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Lieber Subsector

Foreven Sector

by Pete Gray

All information based upon data taken from Zhodani Base.

First entry is 1116 data, the second is 1202 (TNE) data.

Name Hex    UWP    BS    Trade T   PPG AL Stellar Type
Ojovshala 0902 B572367-9  Lo Ni   324Zh G4V,M3D
  0902 B572336-9  Lo Ni   724Zh  
Friazhdial 0908 B724522-A  Ni   924Zh F5V
  0908 B724644-A  Ni   524Zh  
Jdatshiedl 0909 C1407AD-8  De Po   113Zh M4V
  0909 C1407BE-A  De Po   413Zh  
Shtiem 0910 B68799C-DZHi   204Zh G2V
  0910 A68799D-EZHi   704Zh  
Viplshanch 1007 C3116AB-AZIc Na Ni   203Zh M2V,M0D
  1007 B3116AB-BZIc Na Ni   503Zh  
Ezh Bova 1102 B230567-DZDe Ni Po   103Zh G3V
  1102 A230588-DZDe Ni Po   303Zh  
Vrarnjiavl 1103 B000414-CZAs Ni   202Zh M5V
  1103 B000434-DZAs Ni   702Zh  
Yejaple 1109 C465764-6  Ag Ri   812Zh F6V
  1109 C465885-7  Ri   412Zh  
Rabrplibli 1205 C0006AD-A  As Na Ni   323Zh K7V
  1205 B0006AD-C  As Na Ni   623Zh  
Jiatsar 1209 C5838AE-7    A710Zh F4V,M3D
  1209 C5839CF-8  Hi A210Zh  
Apltla 1303 C887778-7  Ag Ri   202Zh F4V
  1303 C88788A-9  Ri   202Zh  
Fliaza 1304 C250231-6ZDe Lo Ni   813Zh K2V
  1304 C250341-6ZDe Lo Ni   213Zh  
Shiplielot 1307 B666446-BZLo Ni   804Zh G0V
  1307 A666556-CZLo Ni   604Zh  
Flieflienz 1403 B511122-C  Ic Lo Ni   310Zh M2V
  1403 B511254-D  Ic Lo Ni   210Zh  
Lieber 1404 A6939A6-DZHi In   113Zh F4V,M3D
  1404 A6939A6-DZHi In Cp   313Zh  
Inzens 1405 B325678-CZNi   303Zh M7V,M9D
  1405 B325778-DZ   103Zh  
Stablolins 1410 C564589-7  Ag Ni   402Zh F2V
  1410 C5646AA-8  Ag Ni   102Zh  
Prozashiz 1501 E95A788-5  Wa   305Zh G7V
  1501 C95A788-6  Wa   705Zh  
Shetsodrev 1504 E43456A-7  Ni   310Zh M8V
  1504 E43456A-7  Ni   510Zh  
Lianzhjinj 1507 C9B2269-A  Fl Lo Ni   214Zh M2V,M4D
  1507 C9B2269-A  Fl Lo Ni   514Zh  
Chiazeaz 1602 C270331-6  De Lo Ni   300Zh G1V,M3V
  1602 B270332-6  De Lo Ni   600Zh  

Z =Zhodani naval bases

Alligence Codes
Zh Zhodani Consulate

Lieber Subsector: subsector had an 1116 population of 3.4 billion. The highest tech level is 13 at Shtiem, Ezh Bova, and Lieber. In 1202 the population was 12.6 billion, again mostly due to the Exodus. The highest tech level is E at Shtiem.

Lieber Subsector is defended by the Zhodani 90th Fleet from its headquarters at Lieber (1404). The 90th missed most of the Fifth Frontier War, only being deployed at the last moment to repulse an Imperial thrust towards Cronor, and it suffered heavy losses in doing so. The fleet is more famous for its operations in the Third and Fourth wars, where it carved out a reputation as the "Ballerina 90th" for its ability to dance around Imperial defenses and patrols while on deep commerce raids against Imperial shipping.

Unlike the neighboring 116th, the 90th is fiercely loyal to the Consulate and the surviving naval command structure. Indeed its rank-and-file personnel strongly resent the situation in Shivva, and the fleet has begun to deploy to positions that will deter any attempt at expansion or secession by the 116th or its backers.

Shtiem (0910): Shtiem was a popular destination for Regency researchers in the early years of the Psionic Reforms. The world has one of the top rated psionic instruction and research universities in the entire Consulate, and a steady stream of students visited here in the 1130s and 40s to not only learn psionic arts, but also the practical art of teaching, and administering psionic learning facilities. While not as popular in recent years, as the Regency established its own network of psionic instruction facilities, it maintained close academic ties to its former students and the institutions they founded, and academic exchanges were quite common.

Jiaster (1209): In the Pre-Collapse period Non-Zhodani were cautioned against visiting the dictatorship of Jiatsar. The planet was formerly ruled bythe non-psionic noble family Denzfalpepistebr, which was noteworthy for its xenophobia. Off-worlders were required to wear silly and colorful costumes that made easily identifiable to local security forces and the local population. Unfortunately for its rulers, these restrictions made meeting Non-Zhodani a thrilling if forbidden act, and the family was finally deposed in 1145 after being repeatedly cited for its failure to maintain the psychological uniformity of its citizenry. A council of several subordinate families was promoted in their place, but apparently did little better as governors. The Exodus has swelled the population, and the world now teeters on anarchy.

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