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Thoezennt Subsector

Old Expanses Sector

New Era data, as of 001-1202 / Imperial era data, as of 001-1120

Subsector Map

Name Hex UWP BS Trade TPPG AL Stellar
Martham 0121 D452695-9
Ni Po 302 Wi M0 III M7 V

C452824-A Po 202 Im
Sibbage 0123 X254669-6
Ag Ni 502 Wi M1 V

A254644-E N Ag Ni 502 Im
Burlta 0125 X79986E-1

B700 Wi M3 V

A799A97-D S Hi In 700 Im
Possin 0127 X322000-0
Ba Po 002 -- G3 V M8 D

Hi In Na Po 102 Im
Darainne 0128 X531000-0
Ba Po 002 -- F4 V M0 D

Na Po 702 Im
New Martham 0221 XAC3000-0
Fl Ba 012 -- M3 V M9 D

Fl Ni 112 Im
Hodg 0222 X758886-A

802 Wi M0 V


402 Im
La Shend 0224 X9C4000-0
Fl Ba 002 -- M0 V M6 D

Fl 902 Im
Lote 0229 X77A66B-3
Ni Wa B802 Wi M1 V

B77A632-E N Ni Wa 702 Im
Bwan Murr 0325 X455778-5
Ag C:2 925 Wi K2 V

Ag 425 Im
Sh' Lur 0327 X426000-0
Ba 021 -- G3 V

A426954-F W Hi In 521 Im
Nova Rhyll 0330 X57277C-8

B702 Wi M4 III M2 D
C572886-B S
502 Im
Sauler 0424 D884549-5
Ag Ni B800 Wi M2 V M8 D

B884574-B S Ag Ni 600 Im
Drila 0521 X232000-0
Ba Po 022 -- G3 V M6 D

Na Ni Po 622 Im
Etpur 0621 X637000-0
Ba 025 -- M9 III M9 D

C637744-E S
825 Im
Meadsk 0628 X987633-2
Ag Ni B604 Wi G4 V

Ag Ni R904 Im
Dho Il's World 0721 X220000-0
De Ba Po 005 -- M2 V M3 D

C2206AF-C S De Na Ni Po A905 Im
Traeviss 0722 X000000-0
As Ba 004 -- M3 V M4 D

As Na Ni 804 Im
Coaise 0723 X556867-6
C:3 414 Wi A4 V

A556834-F N
414 Im
Marax 0726 D57366D-6
Ni 903 Wi G1 V M3 D

Ni 903 Im
Zoraith 0729 X525000-0
Ba 012 -- F2 V M9 D

B525764-D A
512 Im
Shaphry 0823 X734000-0
Ba 000 -- M1 V


300 Im
Tiniyd 0825 X54369C-6
Ni Po D:2 B221 Wi M1 V M8 D

C543645-C S Ni Po 321 Im
Xezor 0829 C87A730-8
Wa B601 Wi M0 V

B87A746-A A Wa 601 Im

Subsector Notes

Thoezennt subsector has a New Era population of just over 1.78 billion, a decline of over 86.2 billion from its pre-Collapse population. Its highest population is 800 million, at Hodg, and its highest tech level is A(10), also at Hodg. Six worlds have actually experienced a population increase over their pre collapse levels: Hodg, Lote, Bwan Murr, Sauler, Meadsk, and Coaise. This subsector displays some of the worse effects of the Collapse many world are balkanized, have a TED, or both. Although the TED of Hodg does not have starfaring capability, his relatively high tech level could make him a dangerous opponent of the Coalition.

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