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21 Worlds Subsector

Old Expanses Sector

New Era data, as of 001-1202 / Imperial era data, as of 001-1120

Subsector Map

Name Hex UWP BS Trade TPPG AL Stellar
Sharrif 1717 X9B7000-0
Ba Fl 005 -- M0 V

Fl Ni 605 Im
Jrack 1718 D74A623-9
Ni Wa 604 Wi M3 V
Ni Wa 604 Im
Bonsher 1719 X865969-7
Hi B620 Wi M2 IV M5 VI

Hi 520 Im
Layor 1817 D768657-6
Ag Ni C:4 120 Wi M2 IV M3 VI

Ag Ni 120 Im
Mnash 1911 X200000-0
Ba Va 013 -- M0 V

A200942-F N Hi In Na Va 513 Im
Cenno 1920 X97A888-4
Wa B102 Wi M4 V M7 D

Wa 202 Im
Pashintor 2013 X528000-0
Ba 010 -- K2 V


510 Im
Leblion 2019 X000000-0
Ba As 010 -- M9 II

As Ni 600 Im
Chenek 2114 X98576E-6
Ag B905 Wi K1 V

B985797-D N Ag Ri 905 Im
Amwold 2116 D658310-3
Lo Ni 300 Wi

Lo Ni 0:2114 600 Im
Maazel 2120 X110000-0
Ba 005 -- M6 VI M4 D

B1108AA-F W Na 505 Im
Gauras 2211 X565569-5
Ag Ni C:4 323 Wi A3 V M0 D

C565588-9 S Ag Ni 323 Im
Cimabue 2212 X438000-0
Ba 002 -- M1 V M9 D

C438635-D Ni 102 Im
Kuznets 2215 X210000-0
Ba 003 -- K0 V M3 D

Na 603 Im
Kantord 2218 X510000-0
Ba 022 -- K4 V M5 D

Hi In Na 922 Im
Atul 2315 X331000-0
Ba Po 000 -- M1 V K5 D

Hi Na Po 900 Im
Sulpt 2411 X410000-0
Ba 002 -- M7 III

C410578-B Ni 902 Im
Bourj 2413 X500000-0
Ba Va 004 -- K0 V

C50077A-B S Na Va 204 Im
Khar 2416 X659769-3
D:4 B204 Wi M0 IV M5 D


404 Im
Khe 2417 X63A000-0
Ba Wa 002 -- M3 IV M1 V

Ni Wa 502 Im
Khyme 2418 X120000-0
Ba De Po 024 -- G4 V

C120411-A S De Ni Po 724 Im

Subsector Notes

Presently a subsector located in the Old Expanses, the name Twenty-One Worlds was originally attached to the Twenty-One Worlds Empire, which was a pocket of civilization in the Old Expanses during the Long Night. The Twenty-One Worlds Empire managed to hold together by one means or another through most of the Long Night, but finally fell a couple of centuries before Dawn ( -1660 to -233). The capital of the Empire was at Galiano/Jayna.

Before its fall, the Twenty-One Worlds Empire had maintained a centuries old conflict with the Ral Ranta, a human-dominated state which had sprung up later in the Long Night. Ral Ranta had controlled a majority of systems along the Trailing edge of the Old Expanses.

After Ral Ranta began expanding Rimward, circa -600, traders from the Twenty-One Worlds Empire met their spinward neighbors and a short time later, conflicts between the two cultures made war inevitable. The Twenty-One Worlds slowly pushed back the Ral Rantan frontier. This however, was not a war of conquest or expansion, it was one of basically economics and self-defense.

21 Worlds subsector has a New Era population of just over 6.21 billion, a decline of over 104.7 billion from its pre-Collapse population. Its highest population is 6 billion, at Bonsher, and its highest tech level is 9, at Jrack. Only the world of Bonsher has experienced a population increase over its pre-Collapse level.

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