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Anika Subsector

Foreven Sector

by Pete Gray

First entry is 1116 data, the second is 1202 (TNE) data.

Name Hex    UWP    BS    Trade T   PPG AL Stellar Type
Stradl 0911 X8B1000-0   Ba Fl Lo R010ZhK6V
  0911 X8B1000-0  Ba Fl Lo R010Zh  
Ora'shtivl 0914 C661646-7  Ri Ni A503ZhG9V
  0914 B661747-9  Ri Ni A403Zh  
Chabriaezh 0915 B895630-A  Ag Ni  921ZhF8V,M4D
  0915 B895751-B  Ag  421Zh  
Roia 0919 C573873-7    401 Na F9V
  0919 C573873-8    601 Na
Il Ser 1012 B537458-7Z Ni  111ZhM2III
  1012 B537459-8Z Ni  411Zh  
Shrdrplibrie 1016 B402487-C Ic Ni Va  101ZhK4V,M6V
  1016 B402487-EZ Ic Ni Va  401Zh  
Rafra 1111 E330885-6  De Na Po  524ZhF6V,M5D
  1111 E330886-7  De Na Po  824Zh  
Ebriapl 1112 C000854-A  As Na  922ZhF9V
  1112 B000955-C  Hi As Na  422Zh  
Azhshinti 1115 A777784-A  Ag  504ZhF0V
  1115 A777886-A      304Zh  
Zdovesil 1212 A65588A-9Z Cp  103ZhG9V,M1D
  1212 A655869-AZ Cp A603Zh  
Vla Mev 1214 C557134-8  Lo Ni  213ZhF2V
  1214 B557244-9  Lo Ni  413Zh  
Dla'zevl 1216 E360787-4  De Ri  920ZhM1V
  1216 E360887-4  De Ri  320Zh  
Belt Maginum 1218 B000888-B  As  423 Na F5V
  1218 B000888-C  As R:Z  623 Zc 
Oriaj A' 1312 A474332-B Y Lo Ni  213ZhG9V
  1312 A474343-B Y Lo Ni  613Zh  
Dashiietl 1314 A210525-EZ Ni  811ZhK2V
  1314 A210625-EZ Ni  211Zh  
Iazbreliep 1316 C535769-6  Po  803ZhF8V,M8D
  1316 C53586A-8  Po  203Zh  
Clamp 1317 D553231-3  Lo Ni Po  700 Na G3V,M1V
  1317 D553331-5  Lo Ni Po  100 Na  
Hamagast 1319 E6458BE-2     A701 Na G1V
  1319 E6458BE-3     A901 Na  
Edaj 1411 A573795-C      224ZhF9V
  1411 A573795-C      724Zh  
Enjiaim 1412 B446567-CZ Ag Ni  804ZhF3V
  1412 B446667-CZ Ag Ni  204Zh  
Ile Danse 1416 A56A756-B  Ri Wa  404 Na F1V
  1416 A56A756-C  Ri Wa R:Z  704 Na  
Kormorant 1419 C6A4554-8  Fl Ni  900 Na M9V
  1419 B6A4654-A  Fl Ni  200 Na  
Jaliaia 1519 C754320-7  Lo Ni  312 Na F9V,M4D
  1519 C754320-8  Lo Ni  512 Na  
Tlivsiqlal 1612 B443754-AZ Po  202ZhG1V
  1612 B443754-AZ Po  602Zh  
Battle 1617 X210000-0  Ba Lo Ni R024 Na M5V,M0D
  1617 X210000-0  Ba Lo Ni R024 Na  
Tlebria 1618 A889614-D X Ni  825 Zc G9V,M8D
  1618 A889857-D X Ri  625 Zc  
Gohrost 1619 X110000-0  Ba Lo Ni R023 Na M3V,M1D
  1619 X110000-0  Ba Lo Ni R023 Na  
Yanagh 1620 C236545-7  Ni  910 Na K2V
  1620 C236645-9  Ni R:Z  210 Na  

X=Zhodani Way Station
Y=Zhodani Depot
Z=Zhodani naval bases

A way station, unlike the old Imperial equivalent, is a base that facilitates fleet communications, by assisting naval couriers, and doesn't actually have any repair or basing capabilities for line fleet units. A Zhodani Depot is the same as the Imperial Depot.

Alligence Codes
Zh Zhodani Consulate
Zc Zhodani Client
Na Non-Aligned

Anika Subsector:

Based upon the subsector writeup done by James Kundert a.k.a. GypsyComet (except for the Tlebria (1618) system which is taken from Berka's main page, and the new primary star listing for Zdovesil.)

Anika Subsector, as with all Zhodani subsectors along its rim-trailing corner, is classified as an Amber Zone, the result of the Zhodani Exodus. Worlds that have a specific Amber rating either have a pre-1202 rating, or to call attention to local conditions of concern to travellers.

Anika is a remote frontier subsector of minor importance. Formerly, Anika had no high population worlds, and the subsector was dominated by small frontier agricultural worlds. The non-aligned worlds of the subsector were too minor and isolated for strong trade ties to the Imperium or some other power, and thus were of little threat to Zhodani control of the subsector. This dominance allowed the Zhodani military to construct an extensive infrastructure of supply and training facilities to support its fleets along the Imperial border, with little fear of attack or interference. Most significant of these facilities was the naval depot at Oriaj A' (1312), which supported fleets in neighboring Spinward Marches.

Anika is defended by the Zhodani 10th Fleet from its base on Zdovesil (1212). The 10th has a long history of military action against the former Third Imperium and its allies, and participated in all five frontier wars. This long and distinguished service created an elite reputation for the 10th, and made it a stronghold for strong anti-Imperial sentiment. During the Fifth Frontier War, the 10th accompanied the 40th Fleet during the last push to Rhylanor, and nearly suffered the same fate, losing about eighty percent of its original units in fighting around Rhylanor and Zivijie. The brutality of the fighting, and the destruction of so many of its elite units embittered the survivors, and this bitterness extends to the present day. The 10th's personnel harbor strong antipathy against Non-Zhodani, and barely concealed hatred against the Regency and the Avalar Consulate; the former because of Rhylanor and Norris's legacy, the latter for the ugly break that occured in the 1150s.

The Post-Collapse period saw a slight increase in trade with the non-aligned worlds of the subsector, and a small improvement in tech level. But the subsector was never a high priority for development, and a small population 8 world like Zdovesil could easily control the surrounding space with little trouble. The Exodus and Civil War has impacted Consulate control of the subsector. Zdovesil was placed under martial law in the late 1190s following a breakdown in civil order, and the subsector is now dominated by the growing worlds of Ebriapl (1112), Belt Maginium (1218) and Tlebria (1618). All three worlds have begun to assert their commercial power, and have escalated their self-defense initiatives in the wake of the 10th Fleets increasingly terroristic course.

The worlds of Ile Danse (1416) and Belt Maginium were once percieved by the Zhodani as a threat to dominance of the subsector. This fear subsided in the Post-Collapse period, and Belt Maginium was induced to become a Zhodani client state. The distrust cultivated between the two worlds by the Zhodani has only faintly subsided, and the Exodus has reawakened old animosities. Ile Danse is the only independent A class starport along the Zhodani border, and security has been tightened in the wake of threats by the Zhodani 10th Fleet.

Hamagast (1319) is home to the H'Mag, a minor race vaguely reminiscent of Terra's Secretary Bird (a long-legged African raptor) known for their "enthusiastic" Police and Customs Officers, who take great pleasure in making up rules and enforcing them with truncheon or bribe (or both, if the bribe isn't large enough). This and other "charming" racial traits have conspired against any technological rise being made available to the H'Mag by the Belt Maginites OR the Zhodani. (Hamagast and H'Mag descriptions were written by James Kundert, and were taken verbatim from Zhodani Base and Gypsy Comets page. This description is pretty evocative.)

Tlebria (1618): There is one difference in this version of Anika SS compared to the version at GypsyComets site. The planet called Tare (1618) was renamed to Tlebria as indicated in Book 7: Merchant Prince. Tlebria is the homeport of Iadria Vlovl, a Zhodani Sector-Wide Merchant Company that provides transport between major Zhodani worlds and has extended this service to high population non-Zhodani Worlds in the sector. The company specialises in cargo (rather than passenger) transport. Iadria Vlovl enjoys a Zhodani military subsidy, and its ships are armed. Iadria Vlovl has chosen not to have its homeport in Zhodani Space for the same reasons that many of Earth's shipping companies are located in Panama or Liberia. Tlebria is also conveniently located on the trade route between the Avalar Consulate and the Zhodani Consulate. (Above was written by Per-Olof "Berka" Bergstedt and is taken verbatim from Zhodani Base.)

(TNE has seen Tlebria become a major connector world for Zhodani refugees en route to the Avalar Consulate, and the population of the world has swelled considerably, mostly with people reluctant to remain within the Consulate, but fearful of settling on a Non-Zhodani world. Iadria Vlovl was one of the few vestiges of Zhodani power that the Avalars would deal with directly after the diplomatic break of the 1150s. The company has had some difficulty in handling the continous inflow of people, and has hired a number of Non-Zhodani starmerc organisations from Reidain Subsector to help with relief operations.)

1116 Population was 3.0 Billion, and it was evenly divided between the Zhodani and non-aligned regions of the subsector. While the Zhodani Exodus hasn't impacted Anika as severly as subsectors adjacent to the Regency, and most refugees that travel through here show more favor for the nearby Avalar Consulate, the 1202 population is 8.3 Billion, a significant increase nevertheless. The highest tech level is E, at Shrdrplibrie (1016) and Dashiietl (1216).

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