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Old ExpansesSector

New Era data, as of 001-1202 / Imperial era data, as of 001-1120

Subsector Map

Name Hex UWP BS Trade TPPG AL Stellar
Dorp 2511 X433000-0
Ba Po 015 -- G5 V M3 D

B433100-9 N Lo Ni Po R915 Im
Warner 2611 X56467A-6
Ag Ni C:4 602 Wi M4 V

A564655-8 N Ag Ni Ri 602 Im
Pradock 2711 E567742-5
Ag 913 Wi M7 II

Ag Ri 913 Im
Fentel 2811 DA7867A-7 S Ag Ni 822 Wi M2 V

CA78622-7 S Ag Ni 522 Im
Doerr 2814 X110000-0
Ba 004 -- M2 V M2 D

Na 904 Im
Barron 2816 X300000-0
Ba Va 003 -- K4 V

B300477-8 A Ni Va 903 Im
Torrel 2818 E357898-6 S
404 Wi F2 V

C357A95-A A Hi 304 Im
Nash 2911 X122000-0
Ba Po 003 -- K5 III

D122959-A N Hi In Na Po 403 Im
Garz 2914 X8A6000-0
Ba Fl 014 -- M3 V M0 D

Fl Lo Ni 114 Im
Kalemn 2916 D453579-7
Ni Po 414 Wi K6 II M4 D

B453543-8 N Ni Po 914 Im
Paro 2917 X9CA000-0
Ba Fl Wa 003 -- G1 V

D9CA613-9 S Fl Ni Wa 703 Im
The Edge 2920 X7A6000-0
Ba Fl 012 --

Ba Fl R012 Im
Quen 3012 E566315-4
Lo Ni C:3 422 Wi M3 V

Lo Ni 822 Im
Yesta 3015 C3577B9-9
Ag 302 Wi M0 V

Hi 502 Im
Carris 3111 X9A6000-0
Ba Fl 004 -- M1 V

C9A6200-8 S Fl Lo Ni 404 Im
Srzilkrozia 3212 X653740-7
Po C:1 B623 Wi A8 III M5 V

Po 223 Im
Kresh 3213 E641355-7
Lo Ni Po 405 Wi M0 V M3 VI

B641000-8 A Ba Lo Ni Po 805 Im

Subsector Notes

Ile subsector has a New Era population of just over 596 million, a decline of over 39.5 billion from its pre-Collapse population. Its highest population is 400 million, at Torrel, and its highest tech level is 9, at Yesta. Four worlds have actually experienced a population increase over their pre-Collapse levels: Warner, Fentel, Srzilkrozia, and Kresh. However, the apparent population increase at Kresh is due to the thousands of Naval and Scout personnel stranded at that world by the Collapse. The population of Kresh is descended from those personnel, and their government is set up with a very military structure. There are several uninfected starships in orbit about or landed on The Edge. Their crews had been killed by the Tarlant's hallucinogenic effect, and the ships ran out of power plant fuel before the Virus cold strike.

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