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Reidain Subsector

Foreven Sector

by Pete Grey

All information based upon data taken from Zhodani Base.

First entry is 1116 data, the second is 1202 (TNE) data.

Name Hex    UWP    BS    Trade T   PPG AL Stellar Type
Hollis 2523 A370642-C A De Ni A303 Cs M3V
  2523 A370642-D N De Ni A603 Cs M3V
Ryanbiwul 2527 C778310-8 J Lo Ni   813 Av F9V
  2527 C778444-A   Lo Ni   313 Av F9V
Ontsi 2528 C775555-9   Ag Ni   122 Av F7V
  2528 B775585-C   Ag Ni   422 Av F7V
Gitts 2623 A202535-D   Ic Ni Va   314 Na K0V
  2623 A2025??-D   Ic Ni   314 Na K0V
Boygahe 2628 E400797-6   Na Va   203 Av F5V
  2628 C400797-8   Na Va   503 Av F5V
Syl 2724 B510874-C   Na   924 Na G0I,M7V
  2724 A510974-C   Hi Na A224 Na G0I,M7V
Taypikacho 2821 B583876-7   Ri   603 Zc F5V,M9V
  2821 B58397C-9   Hi A203 Na F5V,M9V
Genape 2822 A7A2678-C Z Fl Ni   802 Zc M8V
  2822 A7A2669-D N Fl Ni A802 Cs M8V
Orynphant 2829 E54369A-3   Ni Po A702 Av G9V
  2829 D54379A-5   Po A102 Av G9V
Attbegasu 2923 C9A3203-C   Fl Lo Ni   600 Na F3V,M2D
  2923 C9A3243-C   Fl Lo A900 Cs F3V,M2D
Jadrin 2924 C140566-C   De Ni Po   204 Na K0V,M2V
  2924 B140566-D   De Ni   304 Cs K0V,M2V
Reidain 2925 C9FA97B-D   Fl Hi Wa   212 Na G5V,M7D
  2925 A9FA976-E N Fl Hi Wa   412 Cs G5V,M7D
Lenskansi 2926 B120663-D   De Na Ni   813 Na A0V
  2926 B120763-D   De Na   213 Cs A0V
Danalipa 2927 A400754-D N Na Va A400 Cs M6V
  2927 A400754-F N Na Va A800 Cs M6V
Isheydkoka 3021 B373300-D Z Lo Ni   112 Zc G2V
  3021 B373368-D Z Mr A212 Zc G2V
Gijisapo 3121 E150220-6   De Lo Ni   202 Na F1IV
  3121 D150220-7   De Lo A502 Na F1IV
Inpota 3124 A665337-D D Lo Ni   603 Dc K4V,M6V
  3124 A665554-D N Ag Ni   303 Cs K4V,M6V
Sowponanho 3126 X796877-4   R933 Na G4V
  3126 X796977-4   Hi IN R333 Na G4V
Tadasvena 3221 C455125-8   Lo Ni   802 Na F4V,M4V
  3221 C455425-9   Lo Ni   302 Na F4V,M4V
Lopiengeta 3227 D868365-4 S Lo Ni A113 Cs F3V
  3227 C868679-9 S Ni Ri A513 Cs F3V
Alenzar 3229 C000414-9   As Ni   513 Cs G0V
  3229 B000515-B N As Ni   213 Cs G0V
Raschev 3230 C8697C4-6     123 Cs F9V
  3230 C869776-9   Ri Ag   823 Cs F9V

J = Avalaran Naval Base
Z = Zhodani Naval Base
N = Regency Naval Base

D = Darrian Naval Base
Alligence Codes
Av: Avalar Consulate
Zc: Zhodani Consulate
Cs: Regency Client State
Dc: Daryen Client State.
Na: Non-Aligned.

Reidain Subsector:

In antelbellum times Reidain was a high tension subsector between the he Third Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate, and the two local powers, The Darrians and the Avalars. The Imperium previously held a forward base at Hollis, and amicable relations with Alenzar, Lopiengeta and Raschev.

The subsector is dominated by Reidain, an ellipsoid waterworld with a population of 5 billion. It controls the worlds of Jadrin (2924) and Lenskansi (2926) as colonies. Reidain became, with Zhodani approval, a Regency client state in 1158. A massive naval base was built for the Spinward Interface Patrol Squadrons, giving the Regency a firm yet soft tread in the subsector. The Regency's careful diplomacy and consistent exemplary actions have created a strong groundswell among the local population for annexation of the subsector.

The Avalars control four systems in this subsector, that were formerly a part of the former Kamrati League. The TL of these four systems are not very high, due to the Kamrati's oppressive development policies, and its use of these worlds as exile camps. A J-3 gap impeded trade in the past, though as the Consulate's technology has improved, this is no longer a serious obstacle to outside trade.

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