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Karse Subsector

Old ExpansesSector

New Era data, as of 001-1202 / Imperial era data, as of 001-1120

Subsector Map

Name Hex UWP BS Trade TPPG AL Stellar
Rotal 1721 X546769-6
Ag B702 Wi M4 V M0 D

B546849-C S A 302 Im
Bote 1727 X778786-7
Ag 200 Wi K3 VI M8 D

Ag 200 Im
Ames 1821 X500000-0
Ba Va 010 -- G1 V

Na Va 810 Im
Ropram 1822 X467873-5

B824 Wi M3 V

Hi 924 Im
Mager 1825 E8668A9-4

B315 Wi K6 D M4 D

C866710-A S Ag 915 Im
Antalan 1826 X435000-0
Ba 013 -- M3 V

Ni 813 Im
Rolf 1827 X59476F-1
Ag B903 Wi K2 V

Ag 903 Im
Letron 1829 D2727CA-8
Ag 401 Wi M1 II M3 D

C27287C-8 A
501 Im
Cupprio 1922 X665226-5
Lo Ni 114 Wi K1 V

Lo Ni 514 Im
Moppo 1925 X836000-0
Ba 014 -- M2 V


614 Im
Phildelia 1928 X100000-0
Ba Va 014 -- G4 V

Na Va 314 Im
Villan 2021 X231000-0
Ba Po 013 -- K8 III

Hi Na Po 813 Im
Bytor 2022 X543667-6
Ni Po 801 Wi K3 V M4 D

Ni Po 401 Im
Femerial 2030 X665767-2
Ag C:3 B410 Wi M3 V M2 D

Ag Ri 410 Im
Ramaka 2123 X796773-6
Ag 610 Wi K1 V
Ag 510 Im
Barsk 2124 X100000-0
Ba Va 011 -- M2 V

Na Va 811 Im
Mexit 2125 X45576D-6
Ag 813 Wi M1 V

B455AA6-F W Hi 813 Im
Lapper 2126 X4557AF-1
Ag C:4 B103 Wi K3 V

Ag R103 Im
Elanor 2127 X333000-0
Ba Po 004 -- M5 IV

Na Po 504 Im
Darpi 2130 X45366B-3
Ni Po B802 Wi G0 V

B453620-C N Ni Po 802 Im
Gonzu 2221 X9DA643-1
Fl Ni Wa B400 Wi K4 IV

Fl Ni Wa R400 Im
Harple 2225 X100000-0
Ba Va 012 -- G2 V M5 D

B100756-E S Na Va 212 Im
Traynos 2227 D562721-8

320 Wi M0 V

Ni Ri 620 Im
Welzer 2228 X579867-1

B120 Wi K4 V M3 D

B579864-E W
220 Im
Karse 2229 X24156F-8
Ni Po 304 Wi M0 V M3 D

B241876-F S Po 604 Im
Kolop 2325 D662652-7
Ni 504 Wi K6 III M7 VI

C662622-9 S Ni 504 Im
Samosk 2329 X200000-0
Ba Va 012 -- G1 V

Hi In Na Va 312 Im
Goldbach 2422 D445387-7
Lo Ni 102 Wi G8 VI M9 D

Lo Ni 302 Im
Kolipio 2424 X226000-0
Ba 005 -- M1 VI

X226612-4 Ni R305 Im
Allenz 2425 X656100-6
Lo Ni 203 Wi M3 V M0 D

Lo Ni 503 Im
Quest 2428 E76676A-7
Ag 222 Wi M3 V K8 D

Ag Ni Ri 722 Im

Subsector Notes

Karse subsector has a New Era population of just over 1.69 billion, a decline of almost 183 billion from its pre-Collapse population. Its highest population is 800 million, at Ropram, and its highest tech level is 8, at Letron, Traynos, and Karse.

Six worlds have actually experienced a population increase over their pre-Collapse levels: Mager, Bytor, Ramaka, Traynos, Kolop, and Quest. The research team that was studying the minor alien race on Gonzu was stranded by the Collapse. Their eventual death of old age was the only notice that this low tech race even had of the Collapse. The Gonzans have legends of a human child who still lives among the people.

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