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Pieplow Subsector

Foreven Sector

by Pete Gray

All information based upon data taken from Zhodani Base.

First entry is 1116 data, the second is 1202 (TNE) data.

Name Hex    UWP    BS    Trade T   PPG AL Stellar Type
Zdata 0112 B652579-A  Ni Po   801ZhF6V
  0112 B652679-C  Ni Po  201Zh  
Zabl 0113 B53667B-8  Ni  202ZhM7V
  0113 B53667C-9  Ni  602Zh  
Azhdots 0116 AAB8656-B  Fl Ni  822ZhM4V,M5D
  0116 AAB8756-C  Fl Ni  122Zh  
Azh 0211 C459759-9     401ZhK5V
  0211 C459777-A    A901Zh  
Ientsyopr 0212 XAC5000-0  Ba Fl Lo R014ZhM7V
  0212 XAC5000-0  Ba Fl Lo R014Zh  
Dled 0213 X404000-0  Ba Ic Lo R004ZhM0V,M8D
  0213 X404000-0  Ba Ic Lo R004Zh  
Vratsie 0214 B6A2566-9  Fl Ni  704ZhG2V
  0214 B6A2666-CZFl Ni  204Zh  
Ponchviaq 0218 D566600-7  Ag Ni  113ZhF5V,M3D, M5V
  0218 C566620-7  Ag Ni  613Zh  
Pieplow 0312 A000973-EZHi In Cp  125ZhM9III
  0312 A000973-EZHi In Cp  425Zh  
Brieria 0411 B9A5899-B    105ZhK2V
  0411 B9A589A-C    505Zh  
Epriatlech 0412 C666663-7ZAg Ni Ri  725ZhF0V,M1D
  0412 B666897-AZRi  225Zh  
Piesh 0418 B352688-AZPo  623ZhF9V
  0418 B35279A-CZPo  123Zh  
Dumosif 0513 B5628X8-8  Ri R12 Dr F4V
  0513 B5628X8-A  Ri A312 Dr  
Aflebshaql 0516 A886758-AZAg Ri  302ZhF5V
  0516 A8869CF-CZHi A202Zh  
Dliadizh 0517 C765454-7ZNi  314ZhG7V,M9V
  0517 A765574-9ZNi Ag  214Zh  
Maple 0520 D9C8115-7  Fl Lo Ni  422 Na M2V
  0520 D9C8115-9  Fl Lo Ni  522 Na  
Bianz 0612 B666653-A  Ag Ni Ri  401ZhF6V
  0612 B666763-A  Ag Ri  701Zh  
Drensblebl 0712 B7A28BB-BZFl  503ZhG0IV
  0712 B7A28BD-CZFl A803Zh  
Plibradr 0716 E549456-9  Ni Lo A613ZhG0V
  0716 E549556-A  Ni Ag  113Zh  
Iantzpliq 0717 D6868AA-5     724ZhG3V,M4D
  0717 D6869BC-7  Hi  324Zh  
Chake 0720 E612377-6  Ic Lo Ni A311 Na M7V
  0720 C612346-8  Ic Lo Ni  311 Na  
Afriedevr 0814 X796000-0  Ba Lo Ni R013ZhF6V,M4D
  0814 X796000-0  Ba Lo Ni R013Zh  
Brietlmofl 0815 E472102-6  Lo Ni  214ZhF2V
  0815 E472102-8  Lo Ni  314Zh  
Eriedlier 0818 B447687-BZAg Ni  104ZhF9V
  0818 B447689-BZAg Ni  504Zh  
Wutubole 0819 C7A1252-A  Fl Lo Ni  213 Na K6V
  0819 C7A1246-A  Fl Lo Ni  313 Na  
Cogswell 0820 D878565-7  Ag Ni  200 Na F2V,M3D, M4V
  0820 D878565-8  Ag Ni  600 Na  

Z=Zhodani naval bases

Alligence Codes
ZhZhodani Consulate
Dr Droyne
Na Non-Aligned

Pieplow Subsector:

The 1116 population of Pieplow subsector was 3.5 Billion, of which 300 Million were Droyne. The highest tech level was E, at Pieplow (0312). The Zhodani Exodus has not impacted the subsector to bad, as most refugees simply continue onwards towards neighboring subsectors. Nonetheless, the 1202 population is 10.8 Billion, and the highest tech level is still E, at Pieplow.

Pieplow Subsector was a safe backwater for most of its history. While not very well developed, its proximity to the heavily populated Shivva Cluster created a demand for raw materials and cultivated articles, and the region has had steady though unremarkable growth through the centuries since settlement. Nearly all of its industry was located on Pieplow itself, most of it in support of Shivva and its hi-pop worlds. Pieplow was the only industrial world in the subsector, and most of its industries were focused on harvesting, processing and refining of its massive mineral wealth for export to coreward. A few secondary parts and components manufacturies rounded out its industrial base.

The Exodus and the shock of civil war has disrupted the normal loyalties that sustained the Zhodani Consulate. Shivva and its associated planetary governments are showing a lamentable oppurtunism, and are making imperial demands upon the Pieplow subsector and planetary governments. These range from demands for preferential economic treatment, to demands for loyalty to the emerging secessionary movement on Shivva. Thinly disquised greed motivates a good deal of Shivva's actions, and it has outraged Pieplow and its people. Fears that Shivva might invade, and growing industrial shortages are driving efforts to reorganise Pieplow's economy and defenses to local self-sufficiency, an effort that is slowly bearing fruit.

This independent course has dismayed the Iadr Nsobl Council. The Council is keeping the province from collapsing into chaos with white-knuckle intensity, and it has been reluctant to encourage Pieplow's policy. If it does, it fears that similar secessionary movements might take this as encouragement for their own independent action, and the province will catch and spread the war fever of the coreward regions. But Pieplows' remoteness from the main Iadr Nsobl region complicates concerted action, and problems with the 10 Fleet in neighboring Anika virtually guarantees the Pieplow will have to act according to its own needs. For the time being the Provincial Council has to be satisfied with the loyalty oaths of the Subsector Council and the 65th Fleet, and hope that things don't turn out for the worse.

Pieplow Subsector is defended by the Zhodani 65th Fleet from its base at Aflebshaql (0516). The 65th was first formed in 1114, and only arrived here from Zhdant Sector in 1155 in the wake of the Avalar Controversy, and it has no history of military service against the Third Imperium. The fleet is strongly loyal to the Consulate government, and the recent civil strife has severly affected its morale and supply. While still able to maintain their ships and material with supplies from Pieplow itself, it will be insufficient should fighting envelop the spinward extent of Foreven. The fleet commander has done an admirable job of keeping her forces together in face of adversity and the petty intrigue waged against them by the neighboring 116th Fleet and its allies on Shivva. The Fleet has been deployed in mostly defensive positions, and a number of subsector and world military units have been called up or requisitioned as reinforcements. Many fleet personnel have relocated their families to Pieplow, or have married into local society, a signal of the fleets loyalty and commitment to defending the subsector by all means possible.

Dumosif (0513) was interdicted not long after its contact by the Zhodani in -705. The Droyne population were extremely uninterested in outside contact, and the Consulate was only too happy to oblige their requests for privacy. Aside for the research station staff at Epriatlech (0412) the world was off-limits to non-Droyne. This policy changed after the Collapse, as the Consulate needed the warships the enforced the interdiction to be stationed on the trailing border against Viral intrusion. From 1136 it became the responsibility of the local Oytrip to enforce their own interdiction, and some commercial contact had to be tolerated. The Zhodani Civil War has complicated matters considerably, as the Droyne were not that warm towards the Consulate to begin with, and they are showing signs of pursuing an independent course.

Aflebshaql (0516) was the pride of Pieplow, a rich world well known for its beautiful landscape and bountiful farms. The Pieplow Council opened up the world to further development in the late 1130s with the intent of deepening the subsectors industrial base, and eventually creating a new hi-pop world. The population swelled with new immigration, and even before the Exodus had a population that was rapidly approaching a billion. The Exodus brought a surge of new immigration, and lately the government has begun turning away incoming refugee ships because of the increasing crowding in the camps that were established for them. The 65th Fleet command has accused the planetary government of willful "cherry-picking" of incoming refugees, whereby the local Tavrchedl cadres screen would be immigrants, and seperate out individuals or groups that have desirable skills and temperaments, before turning the rest of them out on their merry way. The navy has retaliated by setting aside large parts of the local naval reserves as unconditional shelters that do not exclude anyone in need.

The Exodus has turned Iantzpliq (0717) into and unwilling high population world, and the original rulers of the planet have been deposed by the local military in an effort to stem the tide. Violent confrontations have erupted between the security services and refugees, as most of the latter have been crowded into cramped, rudimentary facilities that often lack clean water and adequate food and shelter. Many refugees have eluded the coercive camp security, and have fled into the outback of the world. In many cases they resettle on vacant land, whether wilderness or privately owned, and build primitive communities. The military aggressively patrols against such squatter communities, but it is waging a losing battle in face of growing resistance and retaliatory attacks, and a continuing tide of immigration.

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