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Xenough Subsector

Foreven Sector

by Pete Grey

All information based upon data taken from Zhodani Base.

First entry is 1116 data, the second is 1202 (TNE) data.

Name Hex    UWP    BS    Trade T   PPG AL Stellar Type
Sypot 1724 C9B15AE-7  Fl Ni   825 Av M2V
  1724 C9B16AE-8  Fl Ni A225 Av M2V
Lubote 1725 A7B4344-C J Fl Lo Ni   204 Av M1V,M6D
  1725 A7B4344-D J Fl Lo Ni   404 Av M1V,M6D
Koshadi 1726 C6976BB-4  Ag Ni   212 Av G3V
  1726 C697674-5  Ag Rw:Z   512 Av G3V
Torinsk 1728 A0007AE-D J As Na   204 Av M8V
  1728 A0007BC-E J As Na   504 Av M8V
Mahir 1729 B41089D-C  Na   722 Av M8V,M4D
  1729 B41099B-D J Hi Na   122 Av M8V,M4D
Onohemu 1822 C244345-7  Lo Ni   402 Na F3IV
  1822 C244400-8  Lo Ni A402 Na F3IV
Xenough 1828 A560A8A-D J De Hi   203 Av G3V
  1828 A560A8A-E J De Hi   403 Av G3V
Tepenke 1926 A64887B-9 J     501 Av G8V
  1926 A64897B-B J Hi Rw:Z A111 Av G8V
Dibelon 1927 C778786-9  Ag   104 Av M0V
  1927 C778786-A  Ag RW:Z   304 Av M0V
Debagu 2021 C8B5665-5  Fl Ni   312 Na A9IV
  2021 C8B5679-6  Fl Ni A312 Na A9IV
Notaneja 2022 C647589-6  Ag Ni   303 Na F6V
  2022 C647589-7  Rw:Z A503 Na F6V
Tubadeja 2023 C8C0522-7  De Ni   112 Na G3V,M6V, M4D
  2023 C8C0466-7    A812 Na G3V,M6V, M4D
Sizapooma 2121 B530530-B Z De Ni Po   211 Zc M1V,M0D
  2121 B530500-B  Rw:Z A211 Na M1V,M0D
Bava World 2123 X220000-0  Ba De R035 Na G8V,M1D
  2123 X220000-0  Ba De R035 Na G8V,M1D
Nesturgi 2128 C699687-9  Ni   504 Av F9V
  2128 B699787-C J Ag Rw:Z   204 Av F9V
Daba 2225 X357000-0  Ba Lo R013 Na G4V
  2225 X357000-0  Ba Lo R013 Na G4V
Lador 2230 C683685-6  Ni Ri   211 Av F9V,M3D, M6D
  2230 C683685-7  Ni Ri   511 Av F9V,M3D, M6D
Dengvin 2325 E666775-2  Ag Ri   923 Na K2V
  2325 D666875-4  Ri Rw:Z   323 Cs K2V
Asyrog 2326 D48768A-3  Ag Ni Ri   424 Na F5V
  2326 C48768A-5  Ag Ri A624 Av F5V
Manifesto 2328 C000343-B  As Lo Ni   101 Av K8V,M2D
  2328 C000343-C      401 Av K8V,M2D
Anipaso 2422 CAD8665-8  Fl Ni   412 Cs M0V
  2422 BAD8695-A N Fl Ni A412 Cs M0V
Podse 2423 D200269-9  Lo Ni Va   105 Cs K6V
  2423 D200269-A  A   305 Cs K6V
Kahitse 2427 C583732-8      700 Av F0V,M7D
  2427 C583765-9  Rw:Z   900 Av F0V,M7D
Lenin 2428 A766A86-D J Hi   313 Av G3V,M3V
  2428 A766A86-E J Hi Rw:Z   413 Av G3V,M3V
Tunmoposu 2429 A647975-C  Hi In   804 Av F6V,M1D
  2429 A647A75-C  Hi In   104 Av F6V,M1D
Rantatte 2430 A3328B9-A  Na Po   210 Av M5V
  2430 A332878-C  Na Po   510 Av M5V

J = Avalaran naval bases
Z = Zhodani naval bases
N = Regency naval bases

Alligence Codes
Av: Avalar Consulate
Zc: Zhodani Consulate
Cs: Regency Client State
Na: Non-Aligned.

Xenough Subsector:

Sizapooma's government crumbled and fled as the Exodus became a flood. The Zhodani naval base was overrun and looted by pirates. The only order is provided by a surviving regiment of Zhodani army troops trapped on the world. Anipaso has become the main focus point of the Regency's response to the crisis. Unfortunately, the naval forces located there haven't even slowed the flood of refugees, though they've enjoyed some success against pirates attempting to spread deeper into the subsector.

The Capital of this subsector, Xenough profits a lot from it's proximity to the Torinsk Belt and the Mahir system where valuable ores (Lanthanum, Iridium, etc...) are mined and to the closeness of the former Kamrati League with its fine trading traditions. The high law-level at Torinsk and Mahir is mostly to protect its valuable resources.

The standard jump-2 trade route from the Kamrati League into the Avalar Consulate, and further into Zhodani space goes through the two worlds of Nesturgi and Dibelon. These two worlds have not been able to profit from this and have only got a type C starport and a tech-level of 9.

Despite the warming trend of the Post-Collapse period, trade with the Zhodani only increased marginally. What growth the two worlds did enjoy came from immigration from the far trailing portions of the Regency during the Abandonment. Ironically, their habitability and trading relations made them attractive to fleeing Zhodani during the Exodus.

The total population of Xenough Subsector is 92.8 Billion. Highest TL is E, at Torinsk, Xenough and Lenin.

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