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Titan Subsector

Foreven Sector

by Pete Grey

All information based upon data taken from Zhodani Base.

First entry is 1116 data, the second is 1202 (TNE) data.

Name Hex    UWP    BS    Trade T   PPG AL Stellar Type
Highbury 0926 B566879-9  Ri   213 Na F7V
  0926 B566800-9  Rw:Z A513 Na F7V
Garbo 0930 B211512-9  Ic Ni   104 Na M2V
  0930 B211512-A  Ic Ni A204 Na M2V
Anfield 1026 C8B9101-B  Fl Lo Ni   604 Na M8V
  1026 C8B9213-C  Fl Lo Ni A204 Na M8V
Solochov 1124 C335797-A J   104Av F0V
  1124 C335797-B J   404Av F0V
Trafford 1126 C574651-6  Ag Ni A723 Na F6V,M4D
  1126 C574753-8  Ag Rw:Z   123Av F6V,M4D
Pasternak 1224 D573944-5  Hi In   203Av G0V,M1D
  1224 C573944-7  Hi In Rw:ZA303Av G0V,M1D
Bunin 1325 D202200-7  Ic Lo Va   813Av M0V
  1325 D202310-9  Ic Lo Ni   213Av M0V
Unaski 1329 E2007AB-8  Na Va A401Av M4V
  1329 D20078A-9    701Av M4V
Ninox 1330 D130897-7  De Na Po   514Av F7II
  1330 D130897-8  De Na Po   714Av F7II
Telypo 1422 C65658B-5  Ag Ni A610Av F7V,M0D
  1422 B65668B-9  Ag NiRw:Z A310Av F7V,M0D
Totashev 1423 C587544-8  Ag Ni A102Av G8V,M8D
  1423 C587544-8  Ag Ni Rw:ZA302Av G8V,M8D
Bamse 1426 B000897-B J As Na   113Av F2V
  1426 B000897-C J As Na   313Av F2V
Evaberi 1427 C302868-7  Ic Na Va   224Av M2V
  1427 C302869-9  Ic Na Va   224Av M2V
Spokes 1428 B40086A-7  Na Va   115Av M0V
  1428 B40086A-9  Na Va   215Av M0V
Titan 1429 A642ABA-D J Hi In Po  203Av F7V
  1429 A642A7A-D J Hi In Po A223Av F7V
Nordstrom 1523 DADA511-8  Fl Ni Wa  400Av M5V
  1523 DADA566-8  Mr Fl Ni A300Av M5V
Pudimon 1528 C41076A-7  Na  413Av G8V
  1528 C41076A-9  Na  813Av G8V
Naphopi 1622 A458744-D J Ag   401Av F1V,M7V
  1622 A458744-E J Ag Rw:Z A701Av F1V,M7V
Hepring 1628 B6789AD-C J Hi In A603Av G8V
  1628 B678AAD-D J Hi In Rw:ZA103Av G8V
Robalin 1630 B969898-B J Ri   214Av F9V,M9D
  1630 A969898-D J Ri Re:Z   814Av F9V,M9D

J = Avalaran naval bases

Alligence Codes
Av: Avalar Consulate
Na: Non-Aligned.

Titan Subsector: A number of coreward worlds have been attacked by Zhodani corsairs, and most have been overwhelmed by the arrival of 6+ Billion Zhodani refugees. Highbury (926) buckled from the combined pressure, and its government collapsed into armed factions, most of them little more than pirates or marauders themselves. Telypo (1422), Totashev (1423) and Nahopi (1622) have been the recipients of massive influxes of refugees, and the main targets of a number or raids. Nordstrom (1523)went even further in the wake of pirate induced evacuations, inviting the military to impose martial law and post troops insystem.

Current Population is 35.7 Billion

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