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Massina Subsector

Foreven Sector

by Pete Gray

All information based upon data taken from Zhodani Base.

First entry is 1116 data, the second is 1202 (TNE) data.

Name Hex    UWP    BS    Trade T   PPG AL Stellar Type
Stablstiaiql 2501 C100A8A-C  Hi In Na  304ZhK4V
  2501 C100A9C-D  Hi In Na A704Zh  
Aba 2502 E623646-7  Na Ni Po A923ZhM6V,M8D, M9D
  2502 E623746-7  Na Ni Po A223Zh  
Zhebronzebl 2505 A246442-A  Ni Lo   604ZhG1V,M0D
  2505 A246563-B  Ni   204Zh  
Kloiabr 2602 C87A967-AZHi In Wa   920ZhK8V,M8D, M9D
  2602 B87AA67-BZHi In Wa   320Zh  
Bivreble 2603 C887588-5  Ag Ni   700ZhM4V
  2603 C8876AA-5  Ag Ni   500Zh  
Azesiatl 2607 C223333-BZLo Ni Po   615ZhM9V,M2D
  2607 C223333-BZLo Ni Po   915Zh  
Stiviaz 2608 X776000-0  Ba Lo Ni R002ZhK9V
  2608 D776413-9  Lo Ni A202Zh  
Idlzhatl 2610 X757000-0  Ba Lo Ni R004ZhG0V
  2610 X757000-0  Ba Lo Ni R004Zh  
Inshzdans 2710 B100445-E X Ni Va   214ZhM7V
  2710 A100586-E X Ni Va   214Zh  
Siablibriats 2805 C8B669A-9  Fl Ni   802ZhM7V
  2805 C8B679C-9  Fl Ni   402Zh  
Prafniedr 2807 B200100-9ZLo Ni   134ZhM4V,M4D
  2807 B200100-9ZLo Ni   534Zh  
Siapriao 2808 E778452-8  Ni Lo   500ZhK9V
  2808 E778552-8  Ni   100Zh  
Pliakrdla 2905 A9C6474-DXFl Ni Lo   913ZhG9V
  2905 A9C6585-DXFl Ni   113Zh  
Yim 2907 E547423-5  Ni Lo   805ZhM2V,K5D, M6D
  2907 D547666-6  Ni A105Zh  
Zdiiel 2910 E672310-6  Lo Ni   814ZhG4V
  2910 E672411-8  Lo Ni   214Zh  
Rayarkfost 3003 B4657X9-9  Ag Ri R623 Dr F3V,M2D
  3003 B4657X9-B  Ag Ri R823 Dr 
Brimatij 3006 DAB5552-8  Fl Ni   725ZhM9V,M3D
  3006 DAB5652-A  Fl Ni   225Zh  
Tiens Parde 3107 B664651-6  Ag Ni Ri   602ZhG9III, M3V
  3107 A6648A5-7  Ri   402Zh  
Nianshse 3108 C648358-6ZLo Ni   312ZhG5V,M7D
  3108 B64845A-8ZLo Ni   212Zh  
Zde'dier 3201 C200534-7  Ni   202ZhG3V
  3201 C200534-7  Ni   802Zh  
Iasha 3204 C431411-BZNi Po   414ZhM2V,M9D
  3204 B431412-CZNi Po   614Zh  
Jdiaiekl 3205 C333654-8  Na Ni Po   513ZhM6V,M3D
  3205 C333665-A  Na Ni Po   913Zh  
Bri'zdapienz 3206 C300743-8  Na Va   614ZhF0V,M6D
  3206 C300766-A  Na Va   914Zh  

X=Zhodani Way Station
Z=Zhodani naval bases

A way station, unlike the old Imperial equivalent, is a base that facilitates fleet communications, by assisting naval couriers, and doesn't actually have any repair or basing capabilities for line fleet units. A Zhodani Depot is the same as the Imperial Depot.

Alligence Codes
Zh Zhodani Consulate
Dr Droyne

Massina Subsector:

The 1116 population of the sector is 39.6 billion, primarily concentrated on Stablstiaiql (2501) and Kloiabr (2602). The 1202 population is estimated to be around 100.4 billion, and shows where the greatest effect of the Zhodani Exodus is evident. Nearly all of this increase has occured on the two high population worlds in the subsector, and has severely strained their resources. This is particularly true of Sablstiaql, whose arcologies have been driven to their design limits by the unforeseen and unplanned expansion.

Massina Subsector is defended by the Zhodani 21st Fleet from its headquarters at Pliakrdla (2905). The 21st Fleet was engaged in fighting in Regina and Jewell Subsectors, and suffered severe losses against the Imperial 213th Fleet when the Siege of Efate was lifted. Much of its equipment and manpower were in a stage of reorganisation just prior to the Exodus, and the massive outflows of people had caught it at a vulnerable juncture.

While Massina had considerable economic capacity of its own, it was mostly in support of efforts in neighboring Zdiadlevepra (Ziafrplians P) Subsector. The two main industrial powerhouses of the subsector (Stablstiaiql and Kloiabr) are really part of the industrial and commercial community of Zdiadlevepra subsector, and it is here they send most of their exports. Kloiabr was the main power, in spite of being dominated by Zhebronzebl (2505), and its tax base was used to fund the subsectors basic services and military bases.

Self-sufficiency was never an option, as its proximity to the Third Imperium made the Consulate reluctant to place too much investment in a region only to see it destroyed or captured by its enemies. So in spite of its potential, the subsector was fairly sleepy in comparison to its neighbors in Ziafrplians. The only indication that things were not the same here was the legal requirement of armament on most civilian shipping. While Imperial raiders rarely (if ever) made here or in Zdiadlevepra (where the same requirement was in force) the presence of these weapons might have acted as a deterrent against such an eventuality. The requirement was scrapped in the wake of the Collapse, but many older vessels never had their armaments removed, and continue to mount them as the walls crumble down all around the Consulate.

Iasha (3204) Iasha has become one of the most critical worlds in all of Charted Space. The system is an important connecter with nearby Cronor, and a massive number of refugee transports pass through its starport. The local port has been jammed to overflowing, and the local staff and supporting population are overworked and fatigued. An endless line of ships circle above the world, waiting to refuel or attain maintenance. The ports normal clientele have departed elsewhere, and few of the refugee ships have sufficient money to buy needed fuel and services, thereby threatening the port with bankruptcy. The portmaster has threatened to close the port, but has been dissuaded by armed refugee ships. But there are rumors that the 12th Fleet (Cronor) has been talked into stationing a garrison on the world in support of its beleagured sister fleet, and that closure is only a few weeks of months away.

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