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Aubaine Subsector

Old Expanses Sector

New Era data, as of 001-1202 / Imperial era data, as of 001-1120

Subsector Map

Name Hex UWP BS Trade TPPG AL Stellar
Arvid 0131 X9C7000-0
Ba Fl 025 -- M3 VI M7 D

Fl 425 Im
Keipes 0132 X677884-6

411 Wi K3 V

A6778BC-B N
311 Im
Atrase 0134 X68A212-4
Lo Ni Wa B515 Wi M3 V M2 D

Lo Ni Wa 315 Im
Savjanni 0135 X330000-0
De Po Ba 003 -- K1 V M0 D

A330764-E S De Na Po 103 Im
Svarla 0137 X200000-0
Ba Va 001 -- M3 V M4 D

B200765-D S Na Va 201 Im
Nicosia 0138 X56666D-3
Ag Ni B411 Wi K4 V M2 D

A56667A-C N Ag Ni Ri 411 Im
Thorell 0231 X510000-0
Ba 020 -- M6 IV

Lo Ni R720 Im
Kresek 0236 X8C7000-0
Fl Ba 002 -- M0 V M1 D

Fl Ni 302 Im
Peirsma 0240 X000000-0
As Ba 010 -- M0 V

As Na Ni 210 Im
Buhle 0334 X510000-0
Ba 004 -- K2 IV

A51099B-F A Hi In Na 404 Im
Trybec 0336 B443610-A S Ni Po 703 RC K0 V

B443610-E S Ni Po 603 Im
Rohit 0337 E110335-9
Ni Lo Cm 222 RC M0 V M3 D

Ni 222 Im
Adrian 0432 X426000-0
Ba 003 -- M7 VI

A42667A-E Ni 103 Im
Fija 0434 D553754-A S Po 705 RC K1 V M0 D

C553754-D S Po 605 Im
Apollo 0436 E8C5300-8
Lo Ni Fl Cm 424 RC G2 V M8 D

A8C5856-B N Fl 824 Im
Vezina 0437 D344687-7
Ag Ni 204 RC M3 D M3 D

B344778-F W Ag A804 Im
Lancer 0439 E55A746-7 S Wa 114 Na M3 D M6 D

C55A657-A S Ni Wa 914 Im
Aurora 0535 B576646-B N Ag Ni 704 RC M2 V K7 D

C576664-9 S Ag Ni 504 Im
Eos 0632 E674656-B S Ag Ni 502 RC K2 V
Ag Ni 302 Im
Schall 0638 E47A655-7
Ni Wa S:0 634 RC G7 V M3 D

Lo Ni Wa R534 Im
Seliga 0640 X532000-0
Ba 001 -- M0 V

A532747-F A Na Po 801 Im
Nike Nimbus 0732 C447789-9 S Ag 713 RC K4 V
B4478A9-F N
913 Im
Kruyter 0735 B000312-B
As Lo Ni Cm 303 RC M2 V

As Ni 203 Im
Phoebus 0737 D267337-3
Ni Lo 804 RC M4 V M7 D
Ni 304 Im
Aubaine 0738 A78A884-C S Wa Ri Cp S:8 804 RC M2 V
Wa Ri 704 Im
Conner 0840 X310000-0
Ba 003 -- M1 V

A31058A-A S Ni 303 Im

Subsector Notes

Aubaine subsector (renamed from Nicosia) has a population in 1201 of just over 1.38 billion, a decline from pre-Final War levels of almost 5.4 billion. Its highest population is 800 million, at Aubaine, and its highest tech level is 12 (C) also at Aubaine.

Aubaine subsector is home to the Reformation Coalition, and earlier, the Dawn League, whose capital is at Aubaine. The Coalition has repopulated three world in Aubaine subsector: Rohit, Apollo, and Kruyter. Since their original populations had all died, they are classified as cemetery worlds.

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