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Shial Subsector

Foreven Sector

by Pete Gray

All information based upon data taken from Zhodani Base.

First entry is 1116 data, the second is 1202 (TNE) data.

Name Hex    UWP    BS    Trade T   PPG AL Stellar Type
Ezh Ieets 1701 A320220-CZDe Lo Ni   312Zh M1III
  1701 A320221-DZDe Lo Ni   312Zh  
Jdieshaqra 1703 A211368-E   Ic Lo Ni   304Zh G5V
  1703 A211368-E   Ic Lo Ni   504Zh  
Frapi 1704 X541000-0     R015Zh G3V,M2D
  1704 X541000-0    R015Zh  
Blibrafli 1804 B695668-6ZAg Ni   613Zh K1V
  1804 B695768-8ZAg   513Zh  
Tladree 1806 A642369-9   Lo Ni Po   121Zh F5V
  1806 A64236A-A   Lo Ni Po   321Zh  
Ibiedl 1807 A411576-EZIc Ni Cp   815Zh F2IV
  1807 A411666-EZIc Ni Cp   315Zh  
Tseplezvie 1808 A533664-AZNa Ni Po   823Zh M5V,M2D
  1808 A533764-AZNa Ni Po   323Zh  
Qrikliev 1901 X638000-0   Ba Lo Ni R000Zh A6V
  1901 X638000-0   Ba Lo Ni R000Zh  
Entians 1905 B684778-8ZAg Ri   623Zh F3V
  1905 B684878-9 Z Ag Ri   323Zh  
Eqrebr 2002 B246362-C   Lo Ni   115Zh F7V
  2002 B243364-C   Lo Ni   515Zh  
Ezh Kadep 2003 C76678C-5ZAg Ri   105Zh F1V
  2003 B76679D-8ZAg   905Zh  
Ratanshont 2005 X530000-0   Ba De Lo R014Zh M4V
  2005 X530000-0   Ba De Lo R014Zh  
Oplzenzh 2102 B100679-B   Na Ni Va   604Zh M8V
  2102 B100769-B   Na Va   104Zh  
Ziatip 2103 C320726-9   De Na Po  412Zh M9V,M1D
  2103 C32075A-B   De Na Po  912Zh  
Pepraet 2202 A3017BF-CZIc Na Va A410Zh K4V
  2202 A3017BF-CZIc Na Va A810Zh  
Caglop 2209 D592654-3   Ni 400 Na G8V,M7D
  2209 D592654-4   Ni   600 Na
Praienz 2304 B310330-DZLo Ni  403Zh F2V
  2304 B310337-DZLo Ni  603Zh  
Zhdejtlia 2306 X100000-0   Ba Lo Ni R004Zh M9V
  2306 X100000-0   Ba Lo Ni R004Zh  
Dybun 2309 X567000-0   Ba Lo Ni R014 Na G5V
  2309 D567422-8   Ba Lo Ni A514 Na  
Sayploc 2310 E237262-7   Lo Ni   305 Na M4V,M7V
  2310 E237255-9   Lo Ni   505 Na  

Z=Zhodani naval bases
Alligence Codes
Zh Zhodani Consulate
Na Non-Aligned

Shial Subsector:

The subsectors 1116 Population was 190 Million, and the highest tech level was 14 at Jdieshaqra and Ibiedl. The 1202 Population is 640 Million, and the highest tech level is the same. The subsector is named after an Admiral Shialtlasche, who commanded a Zhodani Fleet in the First Frontier War.

Shial Subsector is defended by the famed 7th Fleet from its base at Ibiedl (1807). The 7th is most famous for helping spearhead the capture of Porozlo in the Third Frontier War, which helped end the war to the Consulate's advantage. The 7th participated in operations in Vilis Subsector in the Fifth Frontier War, support attacks against Vilis, Tanoose and Frenzie. The fleet suffered severe losses at Frenzie in 1109, and again while defending Narval against the Imperial 193rd Fleet the following year. The fleet, which had previously been stationed in Cronor/Spinward Marches, was sent to Shial to recuperate, changing places with the 12th Fleet.

Currently the 7th acts as an "aggressor" force in wargames with other Zhodani fleets sent here for training. Since the Collapse the fleet has mostly replicated Vampire Fleets composed of mixed Imperial and Vargr equipment and tactics, but added Zhodani equipment about ten years ago as a contingency. This latter capacity has been recently expanded, as the spector of civil fighting increasingly dominates local defense planning.

Shial was only lightly populated when the Third Imperium and the Zhodani first contacted each other. In the wake of rising tensions, the Zhodani military took over many of the subsectors empty worlds, and converted them into marshalling grounds, test ranges and training facilities for operations against the Imperials. Most of the local population remains employed either by the military, or in support of it. The few agricultural worlds that are found here sell most of their products directly to the Naval Commissary for consumption by its personnel. Shial's relative security made it attractive to the navy as an R&R facility for its fleets, as well as a peaceful station for units undergoing battle recovery and/or major reorganisation.

The Zhodani Civil War has created massive turmoil locally. The murky information that has so far reached Shial has nevertheless shocked many into paralysis, and there are endless desultory debates within government chambers as to the best course of action. Fortunately cooler heads have prevailed, and the subsector council is belatedly acting to help allieviate the refugee crisis, and draw up contingency plans for local defence. The subsector has made clear its loyalty to the Consulate, and its bases have been offered up to Iadr Nsobl as staging and training facilities for possible military expansion.

Pepraet (2202): has been dominated by a stern military junta for the last 300 years. The world suffered an asteroid strike in 907 that devastated it, killing about a quarter of the population. The Zhodani Navy has a major base on the world, which survived with only minor damage, and were reluctant to evacuate the local population. The local military took control afterwards, looking to both recovery and reconstruction, and keeping the local population from interfering with the naval base. Laws regulating life support are harsh, and the population is kept under heavy surveillance by the local Tavrchedl and civilian monitors. Civilian refugees from the Zhodani Core have been barred from the surface, and those that have attempted to land anyway have either been "disappeared" or fired upon with deadly intent without prior warning.

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