data, as of 001-1202 / Imperial era data, as of 001-1120

Subsector Map

Name Hex UWP BS Trade TPPG AL Stellar
Dahlec 0913 X78666B-5
Ag Ni C:3 902 Wi G1 V

C786643-A S Ag Ni Ri 902 Im
Rebields 0918 X7A8000-0
Ba Fl 013 -- G2 V M7 D

A7A8956-F S Fl Hi 213 Im
Kestral 1011 B75889C-7

914 Wi M9 III M9 D


914 Im
Linnert 1013 X642444-8
Lo Ni Po 104 Wi M0 V

A642430-D N Ni Po 404 Im
Aneth 1111 X456774-3
Ag B800 Wi G4 V

Ag 600 Im
Sveinel 1114 D4547BG-5
Ag D:0 B421 Wi K4 V M4 D

Ag 421 Im
Czerniak 1118 X989A99-5
Hi B100 Wi M3 V

A9899C8-C S Hi 800 Im
Wileth 1211 X737000-0
Ba 004 -- K1 V

Ni 404 Im
Mofare 1212 X7A3000-0
Ba Fl 020 -- K1 V M4 D

Fl Ni 520 Im
Ultraneta 1213 X000000-0
Ba As 014 -- M4 V

A00055A-F D As Ni 704 Im
Indigo 1215 X749768-6

222 Wi G1 V M7 D


322 Im
Phoru 1311 X375768-5
Ag B402 Wi M4 V

B375AC9-A S Hi In 102 Im
Marejen 1312 X24566D-4
Ag Ni C:1 402 Wi M1 V

Ag Ni 402 Im
Walager 1318 X9746AA-2
Ag Ni D:2 B504 Wi M4 V

B974638-B S Ag Ni 604 Im
Skerry 1320 X334000-0
Ba 002 -- M8 V

Lo Ni 602 Im
Chrimarko 1412 X491785-4
D:5 B200 Wi G2 V M6 D


300 Im
Kata 1414 X997769-6
Ag 703 Wi F2 V M6 D

Ag 603 Im
Thanatos 1415 C653620-8
Ni Po 814 Wi M2 V

Ni Po 214 Im
Lyart 1512 X200000-0
Ba Va 010 -- M0 V M2 D

A200A6B-E N Hi In Na Va 110 Im
Krag 1517 X737000-0
Ba 003 -- M3 IV

Ni 103 Im
Galines 1519 C767987-9
Hi B204 Wi M0 V M0 D
A767847-F N Ri 704 Im
Kunni 1520 X874637-5
Ag Ni C:3 B414 Wi M3 V M7 D

Ag Ni 414 Im
Anirl 1611 X131000-0
Ba Po 005 -- K1 V M5 D

Na Ni Po 505 Im

Subsector Notes

Jayna subsector has a New Era population of just over 13.2 billion, a decline of over 18.6 billion from its pre-Collapse population. Its highest population is 10 billion, at Czerniak, and its highest tech level is 9, at Galines. Five worlds have actually experienced a population increase over their pre-Collapse levels: Aneth, Czerniak, Kata, Thanatos, and Galines.

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