Aurora Defense Forces

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Aurora Defense Forces
by Lewis Roberts

According to military force generation rules in Path of Tears the Auroran military has the following assets:
18,000 total military personnel
1100 Navy Personnel
1500 Space Force Personnel
5500 Air Force Personnel
10,000 Ground Force Personnel

resulting in:
4 Small Wet Naval Patrol Crafts
20 Aerospace interceptors
7 Defense batteries
3 Spacecraft under 1000 tons
5 Battalion Equivalents

The Auroran military is divided into Aerospace Defense Force and the Defense Force. The Aerospace DF controls the space combatants, the 20 Aerospace interceptors and the defense batteries. The Defense Force fields the ground troops and the sea going ships.

The Aerospace Defense Force fields three space capable combatants. These are the:
Tiamat a TL-15 Patrol Cruiser (TNE Rulebook)
Sleipner Mosquito Destroyer Escort
Fenris Shambaltor Destroyer Escort

All three ships were captured by the Solomani during the war and sent back for refurbishment. As such they were not active when Virus struck. After the immediate effects of the Collapse, the government reactivated the ships. All three jump drives have been removed and the space has been used to added extra fuel and supplies. Many of the TL-15 parts have worn out and replaced with TL-10 and TL-11 parts. The weapon systems are still TL-15 though. The designation for Auroran vessels, both sea and space is Auroran Naval Vessel or ANV, as in the ANV Tiamat.

The surface naval ships consist of four Triton TL-10 hydrofoils. The Triton's main armament are TL-11 anti-ship missiles. They also carries a small autocannon for use against smaller opponents.

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