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Fessor Subsector

Foreven Sector

by Pete Grey

All information based upon data taken from Zhodani Base.

First entry is 1116 data, the second Entry is as of 180-1200. No current 1202 data exists for the subsector due to chaos and confusion surrounding the Zhodani Exodus. The subsector has been under a blanket Amber Zone since 45-1202.

Name Hex    UWP    BS    Trade T   PPG AL Stellar Type
Lanei 2517 B502565-B Z Ic Ni Va   305 Zc M2III
  2517 B502565-C Z Ic Ni Va   505 Zc M2III
Lorelei 2518 C668742-7  Ag Ri A304 Na F2V,M2D
  2518 B668742-A  Ag Ri   804 Cs F2V,M2D
Rematen 2520 AAB5500-D X Fl Ni   500 Zc G2IV
  2520 AAB5547-E N Fl Ni   900 Cs G2IV
Okopivo 2611 C340564-7  De Ni Po   904 Na M0V
  2611 C340664-8  De Ni Po   204 Na M0V
Otrai 2613 E765674-5  Ag Ni Ri A222 Na K1V,M3V
  2613 D765685-7  Ag Ni Ri   522 Zc K1V,M3V
Nilestart 2614 D66475A-6 X Ag Ri   310 Zc F7V
  2614 C66475A-8 X Ag Ri   710 Zc F7V
Cigura 2615 E676500-4  Ag Ni   201 Zc G6V
  2615 E676522-5  Ag Ni   301 Zc G6V
Blukjere 2616 B7658DG-7  A413 Na F2V,M8D
  2616 B7658DG-7  A513 Na F2V,M8D
Roopolaty 2712 C65667A-9  Ag Ni A323 Na F8V
  2712 C656649-A  Ag Ni   523 Na F8V
Cadabibado 2715 B855598-B  Ag Ni   404 Na F5V,M3D M2V
  2715 B855698-C  Ag Ni   104 Na F5V,M3D M2V
Esia'dria 2811 C564789-8 Z Ag Ri   902 Zh G5V
  2811 C56488B-9 Z Ri   502 Zh G5V
Agnasti 2812 C100433-D  Ni Va A100 Na K2V
  2812 C100400-D  Ni Va A200 Na K2V
Fessor 2814 B510999-D S Hi In Na   200 Cs M3V,M4D
  2814 A510999-F A Hi In Na   500 Cs M3V,M4D
Ynotpu 2820 B322569-A  Ni Po   200 Zc G6IV
  2820 B322569-B  Ni Mr Po   300 Zc G6IV
Ecahesa 2920 D410555-B  Ni   425 Na M3V
  2920 D410555-B  Ni   625 Na M3V
Askadero 3013 B747221-A N Lo Ni   113 Cs K4V
  3013 B747523-C N Ag Ni   213 Cs K4V
Apinanto 3014 E431432-6  Ni Po   303 Na M6V
  3014 C431532-9  Ni Po   103 Cs M6V
Pynchan 3015 C656795-9  Ag A312 Na G0V
  3015 B656795-B  Ag A512 Na G0V
Parthinia 3018 C694655-C  Ag Ni   510 Na F9V
  3018 B694755-D  Ag   110 Cs F9V
Gwydion 3020 C442535-9  Ni Po   303 Na G5V,M2D
  3020 C442534-A  Ni Po   603 Na G5V,M2D
Ugenie 3111 X597000-0  Ba Lo Ni R014 Na F8V
  3111 X597000-0  Ba Lo Ni R014 Na F8V
Lanilre 3115 C333472-8  Ni Po   114 Na A7V
  3115 C333446-9  Ni Po   214 Na A7V
Malefolge 3116 B787699-7  Ag Ni Ri A612 Na G3V
  3116 A787796-A S Ag Ri   712 Cs G3V
Wadanga 3119 C438131-8  Lo Ni   303 Na K0V,M4V
  3119 C438231-9  Lo Ni   103 Na K0V,M4V
Koskepoc 3212 B769758-A  Ri   504 Na F1V
  3212 B769858-C  Ri   104 Na F1V
Saphi 3214 B470689-C  De Ni   112 Cs M2II
  3214 B470689-D  De Ni   312 Cs M2II
Calo 3215 D56A755-9  Ri Wa   105 Na G3V
  3215 C56A755-B  Ri Wa   505 Na G3V
Elindu 3217 E764300-4  Lo Ni A324 Na F4V
  3217 C764552-8  Ni Ag   724 Cs F4V

M= Mnemosyne Naval Base
X=Zhodani Way Station
Z=Zhodani Base

A way station, unlike the old Imperial equivalent, is a base that facilitates fleet communications, by assisting naval couriers, and doesn't actually have any repair or basing capabilities for line fleet units.

Alligence Codes
Mn: Mnemosyne Principality
Na: Non-Aligned

Fessor Subsector: Fessor subsector was a demilitarised buffer region between the Third Imperium and The Zhodani Consulate. Both empires limited their efforts in the subsector to economic and diplomatic influence over its diverse worlds. The population of the subsector is mostly of Solomani origin, and was slanted more towards the Imperium than the Zhodani. Technological development was weak, since this subsector had been seen in antebellum times as a battlefield for the next Frontier War, and Fessor subsector has become a backwater subsector.

Warming relations between the Domain of Deneb and the Zhodani Consulate in the wake of the Imperial Civil War revived interest in the subsector, and allowed a number or Domain companies to invest in local infrastructure and industries. Tech levels that were originally quite low underwent significant progress; today Fessor (2814) is one of only two TL-15 worlds in all of Foreven. A strong area of Denebian influence became centered on the capitol world, creating a strong island of pro-Regency sentiment that was tolerated and even encouraged by the Consulate.

Trade with the Consulate has remained relatively minor, and most of the subsector's commerce has been exports of agro and mining products to the Regency, and component and durable manufacturing on Fessor.

The 1117 Population was 3.0 Billion, with the highest TL D at Rematen (2520), Agnasti (2812) and Fessor. The 1200 Population is 6.1 Billion, with the highest TL F at Fessor.

The following systems were detailed in several old CT releases:

Parthinia: Alien Realms (Deep Metal) Deep Metal is about a zhodani diplomatic/trading mission, trying to get a mining contract at Parthinia. Parthinia is also home of the human minor race called The Issigur.

Lorelei: JTAS 21 (Homesteader's Stand) This adventure is about a religious cult, that have fled from the religious dictatorship of Blukjere, two parsecs away. These refugees have now turned bad, and are terrorising a peaceful farm valley...

Otrai: JTAS 13 (Lockbox) Otrai is the home of another religious sect. The Kai-laek. This adventure is about a holy urn.

Malefolge: JTAS 14 (Aces and Eights) This adventure starts out as a gambling investigation on a luxury liner.

Gwydion: JTAS 16 (Last flight of the Themis). The free trader Themis has crashed on Gwydion. The adventure is about the crash investigation.

Pynchan: JTAS 7 (Pursue and Destroy) Rebel leader Enoc su-Krang has hired a number of mercenary contingents to take over the government at Pynchan.

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