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Lassana Subsector

Foreven Sector

by Pete Grey

All information based upon data taken from Zhodani Base.

First entry is 1116 data, the second is 1202 (TNE) data.

Name Hex    UWP    BS    Trade T   PPG AL Stellar Type
Canwell 0129 C430698-6  De Na Ni Po   400 Mn G2V
  0129 C430698-7      800 Mn G2V
Ablets 0130 C694568-7  Ag Ni   814 Mn F2V,M3D
  0130 C694668-8      214 Mn F2V,M3D
Penud 0223 X300000-0  Ba Ni Va R023 Na M4V
  0223 X300000-0  Ba Ni Va R023 Na M4V
Syngok 0224 E7A1305-6  Fl Lo Ni   100 Na M3V,M6D
  0224 E7A1305-7  Fl Lo Ni A200 Na M3V,M6D
Coolie 0226 C301410-8 M Ic Ni Va   510 Mn G2V,M8D
  0226 C301512-9 M Ic Ni Va   210 Mn G2V,M8D
Mospat 0227 C110446-A  Ni   504 Mn M2II
  0227 C110446-B  Ni   804 Mn M2II
Ceysteni 0422 X100000-0  Ba Ni Va R004 Na K8V
  0422 X100000-0  Ba Ni Va R004 Na K8V
Hallap 0424 C578322-7  Lo Ni   203 Na G4V
  0424 C578322-7  Lo Ni A303 Na G4V
Wanab 0426 C473388-8  Lo Ni   125 Mn F5V
  0426 B473368-9  Lo Ni A325 Mn F5V
Meltrand 0526 B565779-8  Ag Ri   103 Mn F5V,M2D
  0526 B565788-A M Ag Ri   303 Mn F5V,M2D
Alista 0527 C57477A-6  Ag   424 Mn G1V
  0527 C57477A-7  Ag   824 Mn G1V
Ebsa 0623 E675464-5  Ni   312 Na G9V,M3V
  0623 D675464-7  Ni   512 Na G9V,M3V
San Soisva 0723 D37236A-7  Lo Ni   210 Na F6V
  0723 D372300-8  Lo Ni A410 Na F6V
Ghost 0730 E300310-6  Lo Ni Va   813 Mn G2IV
  0730 D300410-8  Lo Ni Va   213 Mn G2IV
Logan 0822 B415430-9  Ic Ni   103 Na F0V
  0822 B415430-A  Ic Ni A203 Na F0V
White Hart 0825 C888732-6  Ag A103 Na G5V,M3D
  0825 B888732-8  Ag A203 Na G5V,M3D

M = Mnemosyne naval bases
Alligence Codes
Mn: Mnemosyne Pricipality
Na: Non-Aligned.

Lassana Subsector:

Lassana subsector is a backwater subsector on the fringes of the Mnemosyne Principality. Low stellar density, a lack of good trade routes, and the poor quality of the local worlds have conspired against large scale development. The Principality's interest in these worlds is largely defensive, keeping out pirates and preventing other hostile interests from establishing a presence on their trailing-coreward border. Since the Collapse its primary problem has been keeping out Avalaran smugglers and freebooters.

The Principality has so far avoided a blanket amber zone rating due to the Zhodani Exodus. Only a few million refugees have been allowed into its borders, mostly the sick and infirm. Able bodied Zhodani are mostly turned away towards the Avalar Consulate or the Regency.

The total population is only 140 million. The highest population is 80 million at Alista. The highest Tech-Level is B, at Mospat.

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