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Hashi Subsector

Hinterworlds Sector

by Eamon Watters

Name Hex UWP BS Trade T PPG AL
Krevor 0131 B200686-7   Ni Va Na   115 Na
    X200000-0   Ba Va   015 --
Byooki 0134 D11079A-6   Na   903 Na
  X110000-0   Ba   003 --
Eki Chi 0137 D200640-4   Ni Va Na   400 Na
    X200000-0   Ba Va   000 --
Murlum 0232 C8A5420-8   Ni A 502 So
  X8A5000-0   Ba   002 --
Goromas 0233 C728787-8       620 Na
    X728000-0   Ba   020 --
Ame 0238 C876221-6   Ni Lo   513 Na
  D876201-5   Ni Lo B 313 Na
Famerra 0239 E110499-5   Ni   104 Na
    X110000-5 T Ba   004 --
Kotori 0334 C747654-4   Ni Ag   904 Na
  D7477A6-2 T Ag B 104 Na
Tonde Monai 0337 B200200-E M Ni Va   215 Na
    X200000-0   Ba Va   015 --
Haiiro 0438 E799000-8   Ni Ba   804 Na
  X799000-0   Ba   004 --
York 0439 B100303-9 M Ni Va   104 Na
    X100000-0   Ba Va   004 --
Franzweld 0440 B65747A-A M Ni   903 Na
  C657421-7   Ni Lo   804 Na
Haru 0533 C667510-9   Ni Ag   104 Na
    D667421-7   Ni Lo   504 Na
Schmutz 0634 E100202-7   Ni Va   613 Na
  X100000-0 T Ba Va   013 --
Mizu 0640 B87A034-7   Ni Wa   600 Na
    C87A114-6   Lo Ni   300 Hc
Saito 0732 C748AC8-8   In Hi   204 Na
Disu   E748773-7 T Ag   904 Wi
Tyotto 0737 E8C4100-4   Ni Fl   601 Na
    X8C4000-0   Ba Fl   001 --
Hurn 0738 A73659D-D F Ni   800 Na
  X738000-0   Ba   000 --
Gustavus 0739 C000525-B   Ni As A 504 So
    X000000-0   Ba As   004 --
Strnad 0740 C200664-7   Ni Va Na O:0834   320 Na
  X200000-0   Ba Va   020 --
Vanguardia 0834 B99A9A8-9   Hi Wa   804 Na
Phoenix   C99A8AB-7   Wa B 904 Wi
Prospect 0835 C564667-5   Ni Ri Ag O:0834 A   924 Na
Mello   D564725-3   Ag B 324 Na
Selding 0836 A661444-9 F Ni Lo   812 Na
    C661444-4   Ni Lo   412 Na
Edwards' Meet 0839 C64A667-9   Ni Wa O:0834   722 Na
Edwards   X64A668-3 T Ni Wa B 722 Wi
Cleavon 0840 E434441-8   Ni   103 Na
    X434000-0   Ba   003 --

Hashi Subsector: The pre-collapse population of this subsector was approximately 28.18 billion, the most populated world being Saito, making up nearly 20 billion. The most technologically advanced world was Tonde Monai, equipped to TL-E, out of which the famous Black Knight Trade Protectors operated. This starmerc outfit, like those at York, Franzweld and Selding provided both escorts for trade caravans and defence for Governments.

The New Era population of this subsector is approximately 1.04 billion, the most populated world being Phoenix, with 900 million inhabitants. the most technologically advanced worlds are Haru, Franzweld, Disu, and Phoenix with TL-7. There are a fair number of free traders operating in the subsector, operating out of Haru, Selding and Franzweld. With the coming of the Hivers they have started to trade with the Ring Pact, mainly in ores, botanicals and oddments, as there is not much scope for relic equipment in the area. Hurn is home to a small Vampire Fleet, consisting of a few SDBs and small escorts. They are system bound, and as there are no gas giants at Hurn, it has been avoided by post-collapse traffic.

The major feature of this subsector is the number of low populated worlds which serve to aid the Hiver Convoys that traverse it from the Ring Pact to the Sitah PE. By and large these worlds provided the same function in imperial times, though the goods traveled mainly in Imperial and Solomani ships. These worlds serviced the few Free Traders that operated in their environs, and were amazed at the sheer jump in traffic which occured when the Hivers came. By and large this area of space seems to be on the road to recovery, and riches of a sort.

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