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Mowbrey Subsector

Foreven Sector

by Pete Grey

All information based upon data taken from Zhodani Base.

First entry is 1116 data, the second Entry is as of 180-1200. No current 1202 data exists for the subsector due to chaos and confusion surrounding the Zhodani Exodus. The subsector has been under a blanket Amber Zone since 45-1202.

Name Hex    UWP    BS    Trade T   PPG AL Stellar Type
Retlkasrnz 1712 D8AA87A-7  Fl Wa   401 Zh M3III
  1712 C8AA97A-9  Fl Wa   101 Zh M3III
New Keento 1813 C879758-9  Ag   200 Na G2V
  1813 C879758-A  Ag   400 Na G2V
Fonda 1815 B400784-B X Na Va   214 Zc F3V,M3D
  1815 A400784-D X Na Va   414 Zc F3V,M3D
Cotalu 1816 C633552-7  Ni Po   903 Na M3V
  1816 C633652-8  Ni Po   203 Na M3V
Eronirabo 1817 B5528CD-9  Po   703 Na G1V,M7D
  1817 B5529CD-A  Po Hi   103 Zc G1V,M7D
Gatina 1915 C765876-7  Ag Ri A110 Na F7V
  1915 B765876-9  Ag Ri A410 Na F7V
Lalumostu 1920 C53576B-9 X     204 Zc M5V
  1920 C53576B-A X     504 Zc M5V
Sturray 2017 C7A9215-A  Fl Lo Ni   200 Na K1II
  2017 C7A9215-C  Fl Lo Ni   400 Na K1II
Tasijopze 2113 X543000-0  Ba Lo Ni R023 Na F4V,M6D
  2113 X543000-0  Ba Lo Ni R023 Na F4V,M6D
Purfyr 2211 C867645-A  Ag Ni Ri   612 Na K1V
  2211 C867745-B  Ag Ri   212 Cs K1V
Ranther 2214 D539598-5  Ni   803 Na F5V
  2214 C539598-7  Ni   803 Na F5V
Lajachi 2311 E222750-6  Na Po   203 Na M8V
  2311 E222750-7  Na Po   403 Na M8V
Robebi 2320 B9988AB-9 Z     804 Zc F8V,M1V
  2320 A9989AB-B Z Hi In   204 Zc F8V
Ibrolelis 2412 C110667-B  Na Ni   610 Na M3V
  2412 C110787-C  Na   110 Na M3V
Cocta 2415 C5677BA-A  Ag A224 Na G2V
  2415 B567774-C  Ag   524 Na G2V
Dedei 2420 D526332-5  Lo Ni   115 Zc M4V
  2420 C526332-8  Lo Ni   315 Zc M4V

X=Zhodani Way Station
Z=Zhodani naval bases

A way station, unlike the old Imperial equivalent, is a base that facilitates fleet communications, by assisting naval couriers, and doesn't actually have any repair or basing capabilities for line fleet units.

Alligence Codes
Zc: Zhodani Consulate
Zh: Zhodani Client State
Na: Non-Aligned.

Mowbrey Subsector:

Mowbrey subsector is seperated by a jump-3 gap known as the Mowbrey Rift. The spinward worlds are politically associated with Anika subsector, and the trailing worlds more with the worlds of Fessor subsector. In the Post-Collapse period Regency money and settlers came to open up new markets, but were hampered by continued Zhodani interference and isolationism. The subsector now possesses three industrial worlds, two of which, Eronirabo(1817) and Robebi(2320), have substantial exports to the Regency.

The 1117 Population of Mowbrey was 2.3 billion, and the highest TL was B at Fonda (1815) and Ibrolelis (2412). The 1200 population of Mowbrey was 4.4 billion, and the highest TL was D at Fonda.

The subsector is named after Jason Mowbrey, a legendary Free Trader Captain and Independent Explorer. In the year 355 (234 years before the first frontier war) he was the first one to cross what is known as The Mowbrey Rift. Five years later he disappeared, and there are still numerous tales and rumors about his fate.

Previously published material

Ranther: JTAS 6 (LoggerHeads) Ranther is renowned for its gigantic trees. a company named General Construction is testing its new logging ATV here. In this adventure one of the logging ATVs are out of control.

Sturrey: JTAS 22 (The Thing in the Depths) A mining planet, exporting rare earths and light metal dredged from the seabed. A dredge is believed sunk, and also a search boat has vanished.

Gatina: JTAS 18 (Chariots of Fire) Castica and Handor are two small countries on this balkanized world, that have invested in a common Fire Brigade for large industrial accidents. The adventure is about this Fire Brigade.

Purfyr: JTAS 16 (The Day of the Glow) A backwater world that is occasionally visited by merchant ships trading for gourmet foods, wines and pharmaceutical plant extracts.

Cocta: JTAS 3 (The Ship in the Lake) Sternmetal Horizons has sent an undercover prospecting/survey team to Cocta. When the team was returning by a tourist steamer, it was attacked by terrorists. The adventure from is about the recovery of the prospecting report.

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